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tongue piercing

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Ok so I've wanted my tongue pierced for about a year and a half, just never could get up the nerve to do it. I found BME and started reading up, which REALLY made me want one. I found out that there was a place here in little Sherman Texas in the MALL noless. I didn't think I wanted it done there, but decided it would be a good place to watch somebody get theirs done in any case. I asked if I could watch and they said sure.

Thursday, March 18

I was supposed to be there at 6pm to watch the tongue piercing, but my doctor's appointment ran like an hour and a half late, so I didn't get there til nearly 730. Luckily, though, there was a guy just about to go in and get his done. He told the lady that he didn't mind me watching. As the guy, Joe, went in, the woman whose husband dose the piercing took me in there too, and told the husband, Wes, that I was "special" because I had been doing all this research blah blah blah and that i was seriously thinking about getting mine done. Wes was SOOO nice to me. He explained everything to me as he was explaining it to Joe. When I asked a question, I wasn't treated like an inconvenience at all. He was totally nice, and really really clean. He must have changed his gloves a thousand times. What really amazed me was that I hadn't made an appointment or anything yet and he was still that nice to me. So, Wes was ready to pierce Joe's tongue. I watched Joe's face when the needle went through, and his face registered no pain whatsoever. He didn't even flinch. I asked him right after it was done if it hurt or not and he shook his head. So finally, I was convinced that I could get this done. I went out into the store and made an appointment for the following Thursday, March 25.

March 25, 1999-6pm

I wasn't really nervous in the early part of the dayT, but as the day grew on, I got progressively more nervous. There were two girls, Charlotte and Heather, who were going with me. The plan was to go out and eat a whole lot of dinner and then go do the deed. BUT, I was WAY too nervous to eat. Also, My Resident Advisor in the dorm was going to meet us there. So, my appointment was for 6 pm and we got there at about 550. They were running really behind, so I had plenty more time to get nervous!! I picked out my barbell, opting for the old faithful, a 3/4" SS 14g barbell. And then I waited...and waited....and waited. FINALLY, Wes came out of the piercing room, saw me and was like "Hey! How are you doing?? Are you ready?". I told him that I sort of HAD to be ready, didn't I? he agreed and led Charlotte, Cate (my RA...My friend Heather wouldn't go in the room), and me into the piercing room. Wes told me to hop up on the table and began to get everything ready. First, he had me swish some green listerine around in my mouth for two minutes, which really stung my mouth. Oh well...the price we pay for beauty. = P So anyway, after I spit out the listerine, Wes sprayed some novocaine-like stuff on the topside and underside of my tongue to numb it and told me to hold it in my mouth as long as I possibly could. He got his little operating tray ready and rolled it over to me. And THERE was the needle, looking innocuous enough...Wes marked my tongue and had me look at the spot in the mirror. It was pretty far back, which I had wanted. I ok'd it and he got out the dreaded clamps. Cate hopped up on the table with me (I was sitting, by the way) and held my hand from the moment he put the clamps on. You know, the clamps really didn't hurt, but it was probably because he had put the numbing stuff on it. So, the clamps were on and needle was in hand. He told me to relax my tongue...you know, you don't think about relaxing your tongue very often, and it's hard to do! I closed my eyes and held onto Cate's hand for dear life. Wes told me to take a deep breath and he'd stick me when I breathed out. He stuck the needle through, and it didn't hurt. It felt more like something cold going through the center of my tongue rather than a pain feeling. But, sadly, I tensed up my tongue and he told me the needle was in too tight for him to get it out without hurting with my tongue tensed up like that. So I tried my hardest to relax it, which was tough since I had a needle poking through it. I finally did and Wes took out the needle and got the barbell in and put on the bottom ball. I was done. He told me my color was stil wonderful and had me rinse once more with listerine. I did, and we were off. The only bad thing was that I drooled on my friend Charlotte while we were walking down the mall, because I couldn't tell if there was spit in my mouth or not. It was funny. (Btw, Cate told me that I hardly drooled at all during the actual piercing, and I barely bled..I had my eyes closed, so I wouldn't know!!)

We went to K Mart and I got Gly Oxide, Listerine, baby food and microwave chef boyardee. Went back to my dorm room alone, and Charlotte was going to call me after her meeting so we could go show my best friend, Jared. Jared did NOT want me to get it done, but now he likes it, I think. Anyway, my friend Kristina took me to get a milkshake at about 1130. I drank half of it, listerined, and went to bed at about 1230.

March 26-Friday Woke up and my roomie was demanding to see it. I told her I'd show it to her in claculus that afternoon. Got ready and went to Biblical Heritage class. I really wasn't hurting that much. I was just hoping that I wouldn't have to talk in class! After class, i told my mom what I had done. She wasn't happy, but she's ok with it now. I tried to eat some macaroni and cheese for lunch, but that didn't go over too well. I went to calculus, then went shopping with Jared after class. he bought me a milkshake, and I drank the whole thing through a straw and it didn't even hurt!! We got back from shopping, and I decided to go to dinner with my parents. I got fish, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. It took me an hour to make a dent in it and I was HURTING afterwards. After I got back to my dorm, I could hardly talk! My friends Heather and Charlotte took me to get some ice from Sonic. We came back to my dorm and I took some motrin. In about an hour and a half, my tongue was hardly swollen and I was talking normally. At about 1130, I was hungry, so Charlotte and I went to Taco Bell and I got a burrito. I ate the whole thing with minimal pain and swelling. Then I went to bed at about 1.

March 27-Saturday

Woke up at about 1130. Went into the bathroom to brush and listerine and saw that the tongue was hardly swollen at all. I could even BRUSH it!! AND, I could see the bar, too. (Oh yeah, I also chewed some gum on Friday. Didn't hurt. Cate was amazed!) I decided to try some KFC for lunch. I ate 1 and 1/2 chicken strips, all my mashed potatoes, all my mac and cheese, and most of my roll. My tongue still doesn't hurt, and that was an hour and a half ago. I can stick my tongue out almost all the way, and it doesn't hurt. I have to work tonight, but I'm going to take some motrin before I go, so maybe I won't hurt that much. Management is going to be pissed when they find out. You can't see it when I talk, though, so maybe they WON'T find out!!

Well, I just got off work. My tongue hurts a bit, but just because I talked SO much tonight. But Motrin has helped a lot. One of my managers saw it tonight and she loves it! She told me that the manager of the whole store wouldn't even notice. He'd just think it was candy. (He's not very observant). Well, I got home at about 1100 tonight, it's 1121 now and I ate a burrito and a soft taco in that amount of time! I'm so proud of myself. Time to Listerine!!

March 28-Sunday

Tongue was still swollen today, but it didn't hurt really. Had lasagne and cheesecake for lunch, and a hamburger and fries for dinner. Otherwise, everything's the same. I can stick my tongue out at my roomie now. = ) Woohoo!!

March 29-Monday

Well, same ole same ole. I'm eating ALMOST normally now..but I haven't braved chips yet. My tongue's still a bit swollen, and I sometimes mess up my "S's" when I talk, but that's really the only speech impediment as of right now. Oh, but I CANNOT say the word "sexy" so save my life!! I've started playing with it, and I know I should quit til it's healed better, but it's so hard NOT to!!

March 30-Tuesday

My tongue's still a bit swollen, but it's not the ENTIRE tongue like it has been. I have a volcano around the top ball. There's a peak where it's swollen around the bar, and a crater where the ball is. Also, my tongue is all funny colors. Cate said hers did it too and that it will go away. I've started brushing my tongue with Listerine to get those dead cells off. I think that's what they are, at least. My mom told me not to ever stick it out at her because it literally makes her sick. Haha. Get over it mom! =) I just ate my first chips tonight at Applebee's. Woohoo!!

April 1-Thursday

Ok this sucker is getting too long. My tongue is getting more "unswollen" every day, and I can eat normally. I still can't say "sexy" very well, though! I don't know when I can downsize; not for awhile, though. Thanks for reading my long-ass story. Hope it was of some help to at least some of you! Email me if you have any questions!

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on: 15 April 1999
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