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I think I'm addicted...

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To start off my story I guess I should explain why I wanted a metal bar

shoved through my tongue. I had heard about people having their tongues pierced for a couple of years and for some reason the idea really appealed to me. I know what you are thinking, I didn't want it done to improve my sex life, which is what more than a few people have asked. I just liked the idea of having a piercing that wasn't so extremely common, at least in my medium size hometown. I admit I like the fact that I can have a piercing that sort of gets some people a little worked up, but then again most people think it's cool or couldn't really care at all. So here goes:

March 3, 1999

I had let my mom and dad know about the possibility that I was going to get

my tongue pierced. My dad was more than just a little bit unapproved, but I told him I was 21 and I didn't live with him anyway so what was he to do. I told my mom before she left for work that morning that I had an appointment to be "stabbed" as she put it. Like any mother, she said, "Honey, you know you can always back out of this." OK, sure, whatever mom, have a great day at work.

There are or three places that I know you can get your tongue pierced in my

town. One is run out of somebody's living room, not for me. Another is downtown somewhere but I had heard some stuff about the place. There is also a really cool doctor who will pierce almost everything but you have to buy the jewelry from somewhere first. Since I'm a little scared of pain and blood, you know that kind of stuff, I decided that I trust that a doctor won't scar me for life (I know there are really good piercers out there who do know what they are doing, but hey I live in medium size town and this seemed like my best option). My younger brother who is 18, left for school that morning assured that I would chicken out. I was a little nervous to say the least when I pulled up to the doctor's office and couldn't remember which suite he was in! I finally got in the waiting room and told the receptionist what I was there for. She took my barbell back in the back to sterilize it. I paid the $30 fee (the barbell was $15 at this place at the mall) and tried to sit as far away as possible from the coughing and runny-nosed kids. While I was waiting my turn I saw a young couple come out of the back holding spit cups and looking very uncomfortable. I figured they had probably just done the deed and my knees began to shake a little bit, OK a lot! The nurse called me back and had me lie down on one of the examining tables and in came the doctor. He had another doctor with him that asked if I minded him watching the procedure. I said it was ok with me as long as they didn't laugh at me when I cried. The doctor and nurse lifted up my tongue to check out the blood vessels. This may seem like the easy way out of the pain, but this doctor insists on numbing my tongue first, no argument out of me! He said I would feel a prick as the needle went through the bottom of my tongue but I didn't feel anything, except the needle spraying the numbing medicine on the roof of my mouth as it went all the way through my tongue. He gave my tongue a few minutes to numb up and he told me he was putting in the barbell and just needed to screw on the ball. It was over really quick. I actually had to sit in a chair in the waiting room and let my legs stop shaking!

After I felt better, I went to my mom's office. Even though she thought it was gross, she took me all around letting me show it off (I still think that my mom approves, even if she does shut her eyes whenever I stick out my tongue). I went home and rinsed with Listerine and I noticed a little bleeding and also a little swelling. My tongue was still pretty numb, so I went and got some chicken fingers and curly french fires from Arby's and swallowed little pieces at a time. I still didn't have much pain, but I was a little nervous about sleeping that night, I made sure the ball was screwed on tight like a hundred times.

March 4

Ok, I'm going to try and make this stroy shorter, I just noticed how much I had already written. It was sore as anything today, I sucked on ice like there was no tomorrow. I didn't eat much but I was still pleased with the results.

March 5

Today I can eat more, well let me rephrase that, I get eat a little better. I have bitten the bar a few times eating and that scares me into eating slower. I can't wait to put in a shorter bar.

March 6

Today I flew to Ohio to see my cousins, I had a lot less pain because the swelling was going down. All my family in Ohio thought it was neat.

March 7 through March 14

It does not hurt at all, no more swelling and I can eat fine and I sound like myself again (the first two to three days I talked like Cindy Brady).

March 15

I put in a shorter bar today, no more biting it and it sort of feels like I don't have it done at all. I also went from a 14 guage to a 12 gauge but it didn't hurt either.

All in all, I am really happy with my piercing.  I'm paying for my little

brother to have his done since I haven't got him a Christmas present yet. My dad said he was dissapointed but I'm just glad he wasn't mad about it. My older sister has just able to look at me again without her own tongue throbbing from the thought of it. Even if my friends and family didn't support me I would still do it over again.

Kissing is fun!  :)  I'm even thinking about having my belly button done now.

I have to say that having my ears pierced hurt more than this. The pain was more of a discomfort than anything when I think back on it now. So if you want to do it, go ahead as long as you trust your piercer and do some research about it first. I finally decided to go through with it after reading some of the experiences on BME web page. If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]!!! Good Luck! :)


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on: 15 April 1999
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