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toungue experience

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What's up everyone. I'm a 16/m from California who has been interested in body art for a long time. I remember being 14 and wanting my labret pierced and lots of tattoos. I decided against the labret, however, because a lot of employers look down on that and right now I need money. I wanted a tongue piercing for a while also and finally decided to get it done. A couple of my boys work at this restaurant and work with this guy who does tongue piercing for extra money. I was kind of sketching about not going to a professional but I'm only 16 and I wanted it done so I looked into it. The guy had done lots of tongues before and did really good work so I went up to Frisco bought myself a barbell and a 12 gauge needle.

So one Friday he came over and set up a light next to my bed and got everything clean and ready. He pulled out his clamps and clamped my tongue. Everyone says this is the most painful part but he clamped it really gently so it didn't hurt at all. He got the needle ready and placed the tip under my tongue. He asked me if I was ready and I didn't know but said yes anyway. He pushed the needle in really slow and got it about halfway in. Then he reached and got the barbell and pulled the needle all the way through. Then he screwed the barbell on and I was done. It didn't hurt too much. It can be compared to getting blood taken for a physical. The worst part was the needle 1/2 way through my tongue. My leg actually started convulsing......It was pretty funny

Day 1: Woke up and felt fine. I took some aspirin, made myself some diluted Listerine in a Sprite bottle and headed off to work. At this point I realize it is going to be a huge pain in the ass because I smoke. Everything went well, except all I could eat was cream of broccoli soup.

Day 2: Woke up, looked in the mirror and my tongue is fucking brown. I start freaking out and wash my mouth out repeatedly with Listerine. It was a pretty stupid thing to do considering the Listerine is what made my tongue that color in the first place. I ended up going to the store and buying some biotene(Which I strongly recommend for smokers) which doesn't kill your natural germ-fighting enzymes. I can actually eat the noodles and vegetables in Cup-o-Noodles today. I'm pretty proud of that.

Day 3: I can actually eat solid foods now. I had a sandwich and a hotdog with very little difficulty. I can finally say that I am starting to enjoy the piercing now because I can function.

Day 7: Everything is going great so far. Eating and drinking is no problem at all. I'm still making sure to take very good care of it, by rinsing and everything.  The only problem I still have is talking. I still have a pretty noticeable lisp, which can be frustrating at times. I love this piercing. People are constantly asking me if it hurt. My answer is simple: find out for yourself!!!!!

2 Weeks: I finally get to stop rinsing now. It has been a huge pain in the balls to rinse after cigarette, bite, and drink. My mom, who at first hated it is now getting used to it and even asks about its progress. My dad loves it. He is even considering going with me to get a tattoo. I guess it would be cool to share that with him. My grandparents hate it. My grandmother even started crying when my mom told her about it. It made me feel pretty shitty when I heard that but I do think she is overreacting.

I urge everyone who has considered this piercing to go through with it. Make sure you do it for the right reasons, though. If you are planning it just to shock your parents, don't bother. You will end up spending money for nothing because after a few days nobody will care. Do it for yourself. I personally had mine done for both sexual reasons and because I love the way it looks and feels in my mouth. I'm oral retentive, you know. If you worried about the pain, relax. Mine personally hurt very little but I know people who thought it was excruciating. It only lasts a second and in a week or less you will be back to normal.

The guy who did my piercing was very good. He was able to work a piercing through my abnormally small tongue. I was even afraid to let him do it because of the closeness of my veins and the location of my webbing. It worked out so the piercing is slanted, but it is still a hell of a job for an amateur who had a difficult piercing space. He offers good prices. He will also travel to your house to do it if you live in the Bay Area. Also, age ain't anything but a number to him, so if you aren't 18 yet and your parents say no you should definitely get in touch.....e-mail me at: [email protected] and I will give you info on him......peace


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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