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Nervous for Nothing!!! 13 and Pierced

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K, well, a little about me.... I will start off by telling U that I am a 13 year old female from Oregon.  I don't look like the type to have a tongue piercing until I open my mouth. I get good grades but I am not a prep. I had wanted a facial piercing (other than the 6 holes in my ears) but wasn't sure wether I wanted my eyebrow pierced or my tongue pierced. So, I started off by asking everyone at school, well, that was a great success. Half of the people said eyebrow and half the people said tongue. So, it was fully up to me to decided, no ones opinion sort of mattered now. It didn't take that long, I just woke up one morning and decided on my tongue, that was it. Now.....I started doing some research and came across bme. Bme helped out a lot. I read through all of the bme tongue piercing experiences, which gave me an idea of what to expect.  Then I looked through every picture. Yup......... now I defiantly want my tongue pierced. Next step, I figured that since I have done enough research (anywhere from 2-4 hours on bme each night for about month or more) that it was time to bring up the subject with my mom............I could only hope for a yes but I pretty much  knew she would say no. My mom isn't isn to stuff like that she only has her ears pierced 3 times (1 on one ear and 2 on the other) and she has never even thought about anything more. I knew this would be the tough part. The first time I asked she laughed and took it as a joke, well, I wasn't anywhere near joking....I was serious.......I really badly wanted my tongue pierced. I had done research for about a month and that only makes U want it worse than when U started. Well.....I talked to her again and I repeatedly told her everything I knew (which was a lot thanx to bme).  But she told me "no" every time. Until she told me we were gonna move, that was it! I told her if we were gonna move I wanted to get my tongue pierced (or else I wasn't gonna move).......please. But we later found out we weren't moving........geeezzzz, that messed up everything, I knew she was about to say yes.....well, back to begging. K, well.......I told her everything. I told her what would happen afterwards and how I had to take care of it etc. etc.  She was now getting used to the idea that I just wasn't gonna give up..... so after a month and a half of bagging she gave in and said yes. I was so excited!!!!!

Next step.......I had to find a place to go....I was looking for a sanitary "down to earth" type of place. I didn't want anything with black lights(even though I love black lights) and flahing lights (which I like too) that looked sort of gothic or freakish. Great, well, that was really the only type of place we had around here with a few exceptions of some dirty places. Thats just wonderful. The only "down to earth" sorta place around here  I didn't want to go to because it has infected a few of my friends and I wasn't gonna take any chances with my tongue. That was a problem......I had no clue where to go.......ok back to bme. I knew that spring break was the next week and I would be going to Seattle. So I figured that I should find somewhere in Seattle to go....I looked around at the places that people mentioned and I found Golden Bodyrings in Seattle.......that worked out great!!!! I looked into Golden Bodyrings, everything I heard was good. So, even though I hadn't seen this place I decided to trust what others had said and go for it.

Ok, we were off to Seattle.........................When we got there the seconed night my mom called and made an appointment, I stood next to her while she called anxious to know when I was gonna go......I figured somewhere in the next couple days........lol....boy was I wrong, I was going that night on March 18, at 6:30 to be exact. Omigod!!!!! I was so excited, I could hardly hold it in, I was laughing so much, a little to hyper I guess. It seemed to take forever  for time to pass but at 6:15 we left. My mom didn't know that b4 U get your tongue U r supposed to have something to eat (or at least u should) uh oh, that was a mistake....but o well. The whole way there, which wasn't that  far from The Sheridan Towers (where we were staying), my mom was trying to talk me out of it, but that wasn't gonna work. Even though I had butterflies in my stomach......I was not even close to backing out of it now....not after all of that begging.   We walked in and met my piercer (whose name I already knew from my research), Kurtis. He was really nice. This place was really clean and exactly what I wanted, non-freakinsh and "down to earth". He had driftwood, arrowheads and what not. He showed us some things he had found then asked me to look at the barbells. While I looked at the barbells my mom signed a form say ing she was my mom and I also had to sign. He showed which barbell he would use first. Then we went into the back room for the piercing......o my gosh, at this point I was extremely nervous...but why, I had no clue. My mom was still trying to talk me out of it. Nope, it was not gonna work. I started to swish the listerine....YuK!!! it was the yellow kind. You have to swish with listerine for a full minute wich doesn't seem that bad until U actuallu get it in your mouth. Then it feels like it is eating away at the inside of your mouth. K, when that was over I sat down and he wiped off my tongue and made a dot on the top (and on the bottom)and he had me make sure it was in a good place. Yeah, that was fine....... K, now I had to lay down and he put that clamp on my tongue which was nothing, no matter what anyone says believe me, it doesn't even pinch. K, I knew he was gonna pierce my tongue now. I had my eyes open....I looked at my mom, who was disgusted, my brother who was sucking on a sucker and could have cared less, and my friend who watched closly to see what was going on, then he told me to take a deep breath and let it out slowly, I looked up and saw a sun goddess as I inhaled,which sorta took my mind off of everything and then I looked in front of me as I was just begining to exhale and I saw a pretty big, hollow needle.....because I don't like seeing needles I closed my eyes quickly anticipaiting lots of pain, ok.......I sorta waited...then I felt a slight pich....I thought he had just started to push the needle through but in fact he had just finished the piercing. Woah......he had pierced my tongue and put the barbell through before I even knew he had begun. Well, I just layed there for a minute thinking...."o my god!! I actually have my tongue pierced" Then I got up and looked in the mirror, no blood at all. It looked great! I was nervous for nothing.

The piercing went fine, afterwards he gave me cleaning instructions and explained them to me. Then we went out to dinner, like I said b4 uh oh......I couldn't tell he difference between the food and the barbell, so I just drank water (not through a straw) and had jello.  That was how it was for the next few days, Jello, pudding, liquids, oh, and pizza was really easy to eat. At one point in the next day I tryed eating a bite of a sandwich and ended up bringing it back to the hotel. It took me all day to finish half of the sandwich. But owell. I had planned on my tongue swelling quite a bit, but luckily my tongue never swelled, not at all. It was a bit sore on the bottom though. Other than that my tongue never hurt and I haven't had any problems with it.  I can honestly say that the listerine was the worst part of the whole experience.  I also reccomend Golden Bodyrings in Seattle Washington to everyone getting a piercing.  Kurtis is really nice and the place itself reminds me of a doctors office, it is very very very clean. ohhh, and my mom is actually getting used to piercings, she doesn't have a preoblem with them anymore after realizing it doesn't change your personality (which I tried explaining to her time and time again).

I warn anyone getting a piercing for the first time, piercings get addicting. I adore my tongue ring. Since then I have pierced my nose and my ears a  few more times and this summer I am going back to Seattle to get my eyebrow pierced. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

K, well, I have written a lot, I know. So, if U have any questions or comments feel free to write me at [email protected]

LuV AlWaYz Annah


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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