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Tongue piercing experience @ Island Dyes

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It was three saturdays ago when i finally had the cash and freetime to get my tongue pierced. I had decided to go to the local mall to do whatever, and as sort of an after-thought i decided to get my tongue pierced. Well, it wasn't an afterthought really, since i had been seriously considering it for quite some time. Anyway, on to the piercing.

I decided to go to the shop in the mall. i place called Island Dyes. It is a clothing/ jewelry shop, that has a piercing booth in the back. I have since decided not to ever get another hole put in my head at a mall.

Anyway, i went to the counter and said I would like to get my tongue pierced, so the guy had me fill out the necessary forms and whatnot and charged me $72.05 US. Dont ask what the 5 cents was for, because i couldnt begin to tell you.

Now is when the fun begins.

I was told to wait a bit, and Stan the piercer would be with me shortly.

Stan finished up with what he was doing and called me back to the booth.

The booth was really like a 6 - 6 1/2' partition, and very cramped. I was a little nervous by now, and i told the piercer that i was. He said "Well if it helps at all, i've done hundreds of these." which didnt realy help, but at least it made me laugh.

So he washed his hands and put gloves on, while he made me rinse with some blue mouthwash for about two minutes as he got everything ready. i realized after the piercing that he wore the same gloves througout the entire procedure, including putting the rubber bands around the clamps so they would hold. i dont know why that didnt bother me then, too nervous to care i suppose. anyway, he got everything ready, and clamped my tongue, which i had been told would hurt more than the actual piercing, and it did. he said he would count backwards from three and on one he would pierce me. So there i was, tongue hanging out, and drooling all over the place. he counted "3, 2, 1" and i felt a slight pinch, nothing worse than biting your tongue, and before i knew it, he was done.

He did a great job with the piercing, but he seemed a little hurried, and i probably would have been a little more comfortable had he changed his gloves. anyway he gave me an aftercare sheet, told me to come back in a week for a follow up, and sent me on my merry way.

I went to the CVS in the mall and bought a bottle of CVS brand blue mint mouthwash, the same as what Stan had given me, and some bottled water.

I got a smoothie on my way out, and had that on the busride home. That was interesting, with all the passengers looking at me funny as i just grinned and stuck my tongue out at them. I guess maybe i shouldnt have played with it, but Stan didnt tell me not too, so i didnt know any better.

Any way i got home and tried to have some stew, and couldnt chew anything.

not even the smallest morsels. my tongue was pretty swollen, but i think it was more not knowing how to eat than anything else. so i went to 7-11 and got some tomato soup. the tomato soup was no trouble, and i learned to like it because that was all i ate for the next two days. on Monday i ventured some sushi, and that just didnt work, so it was more soup for me : )

it was swollen and had some icky stringy discharge for a couple days, but i was told by the people at Island Dyes (I called back) not to worry about that, that it was normal, and to get some glyoxide, which i did. THe next day not only had it stopped leaking whatever it was leaking, but it wasnt swollen, and i could talk normally.

for lunch thursday i tried to eat a burger and couldnt do it without a knife and fork. something about putting pressure on the bar as the food was getting into my mouth i guess. so i cut it up, and chewed very carefully on the sides of my mouth. and that seemed to work okay.

Friday it was even better, and saturday it wasnt swollen, i could eat whatever i felt like eating, and had no trouble with talking, except for words with "S" in them or "TH" with "three" being the toughest to say.

I called up Island Dyes on sunday, because it had been a week, and i was supposed to go in. I asked to speak to Stan, and was told he didnt work there anymore, which kinda frightened me, and made me wonder why he got fired or quit or what have you. so i went in anyway and had someone else look at it. He said it was fine, just to keep doing what i was doing, and to come back in a week or two to get a shorter barbell, which i was happy about, because the bar is way too long and annoying.

The next week i went in and they said they couldnt change it yet, and to wait another week.

So that's where it is now. The piercing is three weeks old give or take a day, and i should be able to get it changed and get some better jewelry for it this weekend.

Overall, i think it is a great piercing, and i have been recommending it to everyone i work with. But if you do it, go to a place that does specifically piercings and tattoos, or just piercings, and is CLEAN, and that isnt in a mall.

This weekend i am setting up an appointment at Fatty's custom tattoos in NW Washington DC for another piercing, that i havent quite decided on yet, and tribal or celtic forearm band tattoo. I think the piercing will be either an industrial in me left ear, my cartilage in my right, or if im feeling bold, those dydoes i've been thinking about ;)

Pictures may follow, if i can get some scanned.

-Ernie (web_koder@yahoo.com)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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