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I swallowed my fear and did it myself!

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Well, it all started when I was

13... I wanted my tongue pierced. But my mom strongly disagreed with that, and after I talked to my cousin who had it done, I knew I didn't want it bad enough to go through that pain. So, my mom was so uncooperative about getting my tongue pierced, she blurted out one night, "Why don't you get your eyebrow or something? ANYTHING is better than that!". So there was my idea... she already said it, so she couldn't disagree now. (So if you want your eyebrow pierced, start out with something worse, that way your parent(s) wont mind the idea that much... hey, it worked for mine!)

I called and attempted to make an

appointment, but in our state, you have to be at least 16 to have it done. As pissed off as I was, I gave up the idea for a couple moths, and one night, it just hit me... I was going to do it myself.

I already had a ring from one of

my friends older brothers, who had a bunch of them he didn't use, so I grabbed that, ice, a needle, rubbing alcohol, and I was off. I got in the bathroom and put ice on it for about five or six minutes (that sort of caused me more problems because it was a little moist and made the needle keep slipping beneath my fingers.) I rubbed some alcohol over my eyebrow and over the needle. I didn't make any mark where I wanted it to be... I was sorry I did that because the first time I did it, it came out crooked. I only felt a little pinch, exactly like a bee sting. Of course, being the stupid ass I am and not putting a mark on my eyebrow, I had to do it again. Doing it again was more painful (probably because the ice wasn't all the effective anymore) than the first time, but it still didn't hurt all that much. I had tried to pierce my ear before and it hurt too badly, so I was really amazed how little time and effort it took. I was scared that I would damage my eye or something that I didn't put it very far in... hey, better safe than sorry.

Now, getting the ring through. I

was nervous and shaking by the time I got the needle through, so I thought for sure I wouldn't get it in before it closed. But, I did. The thing that I hated the most out of the whole experience is getting the ring closed. I was shaking and that bee sting was throbbing. But I did eventually get it to close, and about 5 minutes later, I didn't feel a thing.

It kicked ass. It was through! It

was a little red, and it hurt a little when I touched it, but I was happy. I finally got what I had been wanting for over 6 months. I had this stuff from the piercer when I got my ears done and used that. It felt cool over it and it was suppose to fight infections, so it couldn't hurt. I put it over it before I went to bed, put neosporin over it, and covered it with a Band-Aid so I wouldn't rip it out overnight. ( I was seriously worried it was going to get infected because I had my ears pierced twice and they got infected both times and had to be taken out... it was ust cheap earrings... I know that for sure... NOW)

I woke up and looked in the mirror

first thing. It was a little red, but nothing what I had expected. I washed it with soap, and put some more of the piercing solution on it, some alcohol, and was off to school. All day, I head "Did you do it yourself? Did it hurt? When did you do it? Let me see!" By the end of the day, I was happy it was over. I had too much attention for my own good.

That night, I was getting worried.

It puffed out and was really really red. I wanted to put peroxide on it, but we didn't have any, so I had to wait until my mom went to the store and got some. I did the cleansing and the Band-Aid thing again, and went to bed.

OK... morning #2 and it's

infected! Arrrg! Talk about suck! I cleaned it with soap and went off to school. That night I used peroxide and crossed my fingers it would be OK.

I woke up, and a little redness

was gone, but it was still infected. I cleaned it and then when I got in homeroom, I was so mad because it caught on my hair, and it was really sore after that, so I took it out. It felt so weird. I hated it. So after I got out of 1st period, I put it back in... ahhh much better. It didn't close up, I thought for sure it would. It was just hard finding the hole. (You should've seen the looks I got from some girls in the bathroom... it isn't ever day that 7th graders see an idiot poking out her eye... LoL)

That night, it was looking alot

better. The peroxide was the key. It got rid of my infection and it was looking really good.

The only thing that sucked about

having it the first couple of days is the paranoia that someone is going to rip it out, the dumb questions people ask, and sleeping at night. I have had it now for exactly one week, and I'm still doing the cleaning procedure. The 3rd night, I decided to stop using the Band-Aids and haven't used any since. I can even sleep on it and it doesn't hurt. It has only got caught on my hair twice, but it wasn't anything major. I really like it and I have no regrets at all. I don't plan on taking it out ever and maybe when I hit 18 I will get my tongue done.... who knows?

Knowing how much I wanted my

eyebrow pierced, I know how some of you out there feel, too. All I can say is if you want to do it yourself, dont do it very deep at all. Make sure you have ALL the cleaning stuff needed and use an actual eyebrow ring.. not an earring. But if you can get it done by a professional, go that route first.

If anyone has any questions, you

can email me at blakrain@geocities.com. I will tell you anything you need to know and answer any questions. This has been a really awesome experience and I wont mind talking to anyone about it.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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