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Tongue piercing experience from a smoker

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I felt that this was an appropriate title header because when I got my tongue pierced on March 20th, I was not given proper care instructions on how to rinse and such. Let me explain.

I first wanted to get my tongue pierced 5 years ago. But the horror stories and the apprehension I felt always seemed to hold me back. As well as my resources. I finally got over it and decided I was going to do it, since I was over the anxiety of it all.

I finally found a piercer, here where I live. He offers a licensed mobile service here, and has autoclave, and many years experience in it, as well as tattoos. Sounded great to me! We had talked over the phone previously and worked out the details. It would cost me $40 which included my jewelry. He had me go out and buy brown listerine and some Glyoxide. I made an appointment with him and he showed up at my house at 10 am on saturday. I was really anxious at that point, and just ready to get it over with already. We set up in my kitchen and he looked at my tongue, and told me that it should be no problem because the veins in the bottom of my tongue weren't close together, so it posed no threat. I was comforted by this. Haha. He stuck the clamp on my tongue and held it upwards to look underneath to make sure everything was lined up ok. It was, he then asked me to hold the clamp. I did. He then proceeded with sticking the needle through, from top to bottom, corking it, then putting the jewelry in. Then he squirted my freshly pierced tongue with the Glyoxide. I got up immediately after this because I was drooling on my bib and myself, and my tongue was shaking pretty good. At one point I even stuck it out of my mouth, and bit down behind the bar to stop it from shaking. I credited this to the shock my tongue had just gone through. It did quit moments later. I t really didn't hurt badly. And the clamp is not painful at all, it is the needle that can take responsibilty for what little pain you do feel.

I went to the restroom where I gargled with the brown (ick) listerine, straight. I noticed that it made the gland under the left hand side of my chin hurt. I wasn't pleased. He then told me this was normal, and to rinse with the listerine, Glyoxide and water 4 times a day each. I recieved no aftercare sheet.

I must tell you, the first night with it in my mouth was strange, it was a foreign object in my mouth I wasn't used to! After a few days, I got used to the fact that I wasn't going to swallow it! Haha Because I am a smoker, I decided I'd better gargle a little more. I did this for the first 4 days. My tongue was not feeling better, it felt worse. It really wasn't swelling very bad at all, it was just sore. In fact I was starting to get a metallic taste in my mouth. This worried me. Instead of calling him up, I decided to look for some more info online regarding tongue piercing. That is when I ran into BME. Which I can honestly say, helped me out quite a bit.

After reading a few stories, I found that I was giving myself a chemical infection. Never rinse with listerine full strength on your freshly pierced tongue! I quickly threw out the listerine and started in on salt water rinsing. I went to the store, on the 5th day and found this rinse called Biotene. I found this stuff to be a great aid to the healing of my tongue, it is alcohol free, antibacterial, and works with the enzymes in your mouth to kill germs and infection. You can also rinse with it as often as you wish because of this. Unlike listerine, which can kill the natural germ fighting enzymes in your mouth if you rinse with it too often.

On the 6th day, my gland did not hurt anymore, my tongue felt 100% better, and the 'collection' of white blood cells surrounding the bar, was gone. I ate some mashed potatoes, I ate mac n cheese. No prob, I was just careful in eating it.

That evening, I used the Glyoxide an hour before bedtime because I hadn't used it in a few days, and wanted to use it, just in case it helped. Half an hour later, my piercing was bleeding. I rinsed with water, then with my biotene. It was ok again.

The 7th day, and there after, I have been able to eat cheeseburgers and whatever else I may want. No problem.

I am now in my 2nd week of this tongue piercing and although the 'dimple', where the ball rests on top of my tongue is not gone yet, I am totally comfortable with it. I still rinse with my biotene, as often as I like, and have had no problems. I am now satisfied that the worst is over! My speech has greatly improved and I feel I am on my certain way of speaking completely normal again!

A word to the wise, treat your tongue with the utmost care, never rinse with the listerine full strength or more than 4 times a day. A salt water mixture is also very effective I have found. Glyoxide is a respectable item as well, but use at your own risk. Some people can handle it, and like myself, some can't.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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