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my piercing and tatooing experience

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I am 19 years old, live in Ct and and pierced and tatooed. I have wanted to be tatooed almost as long as i can recall. When i was a kid i contsantly was obsessed with drawing patterns on my skin. I didn't want to get pierced until i had seen a tongue piercing. Then later i met a girl who had it done. It looked very very attractive and the thought of having a tongue piercing turns me on to this day. Anyways, I never got the opportunity until i got to college. They had a spring weekend celebration last year and one of the booths was piercing. I only had to pay for the jewelery and i got my tongue pierced. I wasn't afraid because i had attempted to do it myself several times. The first time i got it through but it was crooked the second time i had no jewelery so it was only to see if it hurt. Well doing it myself took about ten minutes with a straight needle, and i got spit all over my tee-shirt. i wasn't aware of the pain. Before i tell you about my actual piercing, i have to tell you about my other self piercing exploits, i had done my belly button (kinda funny looking on a guy with a big gut but enjoyable none the less, but alas it got infected so i took it out. The other piercing ended up being about five or six (i wanted to do seven but ran outta safety pins) scrotal piercings, done very crooked and with those gold safety pins you find when you are looking for an actual working one, but i did it none the less, it hurt a bit but it was an extremely enjoyable pain. I took them out after a week because my urge to masturbate was too great. Anyways back to the actual piercing. I was nervous, but not too bad, my biggest concern was not being able to talk afterwards. The guy was absolutely hot too, which really made my fears melt away (i am bisexual) although i was filmed for news coverage getting it done, so i had to pray that mommy wasn't watching. So anyways he started off by showing me the different gagues, 10-12-14 and i picked 14 (foolishly) because i thought it wouldn't be as bad. So he took my tongue between a pair of forceps and that was when it hurt. Just for a second, because the pressure was emense. Of course the entire time i was trying to watch too, but its hard to see your own tongue. Anyways, when he put the needle to my tongue i practically creamed myself i was mentally turned on. Then he jabbed it through put the barbell in and tada! i was pierced! however some bad news about that. It took about a month before it didn't hurt to use it and about two weeks before i could eat solid food and about a week before my speech stopped slurring, so i do not recommend that piercer because these are not the usual results. Anyways, i got my tattoo next. Its a tribal dragon, black and on my left shoulder. I loved it and still do. I can't see it without a mirror because of its location so sometimes i forget its there. Anyways the guy who did my tattoo was great. he worked fast did good detail and gave me a discount because i was with an old customer of his. The experience is painful i will admit and you do bleed (some alot more than others) but its not unbearable. Of course there are some times when you can't take it, but i just bit down and took it. Especially the outline. filling in just felt hot and really tender but not as painful as the outline. Anyways the tatoo is healed i didn't pick at all so i still have the whole thing. Now about last october i changed my barbell to a plastic beaded one. Big mistake especially cuz i can't stop playing with it. So one night while eating i swallowed one bead and got a replacement but my barbell was no longer good. I ended up losing another one while brushing my teeth and i eventually swallowed (luckily no harm done) it. So about three months ago i had saved up enough to do it again and this time i went to a reputable place and had NO problems at all. I loved every second again and this time the piercer did something right because it took about two days to stop being sore and i was going down on my girlfriend about a week later. I think that if had more money i'd like to stretch up to about a 4 but right now money is short more things need piercing and i'm all the way to a 12 so thats how things go. BUT its not over yet. In fact i'm writting this because i am going to get a prince albert tomorrow. I can't wait until i can get it done and if all goes right i'll have lots to tell you later. So until then its matt, aka agent begonia aka trixie saying know your piercer it saves time money and lots of trauma.....

email me i'm looking for friends and especially chubby tatoo'd/pierced hairy men who'd like a good time.........

[email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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