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My tounge peircing @ Nicole's

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Well, I will start out by saying that it was not something I have

dreamed of all my life or anything. Actually the first time I had ever even seen a pierced tongue in real life was when I started working in a restaurant as a server. One of the line cooks had a tongue ring. I was actually a little grossed out by it! But I was of coursed intrigued by it and asked him to stick out his tongue probably a hundred times in a shift. And of course he said it didn't hurt. But you should have seen him anyway -- he looked like he could be run over by a mower then have his pinkie finger chewed of by a dog and not even flinch! Well, anyway I quit that job and started working at another restaurant and let me tell ya more than half -- darn near all -- the servers had piercings of some sort. After hearing everyone's piercing story and looking at almost everyone's tongue I decided I would do it in one week! Of course I didn't have my money together in one week but the next week I was supposed to have three days in a row off. So I decided that the following Wednesday I would do it.

In the meantime I would call the shop I had planned to go.  The guy

was super cool and told me all the information like aftercare, the procedure, and told me about the girl that would probably do it if he didn't -- unbelievably she worked for the doctor who delivered my son! The only problem I found was that the name the guy had chosen for his business was "Freaks". My other option was "Piercing by Nicole". Nicole's was eighteen dollars more (for a server its EIGHTEEN dollars) but at least I could tell my conservative husband and relatives -- especially my mother -- that I got it done at Nicole's which is a far cry from sticking out my bloody impaled tongue while managing the word "Freaks" (since my "R's" didn't work right afterwards). Besides Nicole's opened a whole four hours before Freaks.

Well, Wednesday finally came.  I went to pick up my friend to go with

me and on my way I stopped to get some snacks and my husband calls me and totally went off on me. Seems someone tipped him off that I was going to do it that day and he was angry I had not told him. Well, then he told me not to do it because it was something "freaks and lesbians" do! It was then that I truly knew I was going to do it. I could have walked in, paid my money, signed the waiver, then watch them pull out a chain saw and tell me to open wide and it would have been just peachy!

So I get to Nicole's pay my money -- $72 which included my bottle of

Biot`ene Mouthwash. Then I signed the authorization and went with my little cup of Listerene to the restroom. Something about Listerine makes you want to have a shot of Tequila to wash the taste away. So I went to the room and sat on the little table and this guy walks in. I immediately told him I would cry because I cried when I got my ears done at Walmart and he says he would laugh at me. He told me to stick out my tongue as far as I could then he wrapped a paper towel under and around it to dry it off. Marked on top and underneath my tongue, clamped it then asks me if I am ready. I grabbed his arm as fast as I could and mumbled "NO". He told me to relax and said we have your money then he laughed. So I released my grip and moved it to the edge of the table. He says take a deep breath there will be a pinch. I nearly hyperventilated but I'll tell you it honestly didn't hurt! Then something hit my lap and before I knew it he was congratulating me because I didn't pass out or even cry!

My husband called me a freak once and I almost left but he said what

mattered was I was his little freak -- wink wink. My mom cried and tried to get me to take it out. But she is over it unless she sees it flashing around when I talk.

It has now been a little over a week and my swelling is almost

completely gone and I can pronounce the word "girl" and "corner" and most all "R" words. I absolutely love my piercing and hope to get my belly button done next! Who knows -- maybe even my nipple!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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