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16M from Seattle Peirced

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Well, i dont know what exactly made me decide to get my tongue peirced. I am your average 16 year old from Issaquah, WA. Issaquah is a suburb of seattle. I am not at all the kind of person to get their tongue peirced. I wear almost all Abercrombie and Fitch, and Nautica, etc. But it kinda worked out because a lot of the kinda girls i like think that the tongue ring is sexy, and i know they were using their imaginations some.

I talk to my mom about it first and she did not like the idea one bit. She told me to talk to my dad. When i told him i had decided he thought i was an idiot. I told him i was gonna call a doctor first and ask him how safe it was. That made my dad really happy that i was showing maturity so he said if a doctor says its ok then go for it. So i called my doctor. He told me that there was all these risks and infections and stuff. He didnt sound much like he was telling me an honest opinion because he said that i would lose sense of taste and other things. He gave me quite a biast opinion. Then he asked me if i was really going to do it. I told him after the info he gave me there was no way i would. I told my mom that the doctor said it was pretty safe and about 45 mins later i left and picked up my girlfirend's friend and we were off for seattle. I even had a permission slip from my mom and she said she would wait at home incase the place was gonna call. My friend who had his tongue peirced gave me a buisness card for this place called "The Laughing Buda". I went there and they were a real stick in the ass. They said i had to have the parent actually with me. I was kinda ticked. We tried about 3 other places and they all said the same. I didn't wanna go to a low rent place because i wanted this done by someone who knew what they were doing. I did not get it done that day and i was really bummed.

I called this place in another city by me called "Kirkland Skin Care". They said all they had to do was talk to my mom on the phone and verify that it was OK. Well that happened and on wednesday i went in to get stabbed. I took a friend of mine with me, its a good thing he was stranded without a car that day cause i didnt wanna go alone.

So i walk into the place, It was nothing like a peircing place. It was actually a place for permanent cosmetics. There was a nice waiting room, and a cookoo clock collection on the wall. It was a very nice place. The lady was kinda weird but really friendly. She talked to me for about about this and that and she told me to sit down. There was this big leather dentist chair, and then there was the folding chair. She had me sit in the folding chair, I felt kinda jipped. So i did and then she told me a lot of peopel say it isnt that bad. I was still shaking but not too bad because i had been expecting this for 2 weeks. She puts on rubber gloves and has me rinse with some listerine. Then she gave me some ibprofen and said it would help with the swelling.

It was time. I asked her about the clamps and she said she didnt like to use clamps so just hold still (EASIER SAID THAN DONE LADY!!!). She says that she is gonna put a cork on top of my tongue and then count to 4 and slide it through. She puts a kleenex around the back of my tongue and grabs on. I could taste the rubber gloves. i started breathing deep. She starts counting.... 1... POP!. My eyes shoot open. she says "your done, your done" in a soothing way. Im sitting there with a needle about 2 inches in front of my face. My friend asks me if im ok while she searches for the barbell. I give him the thumbs up. i was surprised that i had drooled at all like everyone else said. then she slid the barbell in i think, im not sure but it pinched a bit. The she screwed the top on. I stood up and started moving.

She sat me down into the nice leather chair. she said to relax for a minute. i didnt know why, then it hit my like a ton of bricks. I got really dizzy and i felt like i was gonna puke. I felt this way for about 5 mins. I was almost sure i would have to have my friend drive home. But i was fine later. then i started to talk with her again for about 15 mins. Then as i was walking out she goes "that will be 65 dollars". OOOOOPs. I almost forgot to pay her!. Then i payed her and felt like a cheap ass cause i had not a dollor to tip her. She gave me an aftercare sheet. and i was really grateful to have a bar through my tongue. That day i talked a lot and played with it a lot and it swelled up.

Day 2

Woke up with the tongue still swollen but i couldn't eat cause i was too afraid of biting the bar. SO i ate slim fast and rinsed with pure listerine after every one. I also used some gly oxide some and took zinc supplements.

Day 3

Ate some solid food today ever so slowly and very careful. When i bit the bar it hurt like a bitch. Still swollen and still sux. The swelling hasnt gone down at all. Starting to hate slim fast. But im still talking way too much and playing with it too much.

Day 4.

So i would chew carefully. And it was really hard cause the tongue would hurt after eating a few bites. Talking has never really been a problem but my tongue starts to get tired if I talk too much.

Day 5.

Finally the swelling starts to go down. i can eat pretty well now but still swollen. Tomorrow i go back to school from our spring break and i get to show everyone. I knew i was gonna get a lot of shit at school.

Day 6

Monday today and i tried to keep it a secret but one person noticed and then everyone found out. I was so surprised how little shit i got from different people. The people that i thought were gonna give me shit actually thought it was kinda cool. And the swelling has gone down more but i still have to rinse and i can eat slowly but for a while.

Day 7.

Today i realized i should start watering down the listerine cause i was getting the dent in my tongue around the ball. so i watered it.

From then on.

I can eat just fine now and i have even taken the bar out 2 times and put it right back in. im still using watered down listerine and im starting to build up quite an addiction. Its kinda annoying carrying around a bottle of listerine but its fun now because after everytime i rinse i spit it on some freshman. Its like an ongoing joke.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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