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Me Hole, Me Tongue, Me Sport, And Burger King

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Do you hate having too much ice in your coke from fast food places? It really pissed me off, well not any more! Here's why.

I never have had a piecing before in my life, don't know why, just never got round to it. Also I do a lot of extreme sport (mountain biking mainly) and with always falling off, and a full face helmet none seamed practical. Anyway during one extremely boring chemistry lesson I overheard one of my friends conversations. All I heard was "flop it out then" well I was intrigued. So I turned around to see what was being flopped out. There it was, it was perfect, Emma had it all hanging out, in all its glory. A silver barbell gleaming in her tongue. Me being rather naive never thought about a tongue piecing.

Well me being very inpatient wanted to run out of the class and get it done. But that sort of enthusiasm has got me into a lot of trouble. So it was time for research ( can you tell I'm a student?) Four months, lots of reading, several arguments with my parents, and many finical troubles (manly not enough of the stuff) and lots more crashes, scars and I had given up hope of ever getting my tongue done.

Easter holidays came rolling round; exams just a week away; stressed out to the Max and ready to blow. Too much mundane revision to do, needed something new. Then as if by fate I opened my chemistry notes, all that enthusiasm filled my body again. I had the will, the money and time to look after it. So James and myself went into town at the next day. The place I was having it done you could just walk in have it done and leave (smiling, crying, shocked or just wuss out hanging your head in shame). Well as I said this was my first piecing so I was a bit apprehensive (s#*t scared). I walked in, looked at the chair and left. A few hours latter I went back, a bit more confident (after the mocking I coped off of James), Walked in saw a barbell in the display case,(my god, there big!) Walked out very quickly again. (I know I'm a wuss). Walked across the road to the newsagents looked at the Ice creams and thought how nice one would be, after my tongue was done! There was simply only one choice, I practically ran into the piecing shop. Slapped my money down, and had to wait, what a piss take, twice before, I came in and the studio was empty, this time when I had the balls to go though with it, I had to wait. As I stood by the studio door awaiting my fate, my confidence was growing, well until the door opened and there was the biggest bloke I have ever seen Crying! New underwear needed stat. The door closes again. I almost ran. Didn't though. Was invited in sat down on the chair, Steve (the piercher) explained that this wasn't going to hurt (wonder if he said that to the last bloke) and what he was going to do. As if I didn't know, big pin, tongue, hole, not difficult. He explained how to look after it, and stressed the importance of Ice and Listerine. Showed me the needle, then pronounced it was time. Asked me if I was sure, and OK. Handed me the Listerine, and made me keep it in my mouth for 60 seconds, Apologised for it being original. Spat it out. He pulled my tongue out. Marked my tongue where it was going to go, showed me where it was going to be. Explained about oral sex and placement, the further back the better for the receiving man, further forward the better for women. Changed gloves dried my tongue with gauze. Counted 1, 2, 3 done. I was like, you sure, didn't hurt, what was I so worried for? He placed the bar through the hole, a plastic one for ten days, to stop me doing damage to my teeth whilst getting use to it. He then spayed on an antibacterial agent that had a slight anaesthetic effect as well.

That was it, I took his advice and went to burger king, Where with lots of gestures and strange noises ordered a coke with lots of ice. I could see that the girl behind the counter was interested in why I was having a problem speaking. So I stuck out my tongue, she smiled, and gave me a medium coke cup full of ice and then a small filled with coke. All for the price of a medium coke! I thanked her the best I could.

Well now I was well chuffed, so after walking round town for a bit, until I could speak. I decided to pop in and see mum. I walked in, flopped it out, mum went white, freaked a bit went into shock, Called over most of her work mates to make sure she wasn't seeing things. But apart from that she was fine! Now came dad, boy would he freak, yell shout, and I couldn't answer back. Spent the rest of the day preparing for world war 3. Got home, mum arrived, I told dad, braced myself and he just said "twonk". That was it, no yelling, screaming or large sticky out veins! Now that freaked me out!!!!! Finally anyone considering having his or her tongue pieced, Do IT, I have only had mine in three days and its GREAT. It is one of the best things I have done in my life!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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