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I think tongue rings are sexy. I know, I know...some of you out there are saying right now, "eewwww" and some are saying "ahhhhhh" but the bottom line is, "I" think they're sexy regardless of what anyone says. At first sight of one, I have to admit that I was one of those people who say, "Did that hurt?" C'mon now, when having nothing pierced besides your lobes all your life, it's a common question to ask. But honestly, any needle that's gonna go through some part of your body even ears, is going to inflict some sort of pain, don't you think?

You see, I'm a 19 year old Filipino female that grew up in a family where if getting any sort of body modification we basically would be called the "devil's child". I also went to a high school that if you had anything pierced besides your ears, you would be looked at as if you were some kind of "freak" or alien from some other planet. I hated that. Everyone was so "typical" and tried to be in what their mind was "normal". But who's to say what's "normal" or not in today's teenage society. So I decided to wait until I graduated to get something pierced and no one could say anything!

Last summer I was always down in Seattle with a bunch of my close girlfriends. We would go clubbing over there because we found the people there more outgoing and open-minded. No one would be looking at you weird just because of our clothes...such as baggy pants, piercing, tattoos.... everyone was cool. People I met there in the summer had all kinds of different characteristics about them that made them appealing to me. That's when I met Jeff. Jeff and his guy friends all had piercings. Jeff has a tongue ring and that immediately caught my attention. Over where I lived, not many "Asians" had piercings. So to see all these Asians with piercing was a complete turn on for me! Also the fact that he never stopped playing with that damn thing made it kinda hard not to notice. The sound it made when he played with it against his teeth, turned me on for some odd reason. Yeah, I know, that sounds stupid but hey, some other people get turned on by weirder things but I won't get into that!

I wanted to kiss Jeff as soon as I laid eyes on him especially with that tongue ring of his. Now here's something all of you probably heard a million times about tongue rings Many people say kissing someone with a tongue ring is a whole new experience. I've only heard positive things about it. See, of course I've already had my first actual "kiss" when I was younger but to kiss someone with a tongue ring to me was like having a "first" kiss all over again. I wanted that, I wanted that "first kiss" with Jeff...

That's where "my" own piecing experience comes into the story. Being away from Seattle and all the cool people there drove me and my best friend Marie crazy. Marie also had this love for tongue rings since then. We tried to find some people with tongue rings where we lived but we only found a few and even the people who did have them, weren't the same as the people we met down in the states. It was like they were afraid to show it off!

Finally, Marie and I decided to get our tongues pierced. We went around different places downtown and found out how much it would cost and the procedures. We ended up going to a small place downtown that did it and the piercing lady seemed really nice on the phone. Now first impressions are very important for me when meeting someone who's going to do something to your body. You know what I'm saying! So my initial feeling was really good so it seemed safe to check out the place for ourselves.

When we drove down there we brought our guy friend Rob for support and just to squeeze his arm when the needle goes through our tongues! When we first drove past there, we saw this big guy with dog chains around his necks and big spiky blue hair, we were then thinking, " OH HELL NO" but we couldn't just back down now. We would regret it later, so we went inside.

Black leather.....whips......dog chains......that's what we saw when we walked in. Can you just picture our faces walking in there? We've never been to a store like that before, it was a whole new experience for us. We were happy to find out that the big guy with spiky blue hair was just another customer getting something pierced, sorry I don't know what he did but that's OKAY! I looked at him and he gave me this big smile and for some reason. It made me feel more comfortable. We met the piercing lady, her name was Cindy. She was really nice and experienced. She had her tongue ring for 3 years and some other piercings also that she loved. She asked us for ID because I guess Marie and I looked young since we're both short. You have to be 19 to have anything besides your ears pierced here unless you have your parents consent. We showed her our IDs and then we made us sign a bunch of papers and pay the $60.00 Canadian for the piercing and the jewelry.

Marie and I both chose to get a 14 gauge and ¾ . You should see some of the gauges, I'm surprised some people would get something that big in their mouth! With our signatures done, we know that there was no turning back. Cindy then gave us two white cups with some sort of solution inside and placed our jewelry inside the cups. She told us to bring it with us to the waiting room and handed us some aftercare sheets. This is very important!

We sat in the waiting room and looked at the various "interesting" pictures on the wall of different people's piercings. I was beginning to get nervous again. My so called "brave" friend Marie, was saying, "Oh I'll go first, I'm not scared". Rob was giving her high fives and laughing. We all when in the room when Cindy called us in. One look at the black chair with "straps" that we had to sit in, Marie pushed me in front of her. So much for bravery. So I went first..

Cindy told me to rinse Listerine in my mouth for 2 minutes first as I sat on that scary chair. It was the normal yellow Listerine that tasted NASTY! As I was rinsing, I couldn't help but feel like I was in some kind of scary movie just looking at those straps at the bottom of the chair. After I spit it out, my tongue felt kind of tingly and numb. I felt like that was good! Cindy got on her gloves and was taking out a new package of these "clamps", a "big needle" and an elastic band. She wrapped the elastic around the middle of the clamps. The thing that made me feel comfortable about Cindy is that she has a really nice calm voice and she acted really cool about it. Didn't make me feel nervous at all. She asked me to stick out my tongue so she could see how far my tongue could come out. My tongue is not that long so she had to pierce it more to the tip of my tongue so it would be in the right position. Anymore to the center and it could hit something else! And we wouldn't want any of that! So she took the clamp and put it on the tip of my tongue. She said, in a second I'm going to have a needle in your mouth ( in this really calming voice ) and I need for you to keep your tongue out of your mouth at all times, it's very important that you do so.

She took the needle and poked It though.....surprise surprise, I barely felt a thing. It was like a small poke! I was so relieved. As she had the needle in my tongue, she took out the clamp and told me to keep my tongue out as she got the barbell ready to put through my hole. At this time, a never ending waterfall of my drool was falling down my bib that she made me wear. My friends, were laughing at me but it was okay because I knew I would have my chance when Marie was up next. Sitting there with this big needle in your tongue was a feeling I've never felt before. It was kinda cool but the drool made me feel like a little kid again or something. She took the barbell and placed it through the new hole and screwed the balls into place. WALA! It was done! My "brave" friend, Marie was next.

She told us to Listerine again and she explained the information on aftercare. She said it's important not to get any bacteria or germs near the piercing for 2 months until it's completely healed. That meant no kissing, no going down on someone, no sharing joints unless you're the first to smoke. She told us to Listerine after every time we eat or smoke or some kind of accidental contamination. And ALWAYS wash your hands before touching it.

The next 3 days was hell for me. I thought the hard part was over but I was wrong. My tongue immediately swelled up that night and I couldn't eat a thing. It took me 3 hours to try and eat a bowl of noodle soup. I found a good technique to eat your food. Listen closely: Tilt your head to the side, chew a little and then tilt your head back and swallow. It takes time and you look stupid eating in public but it's worth it! I told Marie about my technique and we both used it. Also for the first few weeks be careful eating your food especially stuff like chips because your ball can get between your teeth and you can accidentally bite down on it. If you bite down on it hard enough you can chip your tooth! So just be careful until you get used to it. I had buckets of ice with me everyday and all I ate was ice and soup for a week. I took lots of Advil. I was popping them in like candy, my mom told me to stop taking so much but it just made all the pain go away! But seriously you shouldn't be taking them too much. For example, my tongue was hurting one morning that week and right when I woke up I took an Advil without eating. DAMN was I wrong! I felt dizzy and like I was going to throw up. Always make sure you have some food before taking Advil. It will definitely upset your stomach. Listerine and advil were my best friends for that week. After a week, the swelling was gone but it still hurt when I played with it. After a month, I could play with it and it didn't hurt at all , it felt really good actually and really addicting. It's hard not playing with this thing at first!

After a few weeks It felt much better and it was so much fun showing it off to people! I remember going to the mall and I was just playing with it. Eventually you don't even realize you are anymore. Anyway, 3 different guys saw me and just stuck out their tongues to reveal their tongue rings! It was like we all this sort of bond or connection with our piercings!

I got to downsize my barbell to 5/8. It felt MUCH better. It's like it's not even there! I also got a glow in the dark ball for clubs and stuff. Grabs lots of attention from others, I suggest it for all you clubbers out there. And I also got an atom tickler to add to the top ball. "WOW" is all I gotta say when you got that thing in your mouth. I bought a clear ball the other day for work and last week my own mom bought be a blue jewel one! How sweet of her, she finally accepted this.

I HIGHLY suggest getting a tongue ring for all you readers out there. If your scared of your people looking at you funny, you really shouldn't care what people think BUT if you still do, then a tongue piercing is good because most people don't even notice you have one until you show them. Here's a little secret, my whole family knows about my tongue piercing expect for my Dad! It's been around 8 months now and he still doesn't know so there's proof for you!

Oh yeah to end my story, if any of you are still wondering if I got to kiss Jeff from Seattle and find out how it feels like to kiss someone with a tongue ring.....well I haven't seen him since the summer but with summer again coming around the corner. This time I can go down there and now with "my" own tongue ring......I can finally have that "first kiss".

If any of you have any questions, or comments about tongue piercing or my story feel free to email me. I'll be more to get you back! What's next you ask? First my "first" tattoo then maybe an eyebrow ring!

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