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Happily pierced!

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Its been exactly 4 weeks and 4 days since I got my tongue pierced on March 31, 1999. Honestly, so far it is the most amazing thing I could have ever done. It's my new best friend...well, besides a few, setbacks. Here's what happened the day of my piercing......

OK, I went to class, and I was totally normal, No crazy ideas of getting my

Like magic, I decide to get my tongue pierced. I looked in the phone book for places to get it done. One place wanted $75 bucks to do it, that was too much. Another wanted $45, I was a bit leery about that one because it was so cheap. And the last place would do it for $60, just right. I decided on Big Joe's tattooing in Yonkers New York.

So, there I was, money in hand, driving my car down to where I work to get my best friend Jaime to come with me. I jumped out of the car and basically took her hostage. We had to go like right now, before I lost the nerve.

I drove to Big Joe's and I was so excited. I could barely drive, I was all over the road. I pulled into the parking lot and I was literally shaking. We went inside and I talked to the guy behind the desk. He asked me for my ID, (in NY you have to be 18 to get it done, I'm 19 luckily), and he made me sign a consent thingy. I had to wait for him to pierce some other guys tongue. I was timing him to see how long I would have to endure the pain, etc. This guy before me took like 15 mins, so I was totally freaking out. After he was done, the piercer guy, I forgot his name, came and got me. I wasn't allowed to bring Jaime into the room with me. I was really scared now. I sat down in this chair that looked like the kind they have in a dentist office and watched him open up a new clamp. I started to freak a tiny bit at this point. He took it out and wrapped a rubber band around it to keep it tight. He asked me if I was ready and I said yes. He told me that the clamp would hurt more then anything and I was like uh, great, just do it. He told me stick out my tongue, he dried it off with a paper towel and as instinct would have it, I stuck my tongue back in my mouth, making it wet again. The piercer guy was like "Uh, no you have to keep your tongue out." I was sooooo nervous! So, after I was dry he told me to shove my tongue into the clamp, as far as I could, I have a perverted mind, so I started to laugh. He told me to try and keep still. He pulled on the clamp to make sure everything was all aligned. I was fine. So far... As soon as I realized that he was going to stick the needle through my poor tongue with his own hand, and not some kind of thing, like what they would use to pierce your ear, I started to get scared. With the clamp on my tongue I tried to tell him that I couldn't do this anymore, but he told me that I could. I saw him getting the needle ready and I closed my eyes. I don't know why but I just couldn't have my eyes open. I was drooling all over the place. He said the he wasn't doing anything yet but he'd tell me when he was. Like a second later he said, "OK, I'm gonna put the needle in... NOW" POOF!!! it was done, I felt a push and a pinch and i actually said Owwuuch... but it was no big deal. I kept my eyes closed until he said that I was done. I was SO excited!

I paid him, gave him a $5 tip, and I left, bouncing out the door! He gave me a care sheet and told me to buy listerine and Glyoxide. I was totally thrilled although I was already swollen.

I went to CVS and spent another $15 on the listerine and the glyoxide stuff, which I was supposed to use twice a day in the morning and at night. When I went home I tried to eat peas and carrots, but It didn't work, so I decided to just starve for a while. I was drinking tons of water because my mouth was so dry. Four weeks later, it still gets dry, but not as much.

It only took me three entire days to go back to eating normally, but the swelling didn't go down for almost six days. I didn't have too much pain, but my tongue felt tired and stiff if I talked or ate too much. My tongue changed colors the first few days. It was white and then yellow, but its finally a nice healthy pink. I also had the pussy stuff going on too. I still kinda do, but I clean it off with a q-tip dipped in listerine. It tastes very metalicy, but besides that everything is gread! The only problem I have is that on the bottom of my tongue there is this weird looking white bump. Some people said that it's kinda like a scab and its a good sign of my piercing healing properly and that its going to go away, others said that I'm doomed and its gonna be there forever. I'm a little worried about this and if it doesn't change somehow soon I'm going to go back to the piercer and have him look at it.

So, my mom doesn't care about it, my boyfriend hates it, but he hasn't seen it yet because he's away (BUBYE) at school, and my boss was like WHY DID YOU DO THAT?? I work with little kids in kindergarten, and this one girl keeps asking me why I have braces on my tongue! Its great and I love sticking my tongue out at scrubs who try to talk to me while I'm stuck in traffic.

I can't wait for it to get totally better, and I can't wait to use it if ya know what I mean, i'm dying to kiss someone,ANYONE...So, I'm trying to make the most of it while I have it, because when my boyfriend comes home from school, i have to take it out...when made a deal. :-) hehehe

Michelle Mich16F@hotmail.com


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on: 01 May 1999
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