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16 yr old tongue piercing experience

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It took me 2 years to finally convince my parents to let me get my

tongue pierced, but I finally did. Well, really only my mom knows, my dad is still in the dark about it, but thats ok. I tried everything to convince him to let me get my tongue pierced, I did research on it, looked at other peoples experiences, I had seen it done, I had friends (in my church no less) that had had it done, and I printed him out information about it, but nothing would budge that man. For 2 years I bugged him off and on about it, especially when one of my friends finally got their eyebrow pierced like they had been hoping for. I bugged my mom too, but shes much more intimidating than my dad and when she said no, I backed off. Then one day my friend had her research paper information, which was on body modification, laid out on the lunch table. Being the piercing lover that I am I forgot that I was hungry and immediately set out to find out any helpful information that could have been on those paper. I hit it big time, the information on tongue piercing was perfect, it said nothing but good, positive things about it and even talked about how if parents were more informed, then they would realize its a completely temporary thing with a small chance for any life threatening side effects which my dad was convinced of. So again I showed him the research and bugged him and bugged him, and got nowhere. Of course with my loud mouth my mom heard all of our debates about the topic, and shes a dental hygenist so if there really were any major concerns, my mom would have voiced them to shut me up.

 The major turn of events was when my mom found a new house that she

liked and then she started bugging my dad for what she wanted. She knew Im one of the most persistent, annoy you til I get it or youll never hear the end of kinda people, so we struck a deal. If I convinced my dad to get the house, then I would get my tongue pierced. I cant even begin to describe my amazement that she actually consented, and a few days later when she told me they had signed a contract on the house and we could go that afternoon, I was ecstatic! Of course I had to pay for it with money from my bank account, but that was fine with me.

My mom and I picked up my friend (the one who had gotten his eyebrow

pierced) and then went to the bank, got my money, and headed over to Annapolis Fun City Tattoo Land and Body Piercing on West Street in Maryland. Thats where I had gotten my navel pierced almost exactly a year before, so I knew what I was getting into. They were very sanitary and friendly, and when I sat down in the dental chair I could see the autoclave and all the pre-packaged needles and jewelry. She wore gloves and sanitized everything with what I think was betadine, and got ready to pierce my tongue. I had waited for this forever, but I was still nervous. I did the routine rinse with listerine and prepared myself. She grabbed my tongue with the clamp, which actually didnt hurt at all, I closed my eyes, and she pierced my tongue from top to bottom, which I found odd. I had always seen it done from bottom to top, but thats the way they did it there. Im sure its different for every person, but my piercing really hurt, especially on the bottom where it came out. Nothing unbearable, but the whole its like biting your tongue thing didnt apply to mine. But I didnt cry, I didnt drool at all, and I bled very little. I had to rinse out again and when I put my tongue back in my mouth, it made the long wait all worthwhile. I had no problem with speech impediment whatsoever, and almost no swelling the first day.

The next day it did swell a little, but I could still talk pretty

well. I brought my listerine everywhere with me and was able to eat solid food on the second day, though very very slowly and sometimes painfully since it was so sore, but Im a food lover and had to have McDonalds french fries! My dad still hasnt noticed and most people never see it until I stick it out at them because its pierced pretty far back, so my moms happy that its not noticable. The only after pain I had was soreness, and that could be taken care of with a little advil or ibuprofen, and rinsing with diluted listerine feels pretty good. One suggestion I have though is as tempting as it is to play with it and stick it out all the time, the less you play with it the better it feels.

This weekend Im going to the annual HFStival in Baltimore, and they

always have a couple of piercing and tattooing booths from Fun City, Star Rocket, and a few others set up so Im gonna have fun shopping for some interesting beads for my new favorite piercing!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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