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October Maru's Tongue

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On October 13th, 1998, 5 days after my eighteenth birthday, I was sitting in my dorm room here at college hanging out with my roommate and 2 of her friends. And the topic of me wanting to get my tongue pierced came up. The one girl offered to take me that night. I was a bit uneasy cause I had only just began to think about actually doing it, but to not seem like a chicken, I agreed.

So we I brushed my teeth and mouthwashed and got all clean and we got in her car and went to a piercing place. When we got there, we walked around for a while waiting for the guy to finish the guy of which whom he was doing a tattoo. But when he got done, he asked me what I wanted done; I said a tongue piercing. To my surprise he said that they didn't do that any more.

So my roommate, her friend, and me traveled to Uniontown, Pa. There we found a small tattoo parlor right on the main road. I had my doubts that a small parlor like this would do it, but we went in anyway.

Inside there was a heavy man siting on a stool and his pregnant girlfriend sitting across from him. She was telling his fortune with tarot cards, and we started talking to them. He asked us what he could do for us and I said I wanted my tongue pierced, and he said ok. This made a huge wave of panic go through my body, I was so scared, but I didn't let it show. So he went in the back of the parlor, which was covered by a curtain type thing, and told the piercer that he had a customer. I stood nervous as hell, as the piercer came out and asked me to sign a form stating that I was of legal age. I did that, and I could feel my hand shaking.

He asked for the papers and he told me to follow him to the back. I did and my roommate and her friend came too. He gave me a small cup of Listerine to swish around for a while, while he prepared to pierce me. I noticed he got some alcohol and took a long 14-gauge barbell out of a small plastic bag. He unscrewed the top of the barbell and soaked it in alcohol. I just sat in the chair in front of him swishing my Listerine, and going between watching him prepare and watching the piranha swim in the tank on the table.

Soon enough he had all his stuff laid out and he put on latex gloves. I just sat there, waiting for my next instruction, which was to decide where exactly I wanted the piercing. And being the amateur that I was, I had no clue. So he stuck out his tongue and I said 'ummm yeah that looks good'. So he took out these huge plier-looking things, which has a ring shape at the end and stuck it on my tongue. He put a rubber band near the middle of the pliers, which made them very tight and somewhat painful. Then he left it hang there, which pulled at my already raw tongue. Then he took a rather long needle and said don't move. I sat there as he stuck the needle in my tongue from the bottom and worked his way up. I could feel it going through, and at the same time I was drooling everywhere. As I felt the pinching of the needle, I was moaning almost orgasmically, trying to block out the pain. Soon the needle was all the way through and he was putting the barbell in place. This pinched more than anything. Drool was still everywhere. Then he said he was done. Mt tongue ached; he gave me a papertowel to clean myself up, and another cup of Listerine. I swished it, but with so much difficulty. I couldn't spit the Listerine out correctly and had to just drop it by opening my mouth into a trash can.

After it was all over, I paid him $50 and he gave me after-care instructions. I tried to thank him but my talking skills were shot to hell. So we left and our friend brought my roommate and me back to our dorm.

The aftermath was more hellish than the actual piercing. I couldn't eat solid food for about a week and I lived off of chicken broth and slushies. And I drooled excessively in my sleep. But soon I was able to talk again and I could eat solid food, but I still had a lisp for about 2 weeks.

Now 5 months later, I am totally back to normal, with the exception of this barbell. Kissing is enhanced so much and so is oral sex.

I am kinda obsessed with piercing now. My next one is going to be my clit, which I should be getting this summer.

I can't wait! Sincerely, October Maru


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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