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Short tongues can be pierced!!

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Hey, my story is kinda confusing. I had to go through sooo much trouble to get my tongue pierced. It was all worth it, but it was a big hassle! Here's my story...hope it is of help to anyone who wants to pierce their tongue:

I'm a 15 year old girl from California, and I'm really not the type of person that you would see walking into a piercing studio or a tattoo parlour. I never once thought that I would want to pierce my tongue, but about 7 months ago, one of my good friends "Casper" got his tongue pierced. I kinda thought that it would be cool to do, but heh, ya right, my parents would never let me get it done. I let that idea slip my mind, and I didnt talk about it again, until my ex boyfriend got his tongue pierced. It was in the beginning of January...and one day he called me up and said, "Angela, I need to show you something tomorrow at school!" So...that next day, he stuck his tongue out, and it was pierced! WOW, I was surprised!! It looked dope, and I was kinda mad that we werent together anymore, but oh well! A few weeks later he came over, and we kissed, (probably just because he wanted to see what I thought about his tongue ring, which was fine cause...) I LOVED IT! It felt sooo...COOL, it was wierd, but I liked it a lot! I told some of my friends that I wanted mine done. I didnt actually start bugging my parents until March. About 2 weeks before my school's spring break. I stared with my mom. I said something to her about doing it one night, and she was trippin. (I was thinking, great, I'll never get it done, my mom thinks it's nasty) My mom, along with many other adults, think that tongue piercings are used for oral sex. It's true, a lot of people do use it for that, but NOT ME...I just wanted it because I liked how kissing was with it, and it looked awesome too. I went online and I searched about it, the procedure and the things that could go wrong...the whole nine yards. I'm happy that I found this site, because it was of so much help to me. Anyways, after about 3 weeks of begging my parents, and letting them know everything that I knew about tongue piercing, they said OK! (I kinda tricked them though, I told my mom that if she didnt take me to do it, I would find someone to take me to take me to get it done, cause in California, you have to be 18 with ID, or 16 with a parent...and I'm not even 16 yet!)

I called the two tattoo parlours that also do piercings in my town. At one, PSYCHO CITY, you had to be 18, with no acceptions. So..that was out of mind. I called the other one, GYPSEE'S, and they said that you could be 16 with a parent. My mom and I decided that we would go on April 5th. My mom came home from work at about 12:30, and she was sooo scared about taking me. She really didnt want me to get this done, I insisted that everything would be okay. We went and picked up my friend Genni, (who was also wanting to pierce her tongue) and next we went to pick up my friend "Casper" and his uncle John who was going to sign for Gen. We drove to Gypsee's and I was soooo nervous! We pulled up to the parking lot, and I said, "THIS IS IT!?" The ouside of this place looked disgusting! There were dead plants in the window. The outside appearence of this place made me not want to go inside. (I heard from friends who pierced their tongue's the this place, that it was kinda dirty, and the people there were nasty looking. I didnt care though, I just wanted my tongue pierced.) I walked inside, and went up to the man at the counter. He asked me what I needed and I said that I wanted to pierce my tongue. He saked me if I was 16, and I told him that I was. My mom let him know that she was my guardian. I was soooo scared to do this, I didnt actually think that I would ever do it! I had a problem, so I asked him about it. My tongue is really small, and the webbing (the piece of skin that is connected underneath your tongue, its kinda hard to describe) was about an inch away from the tip of my tongue. I DIDNT want my piercing too close up to the tip. He asked to see it, and he told me that it was really marginal, and he didnt know if the piercer (Gypsee) would be able to do it. He went to the back and got her, ewwww....this lady was wierd. She had tattoos all over her arms that were smeared looking, she had piercings in her arms, and she just looked dirty. She asked to see my tongue and she told me that she wouldnt be able to do it because it would be un-safe. I was pissed off. I left the place sooo mad! I wanted to cry, I didnt think that it was fair because my mom had finally said YES, and now, I couldnt get it done. (Genni couldnt do her's either because her tongue was also short) We begged my mom to take us to Venice Beach, which is about an hour and a half away from our town. She said that it was too late to go down there because by the time we got there it would be about 3:30, and we werent even sure if they would do it. I went home and CRIED AND CRIED!! I was soo upset. I called a tattoo place called HOUSE OF TATTOOS in Venice and I told the piercer named Siyan my problem in tears. I asked her about short tongues and she said that there IS a way to pierce them. She was very professional, and very nice, she knew exactly what she was talking about, and she made me feel soo much better. I felt so comfortable with her because she was also a Registered Nurse. She let me know that she wouldnt be working again until Thursday, April 8th, so she recommended that I came in then, so she could check out my tongue. So....I had to wait 3 days until I could try this again.

YAY...Piercing Day!!

I woke up at 10:00, very anxious yet very nervous about going down to Venice. I got ready, and had time to kill before my mom got home from work, again at 12:30. I called my friend Mike and he sure did know how scared I was to go do this. I tried to stay pretty busy before my mom came home...I watched T.V. and fell asleep for about 20 minutes. I heard the garage door open at 12:35 or so, and we were off to Venice. On the way, we stopped to eat, (my last meal for a lonnng time, well I thought) I chose Taco Bell. We finally arrived in Venice at around 2:15. LOL We couldnt find the parking lot, but asking people sure does help! We walked along the strip, trying to find HOUSE OF TATTOOS. (I had heard that Venice was dirty also, but it actually wasnt bad at all) We passed about 4 tattoo parlors before we came to "the one". I was 100 X more nervous than I was before, I was actually having second thoughts. (It looked very clean from the outside, and it was much more clean from the inside) I was reluctant to go up to the desk, I finally did, with a very worried look on my face. I told Siyan who I was, and she rememberd me. I stuck my tongue out for her, after taking out the huge wad of gum I had in my mouth. She said that it was fine, and she would be able to do it. I was sooo happy! I was being kinda chicken and I was walking around the parlour. She showed me a few different bar bells. I found one that I liked, it was a reg. 3/4, 14 guage bar bell with clear balls on it. She showed me the bar that she was going to pierce my tongue with, it was wierd looking. It looked a little like a nail. The top was flat and the bottom was a regular ball. I waited about 10 more mintues for my friend Cassandra, who was meeting me and my mom up there, she was going to pierce her belly button. She came and I showed her the bar I was getting pierced with. She picked out her ring, and she picked a lavender bead (very cute). Okay, I had to go get ice (for afterwards) and I had to get a disposable camera. We took picturs of our tongue and belly button before the procedures.


I went in the back and I sat down in a chair, after Siyan heard my wining and crying about how scared I was, she gave me a hug and told me that it was all gonna be okay. She told me to rinse out my mouth with half of the mouth wash (listerine) that was in the cup. I rinsed for about a minute or two, and I spit it into the trash can beside the chair. She told me to stick out my tongue and I did. She wiped it off with a paper towel and looked at it. She made a mark with a black permanent marker. She told me to go show my mom, and see if the mark was okay. My mom said OK, and I went back and sat in the chair. Siyan changed her gloves again, and said, "Okay, you ready?!" I was soooo nervous by this time...I felt like I was going to pee my pants. I asked her if she had anything I could hold on to, because I was soo tense. I asked her for a teddy bear, she didnt exactly have that, but she did go to the front and got a tattoo artist to come hold my hand. He was nice! So I grabbed his hand, closed my eyes, stuck out my tongue, and she did her thing. She explained what she was doing, so I would know, and I wouldnt be as scared. First she clamped my tongue, that didnt hurt at all. Some people say that it does, but I didnt feel any kind of pain. She said, "Okay, youre done!" She had already pierced it. I felt a little pinch when the needle was going through my tongue, but it was soo quick, I really didnt have time to care that much about it. I felt her putting the bar through, and next I felt her screwing the ball on. I wasnt breathing by this time, and the tattooist said, "Come on, BREATH, BREATH!!" LOL (He was cute) I opend my eyes, and looked at Siyan, I stuck my tongue back in my mouth and I was like WOAH!! It felt really weird. I rinsed again with the rest of the mouth wash and then I gave her a High Five! I did it! I was sooo proud of myself! No blood or anything. I went to the front, and showed my tongue to my mom, Cassandra, and her dad. Cassandra was laughing, she couldnt believe that I did it. :o) She did her belly button, and it looks dope! I paid for the piercing and the bar with the clear balls, and we were going to head home now.

Days 1-4

On the way home from Venice I had a cup of water, a smoothie and some ice. The smoothie was hard to drink because the strawberry seeds were getting stuck on my tongue and it was making me mad. When I got home, I rinsed with Listerine, put Gly-Oxide on my tongue (helps a lot) and drank lots of water. I called some friends, and some of them couldnt even tell that I did it. My speech wasnt too impaired. I had a hard time saying S's but it wasnt that bad. I had some yogurt for dinner...wasnt to hard to eat.

I woke up the next morning and my tongue hurt a little, I took some tylenol, and did my ritual, rinse and gly-oxide. I ate apple sauce for breakfast. For lunch I had a piece of bread with butter on it, and for dinner I had a hot dog. See....I was getting good already. I rinsed my mouth religously, probably about 10 times a day, and all I drank was ice water. Talking a little funny still.

Saturday morning...woke up, took some more tylenol, did my ritual, ate some eggs for breakfast, and was off to the mall with my mom. We ate lunch there, and I tried to eat McDonalds. That was kinda hard, but I did it okay. I had some Pizza for dinner from Pizza Hut, (Genni works there) I picked it up and saw her pierced tongue, she got it done that day. I was happy! Rinsed before bed, slept good! Talking better now. Sunday morning...woke up, ate home made waffles, yummy! I didnt eat anything for lunch, just drank some water...felt good! I had some left over pizza for dinner. Everything is doing fine! Speech, even better. I went to bed, and couldnt sleep well, I was soo excited about showing everyone at school.

My tongue started to puss every once in a while, I just brought q-tips to clean it off at school. I showed people, and they thought that the bar looked wierd. They all thought that it was on backwards. LOL....NOOOO!! They liked it over all though. I had a mess of people coming up to me all day, asking to see it. My speech was good by now. :o)

Now, it has been about a week and a half since I've gotten it done. I didnt swell the whole time. The pussing stopped today, and I changed my bar bell. Now I have the one with the clear balls in. I like it better, it's a little shorter and it's not poking into the roof of my mouth.

I stongly recommend this piercing to anyone who wants to do it! It's awesome! I cant wait to kiss with it though. I have to wait until thursday. (I have a guy who wants me to try it out on him first) We'll see!! :o) If you get it done, get gly-oxide, it helps a lot! If you have any questions, e-mail me... [email protected]


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on: 01 May 1999
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