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quad tongue piercing

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Am I nuts?  Oh no.  Am I unique?  Oh yes.  When I first thought of having my tongue pierced, the idea kinda freaked me out -- like who really wants to have a chunk of their tongue removed and then have a metal rod stuffed through that hole?!?!  WTF was I thinking?  I was about 16/17 at that time; also, "those" people were considered as freaks and other things.  Now, I am 20 and the idea was REALLY appealing!  The tongue piercing rage seemed to have caught on at my University (UWO in London, ON) and if you look carefully, you can see little silver balls poking out from mouths of students and a few teachers!  However, that is not why I had mine done.

To me, a piercing, or any type of modification, has to have some kind of personal value.  Yes, for all those who are wondering, a pierced tongue does have the ability to provide much more sexual pleasure than a non pierced tongue.

January 13th, 1999 I had my first one done at Blue Dragon Tattoo and Piercing.  In my opinion, they are the cleanest and best studio in London. When I entered the studio, I was impressed by the atmosphere -- kinda reminded me of home with the french-doors.  And one thing that REALLY struck me was a sign saying:  "We use a brand new needle for all of our customers."  and "Health Dept. inspected."  Chad, the master-piercer was more than happy to answer any of my questions about my soon to be pierced tongue and other piercings.    g    After Chad, prepared my tongue, he asked me if I was ready to have it done.  I grinned and said "yes".  From what my buddy told me, I made a satisfying grunt and that was that.  I now had a pierced tongue!  WOOHOO!!!  I grunted at the thought of what was happening -- I felt no pain.  It is more hysteria from other people who oppose piercings -- no pain at all.  Listerine, here I come!!!

Despite warnings from Chad, I removed the stainless steel barbell and replaced it with a titanium one (the sss barbell seemed to be irritating my tongue and the irritation disappeared within 1/2 hour). Alas, I had an orthodontic appointment 2 weeks later and I took it out:  I figured it was going to get in the way, and, since ears don't close up in 60 minutes, why should my tongue?  WRONG!!!  The little bitch was slammed shut in about 25 minutes (which was when the appointment ended and I went straight to the bathroom to replace my barbell).  Believe me, I was very annoyed with this -- who wants to dish out another $75?  Not I!!!  So, I rushed home and tried to jam the barbell through because the end was tapered.  No luck.  Next, I tried a sewing needle but quickly abandoned that idea -- there was a little blood, I couldn't get the right angle and I was worried of causing more trauma.  Looks like I had to go back to Blue Dragon!  I explained to Chad what I did and he told his boss who told Chad to redo mine -- FOR FREE!  So back into the chair I sat and had my tongue prepped yet again!  This time, it hurt a little bit because scar tissue had formed.  Also, Chad put in a titanium barbell instead of a sss one.

Oh, I should also mention this for those who are wondering how to hide their modified tongues from their parents:  braces on your teeth can become your best friend!  Simply tell your folks that the braces are bothering you!  Hey, it worked for me!

The healing process was simple:  rinse with Peroxyl (yeah, yeah, it contains hydrogen peroxide but it dramatically speeds up the healing) twice a day, rinse with listerine after eating, AND BRUSH YOUR BALLS!!!  Yes, you read this correctly!  Tartar can build up on the balls.  I could eat anything I wanted within in 1 and a half days and there was no speech impairment and very minor swelling.  (just don't play with your tongue for a few days -- yeah, I know how hard it is!) Around a month later, I replaced the 14 gauge titanium barbell with a 12 gauge titanium beauty -- royal blue cones and silver shaft.  The installation was a bit tricky because the 12G was only 1/2" long. About a month and a half later, I had that urge that all piercee's get.  I NEED MORE!!!  But what could I have done?  Heck, let's have the tongue done again!  So back to Blue Dragon I went.  I asked Chad what ideas he could suggest -- not too wise as he's covered with piercings!  We discussed what would look good on me -- I don't want anything visible.  Tongue, nipples, necklace of barbells, navel, and, penis are what he suggested.  The necklace wasn't too appealing; the navel sounds cool; nipples are a possibility; penis, well, it's a possibility.  So, I licked my lips and told him I want my tongue done again -- but I want something exotic -- not a barbell in front/behind -- but something unique!  He suggest two barbells to either side of the central one.  Umm ... no.  I looked at my tongue and thought about two further back -- forming an equilateral triangle.  OH YEAH!!!   I had to get to class so I told him I'd be back in a few days to have it done.

I came back on March 28/99 to have it done!  Coincidentally, I had an ortho appointment that day!  Gee, I wonder if I planned that?!  Chad looked at my tongue and told me that I'd better put in a larger barbell (I had a 1/2" beauty) as the whole tongue swells.  He picked a longer one, put it in, cleaned my tongue and pierced the left side of my tongue.  No pain at all which was surprising as the actual muscle was being pierced.  Chad asked me how I was doing, I grinned.  He did the other side.  No pain at all -- maybe a groan but nothing much.  The only point of concern was a little bit of blood. Oh well.

Now, that night I had trouble.  My tongue became a balloon!!!  But no fear, I just blamed it on my braces.  Mom was sympathetic and made me soft food for the next week.  Yes, I said week.  Though it looks awesome, having the sides of the tongue done is much more traumatic as it is the sides of the tongue (the muscle) that does most of the work when talking, eating, drinking, licking, kissing ... hehe .... Three days later, I replaced the central one with the 12G one. And what do people think of my new and improved tongue?  It ranges from pure disgust (hehe ...) to sheer ecstasy!  But the majority of people see it and say,"Holy shit!  Hey, let me see that again!".  Also, there are at least 7 other people who have had their tongue done (just one in the center) after seeing mine!

I love my tongue so much that I will be replacing the current barbells with 12G 18 Karat gold ones.  That should look nice with my gold braces!  Hey, I said I'm unique!  I'll try to take more pics of that!  In the future, I plan on expanding the central one to 4G -- hopefully with 18K too!  Chad didn't recommend anything fatter than 12G for the sides and I agree.

Currently, the central one is that 12G one mentioned above and the ones on the sides are two different colors:  silver titanium shafts on both sides; silver titanium balls on the bottom and hematite balls on the top.  I've included a few pictures (sorry if they aren't all that great but I just got the camera) so you can stare at my tongue and say, "Hey, I want that done too!"  More pics will follow when I have more time.

And that my friends is the adventure of my tongue piercings!  I also had my septum done but it wasn't straight so I took it out; I'll have that redone some other time.  Now, this kinda makes me shudder but I was (and probably still am) considering having an amapallang!!  But ... that will take some major psyching up!  The navel is on my "most likely" list and so are the nipples.

  I hope this helped any one who is considering having some modification done to their tongue!



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on: 01 July 1999
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