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Recommendation: The London Piercing Clinic

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OK, so where do I start?

Well about 3 years ago I started work for a popular UK Theme Park. NEway, while I was working there I met this girl who worked in the same department as me, and who, I later found out went to school with me (Hi Michelle! :oP). While talking to her one day I happened to catch a slight glint in her mouth while she was chatting and she told me she'd had her tongue pierced. I was cringing and think how fecking painful it must have been, but also thinking how great it would feel to kiss someone with a tongue piercing (I've been in agony from just biting my tongue before, so a lump of metal through it must kill right?). A few weeks after that, a new guy started called Sam (Hi Sam) and he also had his tongue pierced, and it looked kinda cool.

I worked for Chessington for about 2 years and always had it in the back of my mind to get a tongue piercing, but never actually got around to it for several reasons. Firstly because I couldn't afford a spare £40 to get it done, secondly 'cos I wasn't "sure" about it, and thirdly because I imagined it being really really painful.

Over the last 6 months I'd been considering getting it done, but always dismissed it 'cos I had a G/F and it's apparently not a go have any oral contact with people until it feels comfortable which can take up to 5 weeks (I couldn't bear not to kiss her for that long). I also had read loads of stories on this and other websites about "bad experiences" and how painful it was etc etc. I split up with my G/F about a month ago, I had the money to do it now, I had no ties, and thought I'd be fine with the pain, so I decided to get it done.

I called The London Piercing Clinic and had a chat with the woman on the phone about it. She was perfectly honest with me, which I appreciated a lot. She said it doesn't hurt as much as a top-ear piercing (which I had done a few years back), it doesn't usually bleed and swells for 70% of people, but if you're taking paracetamol and Ibuprofen it'll go down in a few days. She said there's no need to book 'cos it takes about 2 mins to do, so just go along whenever.

Saturday came, and I was going into London with a few friends shopping, so I decided to get it done then. I took 2 Ibuprofen 2 hours before I went there just to make sure it wasn't going to be an unbearable pain, I ate my last "solid" meal (McDonalds), we got on the train and went to the clinic.

Karl took two "before" pictures on a camera he'd bought, and we went in.

I was filling my underwear bigtime, all day I'd been apprehensive, but now I was really here, I had told people I was doing it, and there was no backing out. The guy behind the desk asked if he could help, and I said I was getting my tongue done.

I asked him the same questions again as the woman on the phone and got about the same answers.

I filled out a disclaimer form and was lead into the room where I had to rinse my mouth out with mouthwash thoroughly and then I had to lay on the bench. Karl took a "during" shot of me sitting on the bench. The guy marked a spot on my tongue with a blue felt marker and asked if that looked the right position. It was about 1/2 a centimetre forward from where I'd wanted it, but he said that any further back and it might catch the "web" underneath my tongue, so I decided that 1/2 cm wasn't bad and agreed.

I asked him to make sure he pierced top to bottom 'cos I'd heard stories of people having it done bottom to top and having a lump for an exit wound which looked sick. He said it was fine, so I stuck my tongue out. He wiped it off and clamped my tongue. Then he used a torch to check there were no obstructions in the way of where he was piercing (I know this 'cos Jon and Karl told me... I was busy with my eyes shut expecting an agonising pain.) He told me to take two deep breaths and on my second out-breath he'd pierce it...I took the deepest breath of my life, then again, and as I breathed out the second time, I felt pressure on the centre of my tongue. Then he said "Ok, now we just need to put the jewellery in". I opened my eyes, he turned around and seeing the confused look on my face, cracked up laughing. He said "You look confused", so I told him I'd been expecting extreme pain and bleeding. He laughed again, made sure the bar was in tight and told me to wash my mouth out again. I did so, and Karl took an "after" shot of me with my new piercing. I payed the guy, had a chat with him, got my after care sheets and left. Then I went next door to the shop and bought a bottle of water 'cos my mouth felt very dry.

That evening I was fine, no swelling, my talking was "slightly" impaired, but nothing noticeable really. I went to the pub, drank my usual coke with ice which was fine, then went home.

Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up with a slightly swollen tongue, but not majorly. I took some Ibuprofen to help with the swelling, and then spent the day playing pool with the guys. Could eat solid food properly, but it's not because it hurts, it's because it's annoying to try eating with a swollen tongue, and when I did try I ended up biting my top ball, so I decided to stick with soup yesterday.

Karl had a cunning plan last night, so this morning I went out and bough some baby food (any excuse... hehe) and in about 1/2 hour I'm buying some Farleys Rusks 'cos they'll be fine to eat if dipped in warm milk. The swelling is going down a bit now. Everyone at work here thinks I'm a nut-case, but I'm really really happy with my piercing!

Back to the clinic in 2 weeks time to get the shorter bar put in. Can't wait.

I can honestly say I've had NO PAIN at all with this piercing! The bar feels a little awkward because of it's length, and 'cos it rests on the soft lower part of your mouth, but it's just a little annoying, not a lot.

Well thanks for listening! I TOTALLY recommend The London Piercing Clinic if you're in London and wanna get your tongue pierced... Very professional!

Cheers! Dave

p.s. When Karl gets the pictures developed, I'll send them in for yas!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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