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tongue piercing at 15

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I am a 16 year old male who lives in a small town. At the time of the below experience, I was 15. On with it:

I can't exactly remember how I got into the whole piercing thing. I think it was when I very first heard of tongue piercing. I pretty much thought all other piercings were lame. I never wanted a tatoo. I mentioned to my father (I live with him only, the parents are divorced) several times which was really difficult. Every time I would muster up the courage to ask and he thought I was joking.

I knew I was not going to get anywhere and I really wanted a tongue piercing. I found bme on the web and looked around. I did not figure I had the balls to do it myself, but I found the "tongue-web" type piercings and thought I could probably do that.

In the period of about five days, I managed to scrape up about ten bucks. I went to the store and bought a pack of saftey pins (assorted sizes) and some orajel (wow! 5 bucks, what a rip off, and you only get a little bit).

I got back home and went into my room. I found that even locating the area on your tongue that you want pierced was tough without a mirror. I went out to the camper and found a little hand held mirror out there. I went back into my room and looked into the mirror. I held up my tongue and felt the little web. There was the skin in front and a muscle in back. I thought I did not want to pierce back too far because I did not want to hit the muscle. I kept poking the pin in and then it would fall out. I got bored, so I put some Blink 182 on the stereo. The web, being poked so much was being irritated. I went into the bathroom and rinsed with listerine. I put orajel on the web. I got the safety pin in one hand and held my index finger of the other hand on the other side of the web. I pushed the pin sharply and felt a small prick on the index finger! The pin had penetrated the web, and I was not dead. Now came the difficult part, getting the pin all the way through. I pushed and pushed and jabbed, but the pin would only go so far with my finger on the other side. If my finger was not there if felt like it was going to rip out. I got a postcard and cut a very small square, put it up to the web and pressed the pin. IT WENT THROUGH! I was happy and there was no blood or pain. I had a pretty hard time hooking the safety pin though.

I left the pin in for two days so the hole would be easy to get a real ring through. I do not recomend leaving the safety pin in for so long because the metal plating wore off in places and rubbed and cut really badly. I rinsed with listerine after everything I ate, and was very careful. It looked like I was growing a second tongue under the web because the swelling was really bad. Talking was a task with the safety pin, eating was worse. I called up one of the local tatoo places (one of my friends owns the place). I asked if they had any 16 gauge CBR's, he said no, they only had 18 gauge. I said that would do. He brought it by my house later that night and I paid him for it.

I put it through the hole, which was pretty easy. I think the bead was stone or something because it broke when I was trying to get it on. That pissed me off. I could not go back to the safety pin. I know this is stupid, but I cut off some of the wire of a spiral in a notebook. It fabricated it into a makeshift ring. This was much better than the stupid safety pin. Later (about 2 weeks later) I went into another tatoo place and got a bead. I put the ring in and it stayed there for a long time. After a while the fun wore off of the ring and I wanted to get a real tongue piercing. My parents never even found out!

I, again, asked my dad, and he still thought it was a joke. I wanted to do something different. My dad was out of town for two weeks and I was staying with my grandmother, who is majorly blind due to macular degeneration (is that spelled right?). I brought the ring. After about 3 days of staying there, I got bored and decided to try and pierce my eyebrow. I got what looked like a straight pin with a big white plastic ball at the end. I began to push it through my right brow. I pushed and pushed and it got about half way through. I finally got it to poke out of the top of the eyebrow (I started from the bottom). After a final mighty push (my index and middle finger on each side of the needle on top, my thumb pushing from the bottom). I slept all night with the needle in the fresh hole. In the morning, (it was saturday) I took the needle out and put the CBR I had in my tongue through. It bled a little, but it was ok. I will say you should not use peroxide because it really burns your skin when you use it a lot. Use bactine. My dad eventually found out, but was pretty cool about it. I took it out after a while because it too, got boring.

I still want to get a real tongue piercing, but my dad refuses to agree as of yet. I will keep you posted.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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