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Boy, was my mum pissed...

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Well, I had been thinking about a piercing for a long time, in the beginning just getting one would make me happy. For a long time I was really scared of the needle, and as always I was scared of what pain I might had suffer...

Then, the thing that made it all seem closer and more real happened, I got a new boyfriend, and he had been thinking about a piercing too.

Soooo, we talked and talked...and finally we decided that we wanted our tongues pierced! We wanted to hear that clicking sound when we kissed and we liked the thought of sex with our soon to be new toys!

It took a while to decide when we wanted it, but we decided that mid-December would be okay, because he had to go away for some time, and it would be better if the time we were healing was the time we were apart!

The big day came, he had made an appointment at half past five, and I was eating all the things I normally love to eat, because I had heard horrorstories of people who couldn't eat anything else but soup for days! So while walking I was eating muffins and candy, both to calm my nerves and to have my "last supper"!

We arrived right on time, and I was almost shaking, this was really intense, I've got tattoos, but for some reason I was scared of a larger needle! I sat down in a chair to calm my nerves again, ate the rest of my muffin and declared that I was ready to go!

We got in the room, a really nice room, bright and with a comfortable soft light, this wasn't so bad after all! I went first, I was too scared of anything else. She gave me some kinda mouthwash, tasted ill, but I washed my mouth and got seated in the chair. She asked me to put out my tongue so she could mark the spot... I was drooling but otherwise quite charming, she put the pennington forceps on my tongue, and that was actually the worst part! Of course she had her gloves on now, she put them on before she did the thing with the pennington forceps, this is what I really like about her, she's very careful!

Here comes what I thought would be the worst part, the needle, she unwrapped it, and had some kinda tray ready for the used needle. She tightened the grip around my tongue, and ~puff~ I had a needle trough my tongue! She quickly put in the jewellery, which she also had in the tray, screwed on the other ball, and I was done! I took a look in the mirror, damn was my tongue pretty!

So she went trough the whole procedure again, only this time with my boyfriend, he was very nervous about when we could kiss and play with our tongues again, but she assured us that as long as we had been together for some times, we could kiss when our tongues wasn't sore anymore! (Something about bacterias!)

Now it's been about 4-5 months, my tongue is feeling fine, I've got a new jewellery for it, and I really LOVE it! The healing process was easy, apparently I heal quickly, I only used salt water and pure water, never Listerine, which is what most people recommend, but my piercer said that she had seen some nasty things happen, she had seen a persons tongue grow kinda invert, and it never healed nicely...so Listerine was not for me!

I could eat after 2 days, nothing stopped me, not even chilli or garlic, all real food did, was to slow me eating! I ate a lot of ice cream the day it was done, but the next day it wasn't necessary. My tongue did swallow...so when I returned home, and I was talking extremely different, my mum got suspicious, and asked me what I had been doing, so I showed her my tongue and she went berserk! (She's calm about it now, well at least she keeps her mouth shut!) In the morning I washed my mouth with saltwater, and everytime I ate something I drank a lot of water, this went on for about 1-2 weeks, and now my tongue is a beauty!

I recommend having your tongue pierced, and after having read a lot of stuff on BME, I'm having my hood done this summer!

If you live in Denmark and you live nearby Roskilde, then get your piercing done in Roskilde, she's really great!!!!

If anybody wants to e-mail me, if anybody can tell me anything about vertical hood piercings, then plz do so! [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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