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In August of 1998, I got my tongue pierced. I was really scared and researched a lot! I asked people who got it done how much it hurt and how swollen it got. I finally decided to just get it done and see for myself. I went to a place called "Stainless Studios" in Toronto Ontario. I went there to get my belly pierced before and they did a great job. (Warning!! Piercing is addictive!) I asked many questions, and they were more than willing to answer me. That made me feel pretty confident since they knew their stuff. They made me fill out a form asking many questions, like 'have I been pierced before, if I was on any medications', etc. They asked for my ID and I was set! I started to get reallt nervous. My friend and I walked into the room and I sat on a chair (ones that dentists use). He gave me mouthwash and I had to swish it for like 2 minutes (felt like forever. I sat on the chair and he took my tongue and wiped it with a tissue. Then, he marked it where he was going to pierce it. He got a sterilized needle, and put a cup under my mouth. Then, the scariest part. I closed my eyes and that was it!! My tongue was pierced!! It barely hurt. I tried to talk. Boy was that funny. I talked with a lisp but it was so cool. As soon as I left, I sucked on ice. Then, I got home and showed my Mother. She was so discusted! I took an ibuprophen and went to bed.

Day 1

When I woke up that morning, it was swollen. I didn't hurt that much. I ate some scrambled eggs for breakfast and kept sucking on ice the whole day. My snacks were mainly mushy foods like pudding, mashed potatos, boost,anything that didn't require chewing. I hated that cause I love to eat! My piercer told me not too drink cause alcohol makes is swell. Well, I was going away that weekend and there was no way I was not going to drink. So I did. I just made sure that I mouthwashed after every drink.

Day 2

Still swollen. IT was about the same as the other day. I still ate my mushy foods and talked with a lisp. I found it really hard to say words with 'th, and sh". My friend just laughed at me.

Day 3

Still swollen. Still eating mushy foods.

Day 4

Ate chicken and it took me a long time to eat it too. It's just getting used to using your tongue with a forgein object in it. It's just wierd. I still sucked on ice.

Day 5

Getting better. I am experimenting with foods. Tried pasta, and that was hard to eat.

It took me about a week and a half to fully heal. I then ate chips and chewed gum and no longer talked funny.

May 1999 - The Second Tongue Piercing

It was a Friday night and me and my friends were bored. So, we decided to go get pierced for the fun of it. I had my belly done, and didn't want my face pierced so I thought I'd be different and get my tongue done a second time. We went to"Stainless Studios" again, since we had such good experiences there. The same procedure followed.

The piercer walked into the room, and it was the guy who had done me before!! IT was so cool! So, I told him I wanted my tongue pierced again and in front of my last piercing. I was afraid that he wouldn't be able to do it since I do have a small tongue. He said that everything was okay and he could do it for me. He have me mouthwash and I had to swish it for like 2 minutes. I remembered doing this the first time, but was still nervous. I honestly couldn't believe how nervous I was. I think that is what I like about getting pierced. The whole adrenalin rush. It's like the first it, everytime. I sat on the chair and he took my tongue and wiped it with a tissue. Then, he marked it where he was going to pierce it. Yada yada yada. You know what happened.

I looked in the mirror and it looked so good! I had two!! Two tongue rings!! I didn't talk with a lisp, I guess since I already had one, my mouth was used to it.

The next day, it was a little swollen. It was like I never even got my tongue pierced.

I so recommend getting your tongue pierced! It looks and feels so cool! And you can buy all kinds of jewelry to change. My next purchase it a baby blue gem barbell that will match my belly ring.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. my e-mail: [email protected]


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on: 15 June 1999
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