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My tongue is my favorite piercing I have. IT was my second piercing

and I wanted it for a really long time. I finally convinced my mom to let me, because I need her permission and for her to sign for it. So I made the appointment for Sunday during Spring Break because I heard it gets really swollen and I wanted time for it to heal a little. So, it was the day. My friend slept over the night before because I wanted her to come watch. The whole way there I surprisingly wasn't very nervous. Like when I got my labret pierced I had never been more nervous in my life. So, we get there and I pay for the piercing. He has just to wait a minute while he makes sure everything is set up. By the way this is in Winnipeg at Divine Decadence in Osborne Village. So, he tells me to come in, I take my shoes off. My friend follows, with the camera. My mom had already signed the permission forms while he was getting ready.

So, we get in the room. He sits me down and explains ALL the healing

and cleaning process. He asks if my friend or me had any questions. I had one, of course on the pain level. He said tongues usually are painless or can have a slight bit of pain. So, I wasn't worried. He poured him and me a little cup of Listerine to swish with. It was so gross. I sat down on the dentist looking chair and he dried my tongue off with gauze. At this point I was getting a little nervous. Then he marked it with a purple marker thing and I checked it in the mirror. It looked good. So he took the needle out of the package and I told him not to show me so I never seen how fat it was. He dried my tongue of again. He took the clamps out of the package and put them on my tongue. They didn't hurt, I heard they would. With Mike, he has a special type of breathing called "CHEE." Where he counts to 4 and the breathing as is followed:breath in on 1, push out all your pain and nervousness on the exhale2,in on three again, and out on four while the piercing is done of four. So, he said start the breathing, I closed my eyes. Then he said okay relax. In on one, out on two, in on three then I got scared, out on four. I felt the needle penetrate my tongue all the way through. Suprisingly, there was no pain. Then he said do the breathing again while I slide the barbell into place. My friend snapped a picture of the needle in my tongue. So, he put the barbell in. It was over. It was great. He told me I should go get a slurpee right away, i'm gonna swell soon. I thanked him and he thanked me for the visit and told me to come back in 2 to 3 weeks for a free barbell downsizing.

ON the way home we stopped at 7-11 to get a slurpee. I seen my old

boyfriend and his friend in there so I ran up and showed them. They thought it was cool. Then I seen my friend on her bike so I showed her. I was so excited to show everyone..

when I got home my tongue was huge! I kept trying not to look at it because he said playing around or moving it too much might increase the swelling. So, I made some chamomile ice cubes like he suggested. WHile they were freezing, I put some regular water ice cubes on it. It really didn't hurt. My speech was a little weird but that was all.

Day 1: I woke up with no pain at all! My tongue was fatter then ever

though. As the day went on I got a aching pain in my jaw and neck. I phoned up MIke he said it happens sometimes and not to worry. Keep icing it though. So, for the whole day I iced my tongue. I drank a slurpee but I never ate.

Day 2: Still the pain in my neck. My tongue isn't sore just my neck

and jaw. I drank 2 slurpees and tons of water. I iced my tongue a lot.

Day 3: I went to a party today. Bad idea. I was running around

showing everyone. This made my tongue worse. It was soar and I could taste puss coming from it. SO, I left picked up a slurpee and went home. My jaw was still soar. I was really hungry, I hadn't eaten since the day before my tongue piercing. I iced it over and over....

Day 4: My jaw isn't soar anymore. My tongue is though. I continued to

ice it and drink slurpees but I still never ate.

Day 5: Swelling is almost gone. I iced it tons today and drank a lot

of ice water. The swelling is gone. I ate 2 pieces of plain bread today. I'll try to eat more tommorow.

Day 6: My tongue feels great. I can eat normally now. The food

occasionally sticks to the ball. p.s. I rinsed with salt water 3 times a day every day so far.

Day 16: I get my barbell downsized. Its much better now I can't feel

it at all.

THree monthes later the barbell is way to big now. I shoud've waited longer to get it downsized. I'm gonna phone my piercer soon to see if I can get it changed again. By the way about 3 weeks ago I got my septum pierced. I reccomend Mike to anyone in Winnipeg. He's a great piercer. By the way he'll be working at his new place The Crypt soon so go check him out.

Email: Marilyn_man5on_@Hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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