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Well I went and did it now

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Well I went and did it now. Maybe you may understand what I am about to go through. While a tongue piercing may not seem extreme, when you live in a small "country" town, trust me......a piercing is way off the wall.

After several months of debating I finally decided that a tongue piercing would be best. Not only does it satisfy my aesthetic need, but also aides in various other functions (Some of you understand what I am talking about :p ) It also allows me to keep my current job.....which is a good thing!!

I started by doing research on the internet (BME was the greatest tool.....thanx ). I must have read over 100 personal accounts. I also spoke to friends who had experienced this piercing. Looked at photos. While reading the personal experiences on BME, I noticed that one of the piercers was located in Seattle WA. I called and spoke with him.

His name is Kurtis Kirk and he works out of his studio, Golden Body Rings, in downtown Seattle. I spoke with him over the phone in regards to his experience. He has been piercing for many years, I believe he said 15. He was very friendly and courteous. Answered all of my questions, and trust me I had plenty. Most of all he was very professional, which put what few concerns I had to ease. And he works by appointment only.....so call ahead and make one.

I showed up a few minutes early for my appointment and looked around his studio. Small, but very clean and organized. I spoke with Kurtis for a few minutes before he decided that the appointment before me was not going to show up.

He went into detail about all of the cleaning. About the swelling. Kurtis is very knowledgeable. Then asked me if I had any further questions. Since I had none, we began the procedure.

First he asked me to swish with Listerine. I swear to you that this was the worst part of the process...YUCK!!! The whole time I am swishing, Kurtis is just making casual conversation with me. Joking a little and trying to make me at ease.

I watched while he put on a fresh set of gloves and took a toothpick and dabbed it into some ink. After I spit out the mouthwash, he had me stick my tongue out at him several times. Then he began marking where he believed the best location on my tongue was. After he was done he asked me to look into the mirror and tell him if I was happy with the location, which I was.

He then took off the set of gloves he was wearing and put on a fresh set. He had a doctors table, so he asked me to lay back on the table and relax. All the material was ready. He asked me to stick out my tongue and he grabbed it with the clamps.

Now I have read through several peoples experiences who have said that the clamp hurt. I believe that their piercers were either not experienced or do not know there own strength. I barely even knew that the clamps were there when Kurtis grabbed my tongue.

I began to breath deeply to deal with the pain. I was sure that the piercing was going to hurt. He asked me if I was ready, and before I knew it, it was over. From the time he inserted the needle till the time he said "Your finished" was less than 15 seconds. I didn't believe him until I looked into the mirror, and there it was.

I swear, I didn't even feel it. No pain. No blood. No drool. I could have slept through the whole experience and not even have known it had happened. To anyone in the Seattle area, I highly recommend Kurtis.

As for the after effects, it has been several days now since the piercing. The tongue is still swollen. But the pain is non existent. The only sensation on my tongue is a tingle. Anyone who has ever burned their tongue on coffee or cocoa knows this feeling.

The funniest thing is that I had no strength at all the first day in my mouth. I bought a milkshake thinking this would be easy for me to eat. My best friend sat there and laughed so hard he cried, as I tried in vain to suck the milkshake through the straw. He offered to help by turning on the heater in the pickup...in mid summer!!! Very funny.

I have to say that my experience has been a good one. And I highly recommend Kurtis if your around Seattle. I drove 3.5 hours just to be pierced by him. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Stay primitive.........

AcerX [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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