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tongue piercing

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I had to write in and tell you about my experience with tongue piercing after reading some of the things that people have said about it. It is amazing how few people even have a clue what they are doing when they go out and get a piercing or a tattoo or do anything that is possibly dangerous to themselves.

I finally got my tongue pierced 6 weeks ago. I had wanted it done for three or four years before. The only problem was that my mother was threatening to not let me live in her house if I did it. But lo and behold, one day i just had enough and just went and did it. I went to Mayhem Ink in nashua nh. the same place where i had gotten my tattoo. I had felt very comfortable with the tattooist/piercer, so i figured he was my best bet. I went in and it wasn't busy at all since it was a wednesday morning. the only thing that i was worried about at the time, was that i had to go to work in two hours, but I wasn't too worried. He had me go and rinse out my mouth with listerine iin the bathroom but he told me to keep the cup, which i thought was a bit odd. Then he had me sit in what looked a lot like a dentists chair and he had me stick my tongue out so he could see where would be best to pierce it. i told him he could put it wherever would be best for speech and eating. i didn't care if it was more far forward or farther back. But he put it kind of in between the two. He put a mark on my tongue with a marker of some sort and then dried my tongue of a bit with a paper towel so it wouldn't be all slobbery when he went ahead and clamped it. the clamp was a very interesting contraption. it seems as though it had a seraded edge or something cause it bites right down on you. before he clamped it he explained to me that he was going to cork the needle when it went through and i would just hold the plastic cup under my chin and it would jut fall down into it. It seemed a bit off an odd thing to do but the peircing was very smooth and the transition from needle to barbell went smoothly as well. it took what felt like 15 seconds and then i was done with a lovely long barbell in my tongu. I think it was a 3/4 but i know the guage was 14. after I was done I went to pay him and i only had a hundred dollar bill on me (from getting paid) so i had to go walk a block over to the 7-11. he told me to get a great big cup of ice and some listerine. I made the mistake of getting the regular listerine which i have to say tastes absolutely horrible. But i got my change and went back over to pay him. It was $50, but I gave him a $5 tip, it wasn't too much but i still had to stop and get some peroxyl and listerine. I went from there to work and showed off my togue to everybody. i had a bit of swelling but not too much. my mother didn't notice anything when i talked to her that day my speech wasn't slurred very much and the only reason it wa at all was because of the swelling. i didn't really eat much that day and slurping anything through a straw hurt a large ammount. The swelling continued for a little over a week, but by the end of the first week it was almost un noticeable. After the first week i got a shorter barbell, although the balls were still quite small. i waited until 4.5 weeks were over and then i went ahead and purchased a 12 guage barbell. i knew that it would fit through my tongue because i had no problem playing with the barbell that was currently in. the transition was like nothing. I put some bacitracin over the treading so that it wouldn't rip my tongue and the new barbell went right throuhg. i am still having no problems with my tongue and i am still planning on going even larger. I do have to say that painwise at least as the initial piercing goes, my tongue was very easy. I think my tragus piercing was probably my most painfull and troublesome and my septum was the easiest.

If anybody has any questions they can feel free to email me at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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