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my story on tongue piercing

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It all began with my tattoo craze, at the age of 13 (which is not a legal age to get a tattoo) so i always wanted a tattoo and i got one (the homemade kind) not a smart idea.

I loved the idea of tattoos and got another at 18 this time and it was perfesionally done (the only way to go) I really love it and i knew this was for me so at age 20 i got a 3rd one this one i designed.This all leads to my piercing i wanted something new but was unsure what i wanted and a tattoo is pretty perminant so i was thinking maybe a piercing.

I thought about piercing my tongue for like 8 months.I wondered about the pain and what people would say and what it would look like, so i asked around in like january of 99 and a guy from work said his friends had theres done.So i preceeded to ask him how they did it and he told me they clamp your tongue to a table and stick it with a needle and you bleed all over the place.Here im thinking oh my goodness thats has to hurt and that really turned me off of getting this piercing.But it also got my thinking and i talked to a few more people and where i live it is uncommon to have your tongue done so i had no one to ask from experience.

So i did some digging and i got a computer and looked up piercings and found not much info on it.By luck this girl where i work had hers done and so i just walked up to her and plain out asked her if it hurt and she laughed and we got to be friends and i asked her lots of questions about it and i got well educated from her and she even recommened a place to get it done.So mean time i was online talking to any one i could find that did piercings and i made a great friend in kentucky who does tattoos and has worked for piercers and he was a great help.

Now its end of may and i think i can handle this piercing thing so i call a place that 45 minutes from me and make an appointment for the first of april (nice day to choose i know, april fools day) and i got all excited and all i could think of was what it would be like to have this thing in my mouth and how much pain i would be in.I had 2 other friends take me (girls) and i was totally ready for this.I walk in to this clean tattoo shop my friend from work had recommended , to see this cute ,small female, arms tattooed and tiny facial piercings.She was very friendly and polite and i took a likeing to her right away (this is important when getting a piercing to me cause i dont want someone i can't trust pokeing a needle in me) She asked me to stick my tongue out and she had a good look at it and said no problem give me 10 minutes to prepare and i'll call you in.I was so excited and i had my friends there to support me so i was ready.

She called me into her room and sat me down on the chair (reminded me of a dentist chair) and explained the whole proceedure to me and all the after care, it took like 40 minutes to do this and i'm still sitting there not pierced at this point.I asked her my questions i had and she answered them fully and made me feel very calm.And i was very calm and ready to do this.

She asked me to sit on a stool and rinse my mouth out with mouthwash andthen to stick my tongue out.She got a tiny clamp out (which reminded me of small tongs) and clamped my tongue gently and wiped it and turned it and pulled at it so she could examine the veins under my tongue.This took like 5 minutes and she explained if at any point she felt it was unsafe for me she would not pierce me , and i agreed.After careful thought and looking at my tongue she took the clamp off and said she was not 100% sure if she could pierce me and not hit a vein so she called it off after like 50 minutes.I was so disapointed , i walked out and my friends are like well. well???

I said she rejected my tongue, they were so surprised and so was i, the piercer said she was so sorry and that she felt bad but she said my other option was to get just the tip pierced but there were pros and cons to that.She explained them all to me and said for me to think about before i made my mind up (cause near the front of the tongue is more harmful to your teeth) so i left that day feeling very bad but still with a slight hope.

So i thought about the front of my tongue and i decieded i really wanted this and i would risk my teeth but i figured if it was too annoying on my teeth i would take it out .Now i call her back in like 2 weeks and get another appointment to get this darn tongue pierced (she also says i have a small cute tongue and a small mouth) Now i already know all the aftercare and all that stuff so i am very relaxed in waiting to get this done except this time i take my husband and a friend and my friend wants to get his done and my husband wants his nipple pierced also.We get 3 appointments and finally the day comes and we all ride up there together.

This is where all this starts.......I deciede to go frist and i go in and she examines my tongue again (this time near the end) and she says she will pierce me laying down from the bottom of my tongue to the top.So i start asking questions and i aske to see this huge needle i hear about and she laughs and picks it up (of course its in a sealed package ,untouched) and its like only the size of a sewing needle (big relief) I ask her to let me know when i will feel the needle go in.This is important to me to know exactly what is going to happen.She says she will use a step down barbell cause i got such a small tongue, i said you know best.

Here i am laying down looking up at this light, feeling very calm and ready as she gets her stuff ready (this place was very clean) and she clamps my tounge and tells me to really atick it out and relax (no problen when your starring at a clamp and her hand and a needle) She says it will feel like a needle poke then a slight pinch for 5 minutes or so.She tells me to take a deep breath in and just as i do she pushes the needle through (now this needle is hollow and has the jewerly in one end of it)

And i open my eyes to see her screwing the bead on the top of my tongue and she asks how i am feeling.Im like wow so i sit up and then stand up, go to the mirror and hang my tongue out.

WOW i look at it and i love it instantly, now my speech is alittle messed up cause im afraid to catch it on my teeth.I must admit there was no pain for me,no blood, no anything except this metal through my tongue.She was very happy with the pierceing and so was i but not at the time knowing what the next 2 weeks had instore for me.I came out of the room and my husband and friend look at me and i proudly stick my tongue out and show them.they loved it and it was my friends turn next, he got his done more in the center of his mouth and walked out and talked judt fine.I was very jealous at this point cause my speech was very messed up.My piercer said it may permently mess my speech up cause mine was so close to the end.

This is my start into 2 wekks of hell!! (not to scare anyone but i had a real hard healing process and everyone is different) On the ride home my tongue started to ache alittle and pinch (it felt like my tongue was real tired and heavy but i was chatting up a storm) My friends tongue was fine , said he had non of that.And my husband nipple, well thats another story lol.

So i get home and im afraid to sleep thinking i will swallow it or it will swell very big and i won't beable to breath.So i laid down , pillows stacked up behind my head and closed my eyes finally faling asleep (of course i am takeing great care of it doing all i was suppose to) My goodness when i woke in the morning and looked in the mirror my tongue had swelled the full length of the bar and the bead on top and bottom were dimpling in (which to most extent is normal) and this scarred me but i played it cool.I thought i might try to eat cause i was real hungry and soon found out how hard it was to even suck on ice (i could not do anything) here i am starveing and my belly rumbling but i got this ugly steele through my tongue.So i am not impressed at this point the second day was hell i went all day no food just liquid and that was hard to swallow (i even had trouble with my saliva) It was real bad yet i was doing all i was told to.

Day 3 and my tongue is getting a coating on it (yes i am brushing it but its still there) and it is still swelled as big as it can be.It real sore today and i want to eat but i can't ( i'm thinking i have to eat something or my body won't let this heal) I managed to get a half can of chicken noodle soup down me (not the noodles either just broth) and this make me alittle happier but i am still starveing.and i know i am loseing weight and im getting concerned.Now i knew this was normal for the first 3 days and she told me to stick it out for atleast 2 weeks and i could call anytime for any question.

Day 4 my tongue is still huge and is now purple this morning (bruiseing is normal) and is oozing yellow puss (yummy i know, but still normal) and i get worried so i call her and she reasures me i am ok but if i want to drive up there , she will gladly look at it.I think about it and deceide not tocause this is all normal and day 5 has to be better right.......WRONG!!Day 5 is hell also my tongue still swelled maximum but the ache is going away but it looks awful all purple. so i call my friend who got his done with me and he tells me how he is eating and all is well no swelling , nothing...at this point i hate him right!!!

Day 6 i have ate 1 full can of broth and half a tub of sherbert and lost 10 lbs wow i know this really sucks im thinking.But i said i would give it 2 weeks and in my mind i just want to rip it out and call it off.I wanted this so badly though so that thought sticks in my mind.Day 7, 1 week later...not much better still swelled but has gone down alittle and i real worried so i call the tattoo place again. She says i must be a slow healer and to try to eat and come up there if i feel the need but wait 2 more days as long as the ache is going away (which it was slowly) so i think nope i'll be fine.Trying to eat was very hard i was always thinking i would swallow it and mix it up with my food and i could not tell which was which lol!

Day 8...finally real food i manage to eat like salad and soup and french fries, i was so happy and the swelling was going down very slowly like maybe just a slight bit, so i still got this thick tongue and messed up speech (actually it was just the TH's and S's lol) the bruiseing is turning yellow (yum) now and i feel better.After that is was a slow healing, finally the swelling is down and i have this big bar in my mouth and i found out what its like to bit it OUCH now that hurts.Finally the day i get to downsize is here and im so happy.She takes me in and pops it out no problem and she puts a labret in this time (flat on the bottom and a bead on the top) and she says this will be much better for me and she felt sorry i had such a hard time!!

Any ways thats my story and i just wanted to help anyone that i could with this and now i want to do my navel and clit very shortly.I LOVE my pierced tongue (hubby does to) and glad i stuck it out and a freind told be about this site and i wished i would have know about it cause it is GREAT!!!!!

I forgot my speech is very normal now and eating well i can eat everything finally would not trade this for the world.....very happily pierced in [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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