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Will my tongue fall out?

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Will my tongue fall out? That is the question that has been on my mind for the last week. It all started about six months ago when I started my new job at a restaurant. A beautiful girl Joanne, who works there, told me one day she has a tongue ring. She stuck out her tongue and I was shocked (and intrigued) to see a silvery barbell sticking out of her soft pink tongue. She told me that she's had it for four years, and she loves it. Well ever since that day, I've been seriously thinking about getting my tongue done. I've always been interested in getting a tongue ring, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would actually get it done.

While working at my job over the next few months, two more girls, Nikki and Michelle, got their tongues pierced. As each one got their tongues pierced, more and more questions were asked, by me: "Did it hurt?", "Do you regret it?", "Can you eat normally?", "Would you recommend it to anyone?", etc. The more questions I asked, the more excited I became - I wanted my tongue pierced!! I talked to my boyfriend Russ, and his brother Brian, and they both told me not to get my tongue pierced. Brian said it looks dumb, and it's an immature thing to do. That discouraged me a bit, but not enough to stop me from getting it done.

As more time went on, I really started to get eager about getting my tongue done. I finally decided to get it done. I was advised to take a few days off of work, so the swelling would go down a bit. I decided to get it done the day before I'm going to Disney World (April 28th, 1999), so I'd have a week to heal. But last Saturday (April 10th), I was working with Nikki and I just wanted my tongue pierced now!!!! Nikki made an appointment at 4:30pm at Tatarama with Blair, for me. I wanted her to come with me, but she couldn't. I was advised that Blair is the BEST piercer in Toronto, and that he makes you feel very relaxed. I figured he must be good considering everyone from my work goes to him for their piercings. So after my shift I went and saw my friends and told them about my adventure today. They tried to scare the shit out of me ( the pain ) and wished me well. I wasn't really nervous at all, maybe because it was happening all so fast. I went and ate a burger, and chewed some gum (I didn't want my breath to smell) before I went to see Blair.

I walked into Tatarama, and that's when I started to feel nervous. I felt sick, sweaty, and shaking. Blair was very nice, he asked if I was nervous. He led me into his room, where I sat down on a chair up against a wall. He talked about what he was going to do, how it would feel. He was extremely detailed as to the aftercare, and how to deal with an infection. I signed a piece of paper and was on my way to getting my tongue done!! I rinsed with Listerine, and then Blair looked at my tongue, making sure everything was all right. He told me the right side of my tongue is bigger than my left side (embarrassing). He made a mark on both sides of my tongue and asked if this is where I wanted it. I said it was fine, I mean how am I supposed to know where it should go? (By the way he wore gloves the whole time). He took the clamp and placed it on my tongue, all I have to say is that was SO painful. Next he put the needle in, and that's when all this saliva came pouring out of my mouth and on to my chest. I didn't notice a hollow needle or anything like that, it happened all so fast. The next thing I knew was that I had my long desired tongue ring!!! I rinsed my mouth out and thanked Blair. In total I spent $75, tip included (of course!).

I drove to work and showed some people that I actually got it done. I went home, and got ready to go out for Japanese! My mouth was in a considerable amount of pain, but I didn't care. Well dinner didn't go to well, I shoved some rice into my mouth and drank some soup. I sucked on some ice and went to bed.

Sunday April 11

I was in so much pain today I couldn't talk, eat, or sleep. My ears and my throat ached. I knew something was wrong. I tried to get a hold of Blair, but he wasn't working today. I didn't eat anything really. I slept and drank cold water.

Monday April 12

I'm still in tons of pain. I went to the doctor and he says my tongue is infected. I was given oral antibiotics and told to take the ring out (he's really against tongue piercings and he said I lose my tongue). I went to Blair and asked if I had to take it out, he said no. I bought some Amason by Oral B and took my antibiotics. I ate some mushed up "Zoodles" pasta, very slowly. I took some Advil, drank ice water and slept.

[Note: Doctors seem to often make the statement that piercings are infected when they are not, and even prescribe unhealthy drugs when they are not needed. Consult your piercer -- they have more experience. - Shannon]

Tuesday April 13

I'm starting to feel much better. The swelling is still really bad, but everything is starting the heal a bit. I ate soup, popsicles, and drank lots of water.

Saturday April 17

My swelling is gone, and I can eat virtually anything. Most of my pain is gone, except for the fact that my ear still aches. I love my piercing and I will do anything not to get rid of it. I'm going back to the doctor and to see Blair to check if everything is okay on Tuesday. Russ, my boyfriend, loves my piercing, he say's it's very sexy and discreet as well. I would recommend anyone to do it, but if you think something is wrong, go to the doctor or your piercier a.s.a.p. I really hope my ear stops aching, and that my tongue is just fine, because I don't want to lose my tongue!

If you have any questions or if you just want to talk e-mail me at [email protected]



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