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From a piercer instead of a piercee - Story

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Of course though, this is not to be used at all as a how-to guide. I

don't say everything I do is completely right, another piercer might use different methods that work just as well. But what I use is what works best for me and what I believe in. If your piercer uses something different, he isn't wrong and neither am I. Just don't use this as a way to find out how to pierce people.

Please give me some slack on this story. This is the first story of

its kind on BME as far as I know, that being from the piercer instead of the piercee. It may not be the greatest, but hopefully its decent.

All of my piercings are done out of a special room in my house. Not

intended to attract the public, just my friends who trust me to pierce them. But it is as much of a professional area as any piercing studio. All equipment is sterilized, countertops and floors disinfected and cleaned. Also a great thing in a piercer, the knowledge on how to pierce is another thing I own. I just don't currently own a studio because I don't quite have the money to open my own studio quite yet.

The piercing date was set for a Wednesday at 4 o clock, im sorry I

cant remember what the exact date was. I had two female friends who wanted a tongue and a navel (im sorry I didn't have anything exciting like an ampallang for the first story but this was what was fresh on my mind). The tongue was 14 gauge and navel was 12 gauge.

They came over a week in advance, I took measurements and wrote down

what was needed and ordered the jewelry. That night I wrote up an order for the jewelry (12 gauge 1/2 Implant grade SSS CBR, and a 14 gauge 3/4 Implant grade SSS Barbell), the money was already paid in advance.

After a week, the order arrived! I phoned both of them up to tell

them their jewelry was in and they came over the next day. I autoclaved and ultrasoniced two sets of clamps, the jewelry, and then cleaned and disinfected the countertops and floors.

4 o clock they arrived, right on time. I had both of them come in and

have a seat in the room (they wanted it done together). Both were very nervous, I offered to do the navel first. She had a seat and I laid her back. Her stomach was trembling once I rolled up her shirt a little bit and I instructed her to breath deeply, in through her nose and out through her mouth, slowly. This seemed to help. While she was doing this I went ahead and set up the supplies. Of course before I began setting up the supplies and removing things from the autoclave bags, I washed my hands and forearms very well with antibacterial soap and applied latex gloves.

My choice of latex gloves were dermatech's (mediums work best on me).

To clean and disinfect I prefer Madacide. As for the clamps for the navel I used Penningtons and for the tongue it is foersters. The disinfectants for skin are betadine and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Needles are double lancet, pharmaceutical grade (not veterinary grade). For lubricant of jewelry and needles I like to use bacitracin zinc and use gauze to apply skin disinfectants and remove the excess lubrication.

So the supplies are neatly arranged and everything is ready to begin.

I now remove my old latex gloves (more pairs than one, previous pairs already removed) and rewashed my hands and put on new gloves. For those of you who don't know, its easiest to put on several pairs at once (or as many as needed for changing) instead of just putting one pair on and removing it.

I reminded her to keep breathing and stay relaxed. I began to swab

her navel and the surrounding area with Betadine, it was left to dry for 30 seconds and then reapplied for 30 seconds, and then all traces were removed with an alcohol prep pad. I changed gloves and picked up the skin scribe surgical pen and marked the area and asked if thats what she wanted, and it was. Gloves changed again. I picked up the pennington (triangular) clamps and gently placed them onto the area and asked her if she was all right, she said they were a little tight so they were loosened some. my gloves were changed again. I picked up the needle and maneuvered it away from her face to keep her from being freaked. I asked if she was ready, and a yes. I told her to keep breathing and to relax, I lined up the needle and placed my fingers just right, on the out breath it was pierced. It took all of a second.

"Hard parts over, needles through"


I changed gloves and bent the CBR and butted it into the end of the

needle. I like to have about 1/4" of needle left to put the CBR against. I held the needle and the jewelry and maneuvered it in, bent the CBR back into place and popped the bead in. I told her the jewelry was in and then changed gloves and removed excess lubricant, dropped the needle into the sharps container and had her sit down for a little bit.

The next girl was up. I instructed her to breath just like her

friend, deep breaths, in trough your nose and out through your mouth. I had her first rinse out her mouth thoroughly with Listerine for 30 seconds and then have a seat. My hands were rewashed and more gloves were applied. I took a fresh paper towel and dried off her tongue very thoroughly and placed a paper towel in her shirt and on her lap (for drooling of course). I changed gloves and and marked her tongue, showed her a mirror and asked if that's where she wanted it, it was perfect. Gloves changed. I placed the clamps (foersters) onto her tongue and changed my gloves. She didn't seem to be as nervous. I picked up the needle and mostly it was beneath her chin to keep it away from her eyes as much as possible. I lined up the needle and had her keep breathing, on the out breath it was pierced and lasted a second. She didn't know I had done it. I told her to keep her tongue out and changed my gloves and picked up the barbell, I butted it into the needle and held onto the needle and the barbell and inserted it in and then of course, screwed on the bead. I told her to talk slowly at first.

On their way out they both thanked me thoroughly and they were handed

some sheets of a FAQ and aftercare. Both piercings healed fine and now are being still sported by both people.

Hopefully more piercers are willing to send in their stories to

Shannon and maybe have a place for piercings by piercers and not the person being pierced. Hopefully you enjoyed reading this.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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