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aussie chicky babe get's pierced.. yey for her!

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its 2 day's before i get it done.. god im so nervous :) but its the good kinda nervous.. like you're unsure but you know its gonna be good. i cant wait. its something that ive wanted done for age's.. im 15 (16 soon) f from melbourne australia. I had my nose pierced sence i was 13 (when it was considered "freaky" now its main stream) and ive been fighting the urge to pierce everything in my body ever sence. lol those who don't say its an addiction have never got anything pierced. After i get this done, in a few weeks (need to save) Im going to get a third set of holes in my ears.. (i go to school.. very strict school.. im lucky i don't get detention every day over my nose.. im pushing it with that, and im not allowed anymore facial piercing (i told the school that my nose stud got stuck in and i cant get it out.. hehehehe) so i figured id get my tongue done.. its not like they have any rules for non-visable piercing (a school goer's best friend is there school diary with the rules in it.. they're easy to twist so they suit you :) and there's one girl at school with her nose pierced and her tongue done as well (its not why im getting it done, i actually love being different, anyway she has no problems with teachers, so i thought "right that's what im getting done") i just got kicked off the net after reading lots of BME (yey for you.. thanks allot to otherwise i wouldn't even consider this if i didn't have all the info i do now.. actually im considering becoming a body piercer if my law career doesn't work out :) I think i should go off to bed now cos ive written allot, so i will.. god im nervous.. and looking totally forward to this.


ok its 3:25pm 30th april 99.. and im shitting myself. lol Mum just called and made an appointment for me, for (as late as possible.. thanks mum!) 7pm. i wish i could go get it done now and stop the waiting. but ive been eating all day cos i dont wanna get stuck and hungry and frushtrated. ohhiee im nervous. lol but i spose you would be when you realised that you're gonna get a needle shoved thru your tongue. im going out now to get some more food lol man ive never eaten so much in my life!!! mum's weary about me getting it done, she's cool, BUT she's a parent so i spose she has to act this way. Dad doesnt know.. im not sure wether to tell him or to wait intill i see him in june.. although i donno which would be more suprising.. he'll call on sunday.. so lets see how it goes.. :)


ok its been about an hr and a half so i have to back track just a tad. :)

it was 6:30 and i was gettin really hyper and time seamed to be going really slow, before that i went and got some stuff to eat, but i wasent feeling very hugry so i couldent eat as much as i would of liked to. (suprise suprise) but anyway we rocked up and i was soo nervous, we had about a 2-3 min wait, and the guy who was gonna do it, i haven't seen before, (i went in there before to check the place out, get prices blah blah blah) anyway we went into this little room and i sat down on a chair, not like a dentist chair, but like one of those black/mettal chair's ya sit on to lift weight's or some-such.. anyway i had gone completly white by this stage (the guy said)(so did mum lol) so he like explained what he was gonna do (which i already knew, thanks bme :) and he made me swish pure listern (the yellow kind) (YUCK!!!! that stuff sucks..) then he dried my mouth off, marked the spot, asked me if i was cool with it, i said yeah but by this time i was really starting to shake cos the mirror wouldent stop moving. lol but then i sat back, and he put this spray stuff on my tongue top and bottom to numb it, he said he usually charged an extra $10 but i was pale already so.. (aww what a sweetie eh? lol) (im gonna give him the $10 for it later on though, when i get the money) ANYWAY, after a min of that, i closed my eyes he put the clamp's on, and (you know, it takes longer to explain it then it actually took to do it?? lol) then he put the needle thru, leaving this plastic tube stuff sticking out and i had to keep my tongue out of my mouth well he got the barbell and put it thru, and then he said "hang on i have to put the bottom ball on" and i was like waiting and he said "ok you can put it in your mouth now" and i thaught "wtf? that wen't pretty quick.." NO PAIN WHAT SO EVER!!!!! then we went across the road into a shopping center and got some mouth wash stuff... then came home

FIRST DAY (saturday)

I woke up and hadly had any swelling.. it hurt to eat and i had a major lisp but when i wasent eating, or talking it was fine :) (heheh lotsa baby food for me.. well hey.. it's a good excuse aint it???)

SECOND DAY (sunday)

its only 1:30 sunday arvo, but, i have swelling at the bottom, and around where the barbell is at the top.. i noticed he's pierced it on an angle.. not what i wanted, but its smack dab in the middle of my tongue on the top so its cool. :) It hurt's less to talk and im figuring out way's to eat sandwitch's n stuff.. also i've noticed a white coat on the top of my tongue i've read that that's just because of the moth wash, so what ill do is ill add more water then what i have been doing.. :)

THIRD DAY (monday + my first day at school with it)

it's as swallen as it's ever been, and it's been bleeding at the top i hope it's normal and im not gonna die or anything. l prehap's i should call the piercer/tattoo guy and see if its ok or not.. well, school was interesting. i've been able to hide it from every teacher i don't want to see it, and i've showed the "cool" one's. my fried hit me cos she want's her's done but her dad said not untill she's 17 (it hurt more then the piercing) lol but over all everyone think's it's cool.. yey. (i didn't get it done for that though) i went to macca's (macdonald's) after school today and i ate a cheeseburger had a craving and i mannaged to get a small serve of fries eaten faily quickly. (they're little and skinny, and sooo easy to eat, so if you get a craving, go get some macca's fries and eat to you're heart's content.. (well not content cos you'llprolly have a heart attack when you're 50 cos of it. lol) I was thinking today, what are my grand kid's gonna do/say (what are my kids gonna do and say!!) when they find out i have my tongue pierced? lol cant wait for that..

FORTH DAY (tuesday)

got my swelling still, still bleeding, i woke up with blood around the top and bottom ball, mum called the piercer guy and he said i've eather been playing with it, or nocked it (woops done both) plus my tongue's been a whitshgreen colour.. i read that that was from the mouth wash so im using that less, (almost gone thru 500ml's of it) and im using warm salty water. what i did was soak about 3 cotton ball's in very warm very salty water, and i put them in my mouth for a while. i put 2 at the bottom around the bottom ball, and one at the top, in front of my top ball.. i donno if it really worked,or the swelling went down, but a hell of a lot of the swelling's gone, and that's all i care about :) i got some more macca's chips.. yummy.. there nice and salty as well ya know, and skinny and easy to chew.. so if you get really hungry and you cant think of anything else.. EAT EM!! :)

FITH DAY (wednsday)

i woke up and the swelling's almost gone, yey!!! :) i wasent sure if i was gonna get today to be my change over, but it looks like its gonna be!!!! im SO excited :)

SIXTH DAY (thursday)

i didnt go get my change over.. i didnt have the energy plus i felt that my swelling could of gone down a bit further before i did anything.. ive been using the salty water cotton balls, and they help heaps.

(one to skip a few..)


changed over today, the guy told me this wierd arse story about his gf's toung piercing.. she told him she was having trouble with it, 3 time's on three consec. day's, and he (on the 3rd time) took a look, and the bottom half of the barbell had worked its way up into her tongue and the skin had grown around it!! (or something) it had to be cut out.. ewww..

the changeover was good.. he said i had a sight infection, and mum looked in my hole, and they both saw pus in it, but ive changed my way of care now i swish pure listerine now every time i eat.. it better go away. (i can eat and talk normal and its sooo fun to play with)


i also said to dad tonight "what would happen if i got my tongue pierced?" and he said "you dont need it pierced, you have that thing in your nose, your ears" and i said "so" and he said "you wont be able to eat and talk propley" and i started to laugh and said "ya reckon?" and he said "yeah.. you dont need it emy do ya?" heheheheheh L I spoke to him the weekend before, (on the sunday) and i had it done and he didnt pick up on my lisp, and now i can eat, and talk normaly. its just this slight infection, but i usually have alot of trouble with my piercings.. and this one has been trouble-less so far.. sept for this, so nock on wood this will be the only trouble i'll get :)

so for ANYONE who want's to do it.. do it. you only live once. and you might as well make it a good life, cos the more you bugger it up, you'll just keep comming back untill you get it right, so make it fun. anyway earth is just another place's hell. same way our hell is another place's heaven.

ANYWAY DO IT!!!!! lol it doesn't hurt, apart from nose i reckamend it to any first-timer, and if your worried about school its easy to hide.. none of my teacher's know sept the one's i've showed (only show the good ones) :) (doesn't matter about work, cos if they fire you over that, you can sue them for unfair dismisal and discrimanation)

so take care people and email me if you wanna know anything :) (eather about tongue or nose) cya later!!!

hugz ~emz

A BIG PS.... sorry about my spelling. :)


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on: 15 June 1999
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