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Woo hoo!! Theres a hole in my TOUNGE!!!

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I cant believe I did it!!! March 24th, 1999. It was kinda a spur of tha moment kinda thing. My friend linked me to tha BME site (which kicks ass!!) and I was lookin at all tha tounge ones, I jus kinda wanted mine done then. I read all tha stories and then I jus had this major urge to do it. I wanted it BAD!!! And like right then too!! I jus barely turned 16 so I knew I had to ask my mom first. Ugh. I thought for sure she would say yes cuz she let me get a tattoo when I was 15. And tattoo's last forever!! She didnt freak out, she jus said no because she was afraid I would chip a tooth. I got sooo mad. Then I was determined to do it without her help. But anywayz, I live in Austin so I went downtown (6th street, baby!!) where aaaaaall those tattoo and peircing places are. My friend took me down there and I tried a few places, they all asked for ID. I had a student ID and my s.s. card but it wasnt good enough for em. Damn bastards!! But anywayz, I ended up going and getting a fake ID. They didnt ask for a birth certificate or anything, it was $20. I hoped it would work or I would be so pissed!! But we went back downtown and I went in this place and it had all those tattoo pictures on tha wall and I went up to tha lady behind this desk and asked her how much it was and everything, it was $60 and that included tha cleaning stuff. So she gave me all tha shit to sign and asked for my ID. I gave it to her and she didnt ask anything about it. I sat down and read all about it and she went to get ready. We went in this room, it was really clean. That was a relief. I sat in this dentist kinda lookin chair and there was a tray that had all tha "equipment" on it, it was all fresh and clean. It looked kinda scary!!! She examined my tounge a lot, and told me all this scientific technical shit about it and I was like uhmmmm yeah ok?? She gave me mouthwash to rinse wit and then dried off my tounge and marked it wit this purple paint shit. I looked in tha mirror and it looked like a good spot. She dried off my tounge again and told me to close my eyes. She clamped my tounge which didnt hurt at all, I thought it would cuz all tha stories I read on tha BME thing said that hurt worse than tha peircing but it didnt bother me at all. So I had my eyes closed and was REALLY nervous, I was trying to think about puppies and kittens and cute little happy things. Then I felt a little prick on tha top of my tounge and then felt it come thru tha bottom. I didnt really kno what she did but when I opened my eyes, she had tha barbell in and screwed tha balls on. It took less than 30 seconds I think. My first reaction was "WHAT THA FUCK DID I JUS DO!?!?! OH MY GOD IM SOOOOO STUPID!!!!" But when I saw it in tha mirror I loved it!!! I was soooo happy. It was so awesome!!! She gave me some cold water and I left. Got some ice at 7-11. It felt sooo weird, I didnt think I would ever get use to it. I didnt eat anything that day. I took a lot of tylenol and went to bed.

Day 2- I was scared to wake up wit a big fat tounge. It wasnt swollen at all!! That made me happy. I also talked jus fine. Everything seemed cool. I went to school and showed it off to everyone. I felt so special :) I had a popcicle for lunch, it took me FOREVER to eat. I kept drooling, my friends really loved that. Oh well, I thought it was funny too. I went to my best friends house after school and raided his fridge, I was sooo hungry. I actually made a sandwhich and ate it. It took forever and felt REALLY weird. I kept trying to swallow my barbell thing!! It took a long time to eat but I finally finished. I ate more ice that night and took Vitamin C and Zinc cuz Erica (my peircer) told me that would help it heal. I've been rinsing wit tha cleaning shit about every couple of hours.

Day 3- I slept untill 5PM!! When I woke up my tounge felt swollen. I looked in tha mirror and it looked sooo freaky!! It was all fat and had a mold of my teeth on it cuz it swelled when my mouth was closed. I ate some ice cream and ice, took more tylenol and vitamins. I went to a part at 6:00. I ate pizza. Woo hoo!!! It still took me forever but I managed. Ate a lot of ice at tha party. Had some more pizza and I think I had a donut too. I was talkin kinda funny all day, Im glad I was at tha party so my mom wouldnt notice my weird speech. Everything went ok today.

Day 4- It hurts a lot more today :( My speech is pretty normal. I spent tha day wit my mom and she didnt say anything about me talkin weird so thats good. I had a donut for breakfast today and a whole lot of strawberries. I drank a coke for tha first time, it felt kinda weird. It hurt a little cuz tha bubbly. I had pizza for dinner. I ate it faster and was more use to eating. My tounge is still swollen today. Ugh, it looks gross!!! Hehe, its ok. I love my peircing. I was out in public a lot today and was playin wit it, I love tha reactions people give me! Especially old people, they look at me like Im fixin to murder them. But I love it :) It hurts like a bitch right now, that sucks. I kinda wanna rip it out but I wont. It'll get better. Im jus worried when I go to tha dentist next week he will tell my mom. I hope he doesnt!!! But anywayz, if you wanna e-mail me or jus chat if u have AOL my screen name is RaYshaDy7. You can e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] I'd be very happy to talk to anyone!! Any questions are welcome. Thanks. Lataz!!



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on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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