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Tongue pierced at Tribe, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Thought about it for ages, dreamt about it ,fantasised about it, even got a little ball stud my daughter wears in her ear and laid it on my tongue while looking in the mirror!

Looked good so I went one step further and started phoning bodypiercing shops all over Edinburgh. First two didnt seem enthusiastic to answer my questions or have particularly friendly voices. Third one was way too expensive. Fourth one was closed on a Monday so being the coward I am I changed my mind and told myself to forget it.

Tuesday dawned and I still thought about it all morning. I just had to phone the shop that was closed the day before. A friendly sounding voice answered the phone said her name was Patsy and she could pierce my tongue that afternoon for £25 including a second visit to downsize the barbell when necessary. By 3.30pm decided it was now or never. Got the bus into town and made my way to a shop called Tribe at 47 West Nicholson Street, Edinburgh (Opposite the Pear Tree Pub). My legs went weak as I walked up the street. When I opened the door the friendly voice I had spoken to earlier asked if she could help. I was actually asking for my tongue to be pierced! She asked me to stick it out and said it would be no problem. I followed her down some steps to the piercing room, as we were on our way I told her I was feart (scared), she just said "Everyone is but its one of the least painful piercings" She gloved up etc. then sprayed chemical banana, well thats what it tasted like to numb my tongue. She clamped my tongue, pierced it and then asked me to hold the clamp! Wow that was scary, I was shaking so much I thought I'd faint. My wee tongue (not for long!) didnt even bleed and I was upstairs paying Patsy my £25. I re-lived it all the way home on the bus, well what my brain didnt block out! I just remember Patsy reassuring me all the time and telling me I was doing fine.

I was on a high that night and done piles of ironing and sat up till 2am. Maybe I would be one of the lucky ones and my tongue wouldnt swell (I had read every story on the BME site over and over again) Ha Ha never been lucky my whole life! My tongue stayed swollen for 10 days. 10 miserable days, but honestly after it gets back to normal its well worth it. I'd do it again but I'm not going to. Anyway couldn't afford all that listerine again!

Showed my mum it on the fourth day, she was not impressed at all. When I showed her she didnt have her glasses on and laughed and said "Dont be daft its a sweet on your tongue" I assured her it was pierced and at least I hadn't got a big tatoo (She hates tatoos) She said she'd rather I had got a big tatoo! As I said not impressed.

I was on holiday until the 6th day of my piercing,a recommendation I took seriously when reading all the stories on BME. Just as well as I work on a main reception desk answering the phone constantly. It was quite an effort to sound like I had a tongue at all! I kept having to repeat myself as some people just couldnt make out what I was saying. By the end of the day I was exhausted and my tongue was really sore. That was my worst day ever.

Got it downsized on the eleventh day to 16mm. Didnt feel a thing though it decided to bleed a bit. FREEDOM........Went straight to McDonalds for my first real feed for ages. The first bite was delicious the second bite and I'd swallowed half the barbell!! Straight back to the shop got it fixed up again bought a spare barbell and was reassured 10 times it was really tight this time. Told my mum that night on the phone and she said swallowing it was the best place for it. Guess it's going to take her longer than I thought to get over it!

After 5 weeks (today) I had to go back and get it downsized again as it was beginning to do funny things when I was trying to eat my spaghetti, not a pretty sight at all and it was rubbing on my gums. Patsy reckons I've got a thin tongue....yipee someone told me something about me is thin! I was downsized to a 12mm barbell. I had to thank her for her patience and she wouldn't take any payment either.(That was my 4th visit). Service with a smile :-)

If you live in Edinburgh I can highly recommend Tribe and if there is anything I've missed out or you'd like to know about please Email me: [email protected]

The outcome of it all: I love it,so does my husband (thats a whole other story!) If I can do it anyone can...Go for it and good luck X


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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