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Emily gets a HUGE steel rod through her tongue...

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When I first mentioned the words 'tongue piercing' around my parents, they uttered a few choice words, something about if I have the money to do STUPID stuff like that, then I should start paying them rent, buy groceries, pay for insurance, and crap like that, since I have SO MUCH extra money lying around. I just ignored these comments for the most part, it was my tongue and if I wanted to do it, I was going to no matter what.

Exotic piercing and Emily just don't seem to go together. The honor

student from high school who NEVER did anything out of the ordinary getting her tongue pierced! So far, the 'shock value' is my favorite part of my piercing. =)

Easter Sunday was the day that I made up my mind that I was going to

go through with it. My grandmother had heard stories about some people getting their tongues pierced and hitting a vein, and their tongues rotting off. She was genuinely concerned, and didn't want me to have it done. (who's grandmother actually ENCOURAGES them to stick holes in themselves anyway?) My dad told me that he (quote) "hopes it hurts like HELL!" which I took to mean that he didn't approve. I don't think anyone in my family was too excited about my latest endeavor.

I told everybody in the dorm about me getting my tongue pierced, they

were all like "you won't go through with it". Which made me want to do it MORE. I really did some researching that week, and BME was great (can we say shameless plug?LOL). The day finally came...(Thursday, April 8, 1999, to be exact) dum de dum dum duuummm... my roommate, Jennifer and her fiancee, Jedediah, took me to the Happy Buddha in Anniston, AL (no kidding, that really IS the name of the place!). It was just about a 25 or 30 minute drive from the dorm. I didn't want to drive down there, and then not be able to drive myself back. I made Jennifer stop by somewhere to get me a HUGE glass of iced tea, and a cup of ice (for post-piercing). I talked all the way there... guess I was anticipating not being able to for a while... and me not being able to talk is like TORTURE! =)

I had been in there be4, I watched somebody get their belly button

pierced a couple of weeks ago, and I was very impressed with their cleanliness. back to MY day... I walked in and a very pierced guy came up to me and asked if I needed any help. "I want my tongue pierced" I couldn't believe those words were actually coming out of my mouth! He made me fill out those forms... you know... if you die, you can't sue... stuff like that. And he took my ID back to the back... I don't know what he did with it, I bet he took it to the back to laugh at my TERRIBLE drivers license picture... but, who has a good one? Pierced-guy brought my ID back and led to me the piercing room.

There were all these weird posters on the wall... but the walls could

have been covered in flaming wallpaper, and I wouldn't have known the difference. I was oblivious, and ready to get this over with. The piercer was a different guy than the one that made fun of my drivers license, this guy had hair like some kind of animal, really, it did... it was fluffy and was different colored on the ends. He yelled to another guy to get the other equipment (or something like that) and this guy came in the room with a baseball bat! I didn't really notice... I think I was off in laa laa land... anyway, he handed me this little cup with listerine in it, and instructed me to rinse and spit BACK IN THE CUP.. he was really particular about this... so I did it, and it burned my mouth. And then I grabbed my RMs hand... hey, I needed some support! Mr. Animal-hair then told me to stick out my tongue as far as I could, which wasn't too awful far, I don't have this Gene Simmons tongue. He looked under my tongue... looking for that lethal vein I imagine. and then marked my tongue, or at least I think that is what he was doing... I couldn't really see... he then got the dreaded 'clamps' out... now, I didn't think these were near as bad as I have heard. He clamped them on as I squinched my eyes shut... I couldn't watch this HUGE needle be rammed through my tongue! Mr. Animal-hair told me to take a breath, and as I did, I felt the needle go through my tongue. It felt like getting a shot... can't say it was painless, I could feel it, although it wasn't nearly as painful as I imagined. I had nearly squeezed Jenn's hand off she said, and she in turn, squeezed Jedediah's hand! I told her that it was mostly because I was bracing myself for the enormous pain that never came. Sometime along in here he stuck the barbell through my freshly pierced tongue and screwed on the bottom ball.

He took the clamps off and handed me more Listerine in another cup.

It was bleeding, but not bad. I felt this huge metal thing in my mouth, it felt weird. I opened my mouth and I admired my new hole. I was very impressed! I was handed a sheet of paper with those general do's and don't's. Jennifer was saying, "I can't BELIEVE you did that!" and as we walked out the door, the piercer yelled something about me not spitting blood on the sidewalk.

We stopped by Arby's on the way home, and they gave us a hard time

about a large cup of ice water. I showed the girl at the drive thru window my tongue, but she still charged us $1.29 for a CUP OF WATER! That sucked! oh well. During the rest of the car ride home I showed EVERYBODY my tongue! I was SO proud of it! And of course I paraded around the dorm when we got back. I was kinda sore now... and still getting used to this metal object in my mouth. I took some Ibuprofin, and tried to eat a popsicle, thinking that would make me feel better. Well, when I put it up to my lips, it stuck! And I couldn't get it off!! I had to run water over my mouth to get it unstuck! it felt weird not being able to lick your lips. Then I ate, VERY carefully, the cheese off of a pizza my RM ordered. and then I rinsed. The next day after I finished up some ice cream, I went to rinse, and the bottom ball came off! I was yelling (the best I could with my hands in my mouth). And Jennifer (who is one HECK of a friend) helped me get it back on. That was the only time, so far (knock on wood), that I have had the ball to come off.

Me and Listerine.. we are like THIS now! I rinse after EVERYTHING!

And I just heard that rinsing with straight Listerine is bad for your tongue... it did kinda give mine a funky green fuzz... I was using the cool mint variety. So now I use the 50/50 water/Listerine combo, it is easier on the tongue, especially as much as I am rinsing it these days, since I am eating more.

My parents first saw it about three days later, they weren't

impressed, but they are taking the 'if we don't talk about it, it's not there' attitude. It was swollen for like the first week and a half, and I sounded a bit like Cindy Brady. Eating was difficult, but if I cut it up in teeny tiny bites and put it in the back of my mouth on the right side, it was all good. Now chewing gum is a different story! My friends make fun of me 'cause I can't blow a bubble with my gum! I have tried and tried! oh well, that is a concequence that i will have to live with.

Now its been two weeks and a couple of days. I bought a smaller

barbell, 'cause this one was HUGE in my mouth, and getting in my way since the swelling has gone down. My friend Josh (who is another one of those HECK of a friend), helped me get this shorter barbell screwed in... his hands were all in my mouth, drool everywhere! but when we got it fixed, it was SO cool! It fits my tongue perfectly. I don't even feel like there is anything in my mouth! My speech is 100% better, and I can eat easier. And I am about to DIE to try this thingie out!! hint hint (you KNOW who you are! LOL)

I recommend this to everyone.. I highly enjoy mine... well, once

SOMEBODY gets the hint! =) I had minimal pain, and showing people is great! Nobody believes that I actually had this done. If anybody has any questions, comments, whatever, just drop me some e-mail... do the research be4 you get it done... and if you are reading this, you are headed in the right direction!

*Today is the tomorrow that you were worried about [email protected]


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