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Self tongue web at 17 with a safety pin

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My mother hates piercing and tattoos, but she is pretty kewl and has let me get a tattoo for every birthday since I was 15, so three tattoos on a 17 year old is a pretty good collection for a beginner. But for some reason she hates piercing so going to an actual piercing place to get anything done is out of the question. This leaves me with only one option, DIY. Yes, I know this is bad and I know I can really hurt myself but its the only way and I do not recommend it at all. I do all my own piercing, I have 4 holes in my left ear and a 1/2 inch hole in my right ear, because of work I can have any visible piercing so I tried my septum, yes I know its stupid, I pierced that at about two in the morning with a safety pin and then decided to wake my mom up and show her, needless to say she wasn't too happy with me. I left that in for a few days and it hurt really bad, the pain in my front teeth was unbearable and the night I did it, I went to a GHB show and got kicked in the nose and that really hurt so I took it out. I was content for awhile but I wanted something new. I decided to pierce my tongue web. I made countless attempts at piercing it with a safety pin but to no avail. I was sitting in Anthropology class one day and we talk about body modification all the time and usually I get made the example because I'm the only one in school with stretched ears. So this girl I've never talked to was talking to me about septum piercing and we got one the subject of tongue web piercing and we both agreed that we wanted one. So a few days later she came to school with hers done, she had one it herself, she did a really great job. I talked to her about it and I told her now I couldn't get it done because I would feel like I was copying her she said that it would be all right with her and she was even pushing me to do it, which I thought was so cool of her. The next time I talked to her, she asked me if I planned on doing it and I said maybe and she told me that our local music store, Rock of Ages, sells needles, rings and all on the supplies that you need and she recommend that I go there and get stuff to do it with if I was planning on doing it myself. So a few days later I went to Rock of Ages and bought an 18 gauge Needle and 18 gauge CBR, I brought my supplies to school to asked my friend if what I was using was similar to what she used and she said that is exactly what she used then she gave me a play by play of what she did and I planned on doing exactly the same she even offered to help me sneak out of school at lunch so she could take me to her house and pierce it, but we have different lunches. So I went home very anxious because i was planning on doing it, but I remembered that I was going to see Boy Sets Fire and Avail that night so it wouldn't be a good idea considering what happened last time I pierced something and went to a show. So I tried the next night I went in the bathroom with my needle, a bottle of sore throat spray, gauss, a towel, my ring and a safety pin. I tied my hair back while I was trying to numb my tongue with the throat spray and then I spit it out, I just pinched the bottom flap of my tongue and slid the needle though, not as much pain as I expected but it did make the popping sound when its going though, which always scares me. I stood there with the needle through my tongue and held steady with my teeth and I tried to wipe up all the drool. While trying to put the ring in I realized that the ring did not fit, I panicked and took an earring out of my ear but that didn't work either so I took a safety pin and put it in, I figured I could just close it and it would be OK, but the safety pin wouldn't close because my hands were too slippery because of all the drool and the safety pin fell out. I was bumming so I went out with my friends and tried to have a good night. The next afternoon I woke up and my tongue was feeling better so I decided to try it again, I gathered my supplies, swished with sore throat spray and went to town. I pinched the piece of skin, still sore from the night before, and pushed the needle through, but this time, with my friends advice I had gauss on the other side and that got all the drool so I kept the safety pin dry and I was able to close it. It didn't hurt one bit.

That was a few hours ago that I did this and I have a safety pin in right now, hopefully in a few days ill have a ring in. My friend called because we're going to see Jello Biafra tonight and she could tell right away that I was talking weird, I think its only because that safety pin is so big. For the few hours that I've had it, I love it and I recommend anyone to get it,its kind of nice. I know this is going to sound very hypocritical but do not do it yourself, go somewhere and get it done, its safer.

Erica [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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