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tongue pierce strech same time

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HI! My name is John and I live in KINGSTON ON. I've always wanted to get my tongue pierced so one day when I had finally saved 50$ from a pay check, I awoke in the morning excited because after school I was going downtown to get my tongue pierced I was so hyper the whole morning people kept asking me to throw in on some weed and I was like no way gotta getta piercing. First period went all right I tried not to think of getting my piercing so I could concentrate on the muffler I was welding.

When first was over I got excited again as I walked out to the smoking section to meet my girlfriend, after I had a smoke I went in to go to art class I was so fucking hyper I couldn't draw paint or anything I just ran around and got all hyper and screamed my teacher got pretty pissed, but it was finally lunch time I couldn't contain myself by then I ate lunch borrowed 2 $ off my friend grabbed my girlfriend and we skipped school and took a bus downtown and went to buy a 12 Ga. barbell at a local ethnic style store . We then met up with a few friends we sat and chatted a bit to the local squeegee kids Sam showed me his new tattoo then we walked up the street and went to burger king for something to drink, after that we crossed the street, we got to mystic spiral the piercing and tattoo parlor. We walked in the door and I greeted the piercer Matt and the tattooist Sean and I told Matt I wanted my tongue pierced 12 Ga. and he said that he was out of 12 Ga. needles and he could make a taper and stretch it after he pierced it but it would hurt allot, or he could trade me for a 14 Ga. barbell I went for the stretch, so he went and made an insertion taper and told us to chill for about an hour because all the chairs were being used for other people that were getting tattoos, so me and my girl friend looked through every single photo album tattoo mag and jewelry catalog in the parlor. After about an hour of waiting for the taper and for the tattooist to be done with the chairs Matt stepped out from behind the curtain and my heart started, beating faster and faster, he said alright common back. I got up nervously gave me girlfriend a kiss and put out a smoke my girlfriend started getting excited and she said id probably puss out but seeing as this was not my first piercing I would be that scary. I pulled the curtain back, sat down in a huge comfy leather chair and filled the consent form. He told me this is gonna hurt ALOT! Because he needed to pierce then stretch it then insert the jewelry. I was like k just do it he made me swish with Listerine. He dried off my tongue marked the dots looked at it got me to swallow dried off my tongue again marked more dots and after 15 min of this finally found the spot he liked. By this time my heart was pounding so hard my nipple ring was jiggling everywhere, he grabbed the clamps, clamped them down really hard on my tongue, my girlfriend laughed, and I kinda chuckled with my tongue hanging out as not to wet it. He grabbed the needle dipped it in ointment to lube it. He made me take a deep breath asked me if I was ready, I said yeah do it now then I started let it out and he pierced me up it kinda hurt but not too bad. Now it was time for the stretch I had a needle stuck in my tongue as he grabbed for the taper and the jewelry he told me to take another deep breath the stretch hurt allot more then the piercing but was still bearable finally in slides the jewelry. When he was screwing the ball on the end of my barbell he was tugging on my tongue really hard with the clamp to get it where he could see it finally it was done I gave him 25 $, and we said our goodbye. My girlfriend and me then went and bought Listerine and went to wait for the bus. My tongue didn't swell up that bad but I was still talking with a little lisp. The bus came and I spent bus ride practicing how to speak without a lisp, and playing with it. Its been three weeks now and there was never any complications, my tongue piercing is my most prized piercing, I love it so much its awesome to play with and its different for performing oral sex on my girlfriend, I do it with or without I still please her. If anyone is even thinking of getting their tongue pierced do it.

Im getting my tongue stretched to 10 Ga. soon l8ers for now jxn

John Dube [email protected] Kingston On thanks to Matt at mystic spiral piercing and tattoo for my favorite piercing


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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