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story of my tongue piercing

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First off id like to say im 15 years old male. ive been wanting my tongue pierced since early november so im early march i decided it was time i get it done somehow. my mom had said no since the first time id asked her. shed had a hard time when i got my ears pierced.

so one night at about 9:00 i decided to illegally take my dads car out to get it done at arc angel tattooing in san antonio. first i had to go to the mall to get a barbell. i arrived at rolling oaks mall at 9:17 pm. i walked into a skate store and asked to see the body jewelry. i saw a 14 guage 3/4" barbell with green glowing balls. so i slipped it into my jacket sleeve said i wasnt interested in any of their shit and walked out with a huge grin on my face. i then had to go look at a cool shirt store for a coal chamber shirt i had been wanting. i saw it so i took two went into the dressing room put one on under my jacket and brought the other one out and said it didnt fit. i now had scored a barbell and a free tshirt that said "dont fuck with me" on the back. i was kinda happy. it was now 9:42 so i decided it was time to go get the piercing.

i left the mall at about 9:48 and drove the 6.8 miles to arc angel. i was getting kinda anxious by this time. i almost ran into the exit sign because i was looking at the gas guage on the car to see how much id used. well i arrived at the piercing place at 9:56. i walked in and told the dude at the counter i wanted my tongue pierced. he said ok and didnt even ask how old i was. this was turning out great. i told him i had my own jewelry and asked if it needed to be autoclaved. he said "what is an autoclave?" i took this to not be such a good sign. well then rocky the piercer said he had a special cleaning liquid (probably water) he could use that would take a shorter time since i was out illegally. i took off the balls cuz he said they would crack in the cleaner. he called me back to the "dreaded piercing chair." well in the next chair over there was a blonde woman getting a tattoo done on her "bottom." well her butt was exposed so i was horny during this whole experience. then rocky took my barbell out of the solution and got the needle out. right about that i saw a weird looking guy enter the front door of the piercing studio. as he approached i noticed the big wet stain on his crotch area. he was walking weird so im assuming he was drunk. he came on back and asked rocky if he knew where any other tattoo places are. of course rocky said none as good as his store. well then the dude left and i was pretty glad (seeing as how he smelled like urine). i noticed the horny look on the half naked woman next to me. hahaha ;) so then rocky started looking for the listerine for me to rinse with. he couldnt find it so he told me just to rinse when i got home. probably one of the poor bitches stole it so he wouldnt have to buy any. rocky then rubbed some vaseline on the needle. he put the dreaded clamps on my tongue which doesnt hurt at all. he didnt mark my spot or shine light to make sure there wasnt a vein but thats allright i guess. he then had me breathe in and out and on the out he pushed the needle through. this hurt very little but i was shaking. he then reached over and got the barbell. when he pushed the barbell through that hurt like a bitch. he quickly screwed the balls on so the pain wasnt for long. i didnt bleed or drool at all. he handed me a napkin and had me look at the piercing in the mirror. i asked my piercer if he had his tongue done and he said " no but i have the head of my dick pierced" and i thought to myself ok thats a little more than i needed to know. i thought my new tongue ring looked pretty kickass. i then paid the dude my $25 and walked outta the store after grabbing one of the free nude magazines they had out. the piercing studio was an old hamburger joint.

i drove home shaking. i arrived home at approximatley 10:58. i picked up some listerine and glyoxide on the way home. as soon as i got home i rinsed out.

day 1-6: my tongue was pretty swollen and i couldnt eat much. i rinsed out after everything i ate and smoked.

day 7-now: no swelling and can eat normally for the most part. rinsing about 4 times a day and using glyoxide twice.

i would recommend tongue piercing to anyone who has thought about it. it is not too painful and it looks awesome. ive been caught twice taking the car out since then and almost had to go to jail if it wasnt for my mom. my tongue is healing fine. my mom found out about the piercing 5 days after having it done. she was kinda pissed but let me keep it. ive stollen two more barbells since then but my friend took them. i went through this experience with my brother cause my friend couldnt make it. you can email me or aol im me or icq me if u have any questions about tongue piercing.

Josh SmiLEs kill_the_world@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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