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hey! i've got BLUE BALLS in my mouth!

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i was really shocked when my dad said he was okay with body piercing. this was a couple months ago, and i'm only 14, but he said i "probably take better care of myself than he does", so it would be alright. "nothing in your nose or mouth though." he told me.

so...that was the beginning of my piercing experience.

up until that point, i had survived getting my left eyebrow pierced, but i decided that i needed to get something else done. i view body piercing as an art, i do what suits MY body, not what's trendy or "looks cool". my dad was getting married, and his fiancee wanted her navel pierced. my dad was somehow under the impression that i was going to go with her to get MY navel pierced too. i thought it was cool, and my step-Mom-to-be told me i could have my tongue done. (we just wouldn't tell my dad)

fast forward to may 30th, 1999. after getting up at..oh...10 or so (i was really tired because i went to the hfstival, a big concert in Baltimore the night before) i called Modern Man Modification, a shop in Brooklyn park, MD, the same place where i had gotten my eyebrow done. since it was a Sunday, the answering machine that picked up said that the shop was available on Sundays and Mondays by appointment only. i was DETERMINED to get my tongue pierced THAT DAY, so off we went to a place called wanderer's ink, in laurel Md. that place was DIRTY, I mean, c'mon, it was in the middle of a huge FLEA market if that tells you anything. lucky for me, their piercer was not yet in. after waiting about an hour, their piercer was still not there, so home we went.

i called modern man again and one of their tattoo artists answered

the phone, and told me i didn't need an appointment for a piercing. once again, off to modern man we went. when we arrived, we found that neither of the piercers were in. my dad agreed to wait until 2:15 PM, or we'd just go get it the next day. as time passed, i was starting to wonder if God was somehow trying to deter me from getting my tongue pierced. Finally, just as we were about to leave, one of the piercers, Deen, arrived. The shop was basically empty, aside from the person getting a tattoo.

then the ritual came...deen made my step Mom and i fill out the "i

wont sue you" forms, and showed some ID to prove that she was over 18 (really not necessary because shes 40 something but ok whatever...). then deen showed me the barbells. to this day i dont know why he even bothered because he picked it out himself. then he led us back to the piercing room. the room was the exact same one i got my eyebrow pierced in. by this time i was extremely nervous, but the way deen is, he's so quick he doesn't give any of his customers time to chicken out.

i sat on top of this leather counter-type thing, and tried to relax.

deen made me get down, and go into the bathroom and wash my mouth out with some minty blue stuff. when i sat back up on the counter thing, he put on some rubber gloves and swabbed some novacane on the top and bottom of my tongue, to numb it. i swished it around for about a minute, feeling stupid because i was all numb. Deen placed a paper towel kinda around my neck to prevent drooling, and dried my tongue off with another paper towel. he then marked the holes on my tongue (not really asking me where i wanted it..but oh well). next is the part where i made my step Mom hold my hand. he put the clamp on, and i shut my eyes. he told me i was going to feel a pinch..and ooh yes...i felt it. it wasn't too bad until I opened my eyes and saw the needle sticking out right in front of my face.

at that moment, I was convinced I was going to die.

after I got over the fact that I had a 14 gauge barbell through my tongue, I was happy. Insanely happy. I thought I might pee my pants out of unimaginable joy...until I had to face my dad. He wasn't TOO mad about it, but he wasn't exactly pleased with me either. I guess I can kinda understand why he was upset, but her got over it.

taking care of my new piercing was a hassle, but worth it. I was constantly rinsing my mouth out with diluted mouthwash and using gly-oxide (an antiseptic oral cleanser) a few times a day. the first day was really bad because I was drooling uncontrollably, and it kinda hurt to swallow. A cup, my drool cup, became my best friend for those 15 hours where my saliva glands went nuts.

brushing my teeth was an adventure, too. it felt weird having the barbell in there, but you get used to it rather quickly. talking was all right, the 1st three days or so i had a slight lisp, and trouble pronouncing "t, th, f and p" sounds. eating was......quite interesting. the first day i tried to eat some of a reheated burrito, and that didn't go over very well because I had to lean my head back real far to swallow. I guess I looked pretty stupid.

when your tongue is pierced, you become intrigued with things you would usually take for granted, such as whistling or blowing bubbles with bubble gum. but this is an amazing, entertaining piercing to have. (as long as you don't mess with it too much..you're really not supposed to kiss or do anything else with it for 6 weeks, i learned that the hard way...) 1 month after I've had it pierced now, i changed the bar to a 12 gauge barbell with BLUE ACRYLIC BALLS! , and I love it to death.

just take good care of it, and go for it! Piercing my tongue is one of the best things I've done. Don't be scared, do what suits your body. Please, if you have any questions or comments, e mail me.



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on: 01 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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