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"Wanna See?"

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I must have been SO psyched about getting my tongue pierced. I'd considered it for maybe a year and a half, but I'd planned to do it for maybe 2 weeks. When I got my paycheck Friday, June 18, I knew I was gonna go ahead and do it.

That night, my best friend, Shannie, and I went to her university. There's a piercing/tattoo parlor right by the school called Smilin' Rick's. About 20 minutes before we'd arrived, my friend Sheed had called me from Cali (I live in Texas) and I told him what I was about to do. 5 minutes before I was gonna get it done, I was SO scared. I told him and he just told me "You can do it", etc and he kept cracking jokes to make me laugh. When I stepped in the parlor, the guy at the front desk asked me what I wanted done. I was so bervous my best friend had to tell him. It was gonna cost $55. I took the money out of my planner. My hands were shaking so bad that Shannie had to take the money and hold it for me. The guy who pierced it, T.C., noticed I was scared and told me he wasn't gonna hurt me and that it would be "easy, breezy".

I sat in the chair (the kind you sit in when you go to a dentist). He examined my tongue, then filled a small plastic cup with mouthwash. He told me to rinse my mouth out. I did so, then sat back in the chair. He got a non-toxic marker, then drew a dot on the top and one on the bottom. He told me that since I had a small tongue, he'd have to pierce it with a shorter barbell. That was cool with me. He showed me the needle, the clamp, and the jewelry. He dried off my tongue with a paper towel. "Can I hold that tiger on the front desk?" He looked at me, smiled, and said, "Sure." So, with my best friend holding my left hand and the stuffed tiger in my right, I prepared myself. He clamped my tongue, and told me to take a deep breath. I inhaled, and felt the needle going thru. I squeezed my eyes tightly. I felt myself drooling. It was SO disgusting. T.C. was just wiping it off like it was normal. S The needle went thru and I relaxed my tongue, thinking it was over. He grabs my tongue, the says, "Let me screw tha balls on". After he screwed the ball on, he smiled and tild me I could get up. I looked at Shannie (by the way, I squeezed the crap out of her hand!) and walked over to the mirror. There was only a little blood around the piercing. I smiled and sighed. "My mom is gonna kill me," I said. Everybody in the parlor laughed. I am 18, but hey, being the only girl AND the youngest, I get a lot of flack. After he'd given me a sheet on how to take care of it, I thanked him and we headed back home. In the car, I couldn't stop talking. I just talked and talked and talked. S We stopped by a drugstore 1/2 way home and I got 2 bottles of listerine. The gold kind and some called FreshMint. When I got home, I went straight to my room. I kept looking in the mirror and sticking my tongue out. I was so excited! I called all my friends and told them. Me best male friend hung up on me and told me not to call him anymore. (?) I don't know WHAT his problem was. Everyone else was not really shocked. I have 3 holes in each ear and my navel is pierced. So hey, would you be surprised?

I went to sleep. Saturday morning, I woke up, rinsed my mouth and brushed my teeth. My tongue wasn't feeling too bad. I went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. It took me a WHOLE 30 minutes to eat a piece of sausage wrapped in a pancake!!!

Saturday evening, I went to work and was sticking my tongue out at EVERYBODY! A lot of the males I work with kept saying, "Do you know what you can do with that?" I just looked at them and rolled my eyes. To relieve the pain and swelling, I take advil. And here's a tip. Listerine feels a LOT better when you refrigerate it. Yep! It does! Trust me.

Today is Wednesday. My parents STILL don't know. My oldest brother knows, but he knows how I like piercings. I think I'll tell my parents Friday. They can't get too mad. This was MY money and MY tongue and hell, I'm a sophomore in college. I am allowed to make my own decisions, right? S

Jai (Conceit7)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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