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I'm FINALLY pierced!

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My tongue piercing experience started about three years ago when I was about 15. I heard and saw tongue pierces and knew that I wanted one, and I wanted one badly. It was definately me. But, I also knew there was no way in hell my parents would ever let me pierce my tongue, and since the laws in California say you have to be 18 to get pierced or have your parents consent (which I didn't have), I wasn't going to get pierced until I was 18.

I never told my parents I wanted to pierce my tongue until my mom read an article in the newspaper about piercings. There was a picture of a pierced tongue and she asked me what I thought about it. I told her I wanted one and she immediately yelled for my father to come downstairs to "hear what her daughter just told her." They were in shock. How could their daughter want to "mutilate" herself like that? My dad said that if I got my tongue pierced he would kick me out of the house. I wasn't about to test the waters.

So, I waited. I waited years and years and FINALLY, I was turning 18. I had been planning to get my tongue pierced the day AFTER my 18th birthday. Me and my family always go out to dinner on birthdays, and I thought it would be nice if I would be able to eat my birthday dinner. So, the day after it was.

DAY ONE - Piercing Day

I was trying to scrounge up money to get it done, but things weren't looking up. I came home from school the day after my birthday (which was a Friday) and I was all bummed because I had like thirty bucks which was half of what I needed. Then, there was a ray of light (cheesy, eh?). My godfather was at my house, with an envelope, with a fifty dollar check inside. WOOHOO! I bolted outta the house, went to the bank, and off the Area 51 in San Rafael to get my tongue pierced. I was told to come back in thirty minutes, so I went and had my last meal without a bar through my tongue. A&W tasted mighty good that day.

So, me and my two friends (support is GOOD!) went back to Area 51 and Keri (the piercer, who's fabulous, by the way) got me all set up. She put a bib around my neck and one on my lap for any blood and spit that might dribble out of my mouth. She dried my tongue off and sorta tugged it out of my mouth a little bit, dried it off some more and she told me exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. I, of course, was expecting a crapload of pain. Keri told me that the clamps would hurt the most, but they didn't feel like anything. No pain, nothing. I kept my eyes closed and I had one friend holding each hand. (remember to breathe, folks!) Keri told me she was going to count to three and then she would put the needle through.

"One, two, three.. okay, it's in." It's in? What? I didn't even feel anything. My tongue piercing was done and it hurt less than biting your tongue. No really, LESS than biting your tongue. I feel awkwardly good. I started feeling lightheaded after about five minutes. I highly suggest laying down right after you get your tongue pierced.. your body is going through a little bit of shock and doesn't know how to deal. My hearing was getting sort of muddled and my vision was getting blurry and I was feeling sorta dizzy.. so, I just laid down and drank some water and I was fine five minutes later. I paid the money, thanked Keri, and got all of the after-care information and I was outta there.


Well, my tongue is swollen, naturally. It's expected to happen when you get some metal shoved through it. I can talk fairly normally. It hurts when I say certain things and I'm slurring my R's and L's when they're next to each other. Like, I can't say "Carl". Talking is sort of painful so I'm not doing much of that. I'm drinking lots of water and eating mac & cheese slowly. I'm not forgetting to rise with Listerine after I put anything that's not water into my mouth. Gotta keep this baby clean.. I paid good money for it!


I'm feeling exactly how I did yesterday. I'm still swollen and still in a little pain when I do or say certain things.. but, I seem to be healing nicely. I don't have any of that white crap Keri said I might get during the healing process.


First day back to school with my new tongue. I can play with it and have no pain and I'm eating totally fine. I can eat anything and not have any pain. I'm loving my tongue!


After the fourth and fifth day I was healed. I can eat fine, talk fine, play with it (which I'm not supposed to do until the 2 week healing period is over).


Well, I had to go in to get a smaller bar. After about the 5th day, all of the swelling went down and I had a huge bar clanking around in my mouth. I got a smaller bar that was five bucks.. no biggie.

So, I'm totally loving my tongue bar. I'm really happy that my parents were tight asses about me getting it pierced because it's really cool being able to walk into a piercing place, show them your ID, and be able to do the whole thing witout mommy and daddy. So, if you're not quite 18 and you want to get something pierced, WAIT! It's seriously worth it. It's a great rush to be able to do something that you've wanted for so long by yourself. Right now I'm trying to figure out what I should get pierced next. I'm thinking about my lip and definately a lot more in my ears. I'm sure I'll send in more piercing stories once I get more stuff pierced.



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on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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