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My Tongue Pierced WithOUT it being clamped

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My Tongue Pierced WithOUT Being Clamped! I don't know how long I've wanted to get my tongue pierced, but has probably been since the time I first saw someone with a barbell in their tongue... It crossed my mind to do it on many occasions, but I could never bring up the courage to do it... Well, on my 21st birthday I found myself sitting in the back room of Flaming Star Tattoos, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. My goal for the night had been to get tattooed, but after begging every artist in town, I couldn't get it done because they were all over-booked for the night (who knew you needed an appointment for such a thing? I guess it's not the '80s anymore) All bummed out, I went out for dinner and drinks with a friend, somehow, I ended up driving and my friend ended up being the drunk one not me, so I took her home around midnight.

Deciding that it was entirely too early to go home on my 21st, I went back to Flaming Star... Many people in the area don't like the place 'cause of it's past history of uncleanliness, but I've have other piercings done there and I trust the piercer, Jay, so all was good... I am a complete baby when it comes to pain, so I asked Jay home much this was going to hurt me, and he replied not at all... I then made him compare the pain to that of my other piercings, and he said it was much less (and I thought he was nuts, there was no way this could hurt less than my belly button) Jay told me if I was that scared, he would numb it for me first, with those words, I hopped into the chair.

He then proceded to light a candle and he told me and his computer tech (don't ask me why they were fixing a computer sometime after midnight, I figured it was better not to ask questions) to all join hands and we'd have a little ceremony for his FIRST tongue piercing... Of course I immediately pulled my hand away and looked at him, but, of course he was joking... He then gave me a big mouthful of listeriene and told me to swish it around while he got ready... With my mouth full of this nasty stuff, he began to ask me 800 questions that I could not simply shake my head yes or no too; he had my laughing so hard and trying not to spit the mouthwash all over him that I pretty much gave up on being nervous for a minute.

Finally he let me spit the stuff out and he had me stick my tongue out as far as possible and then said "Are you trying to turn me on?" Then he dried off my tongue with a paper towel marked it, and showed me in the mirror... Since I'm not an expert on the tongue thing I agreed to the placement, and he told me to keep my tongue out... Somewhere along there, he showed me the fresh needle still in its packing, and the barbell in alcohol, and I continued to wonder why the candle was still burning... Then, he was ready... but I sure wasn't, he hadn't numbed it like he promised, but I decided to suck it up and go through with it anyway... Jay gently held my tongue with one hand and was about to pierce it, when I wussied out and pulled my tongue into my mouth... He sat there and laughed at me.

I put my tongue out again, and he dried it again, and held my tongue again, and then asked if I was ready this time, and I figured I'd come this far, I couldn't turn back now, besides my money was already in his pocket. Then, quick as anything the needle was through my tongue... No, he never clamped it.

It was a really tiny pinching feeling as the needle went in (needles at the doctor's office are worse than this, and they're only in your arm), and it didn't hurt at all as he pushed it all the way through my tongue. Now I learned what the candle was for, he quickly dipped the open end of the barbell into the melted wax, and popped it into my tongue... As he was closing it, he explained to me that if I was ever to change barbells, I should dip the end in wax because the threads where the ball sits are real sharp and could tear open the hole, forcing me to have to go through the whole healing process again. I found this interesting 'cause it's something I never hear before about piercings, but I guess it makes sense. So, then we sat there and talked for a while (I'm one of those people who tends to get light headed or even pass out after being pierced, if anyone can explain this to me, mail me please) and I never felt the slightest bit like passing out or anything like that... I was really shocked, not only did this hurt so much less than anything I've ever had done, I wasn't getting lightheaded from it either (I even passed out once after having a normal hole in my upper ear pierced).

He asked me how I felt and how it felt, it was a little sorta, and he gave me some sort of pina colada flavored stuff to suck on which immediatey made me go numb, which was great, except I couldn't really feel my lips either. The he explained to me why he hadn't clamped it (it hadn't occurred to me that he ever would have). He said "Anyone you ask who's had their tongue pierced has had it clamped first, but I don't do that. If I were to clamp your tongue, it would swell up when I removed the clamps, even if I didn't pierce it. So, by not clamping it to pierce it, you will have a lot less swelling." After that I left, and stopped in a local mini market and got some ice and water. The pina colada stuff may have numbed it, but since the pain wasn't bad in the first place, I decided the taste of the stuff was much worse than my tongue and I had to get rid of it.

I stopped by a friend's place on my way home, and I was shocked that I could talk fine. I listeriened that night before going to bed (that burned, but I figured as long as it was cleaning it, it couldn't be bad) and went to sleep.

I woke up the next day and it was a little swollen, but nothing terrible, and I was starving... I grabbed a banana and sat down to watch tv with my dad. About 45 minutes later, I'd only eaten half the banana and I offered the rest to my dad. Since I was talking rather slowly and eating even slower, I'm sure he just assumed I was hung over from the night before, and I didn't tell him where I'd been (if I told him before I showed my mom, she would've made a big deal about it and tried to make me feel dumb for doing it).

My dad drove me back to college that day, and I didn't see my mom at all because she'd gone to visit my grandmother hours before I woke up. That night I worked (I work in a pizza place) and my boss was completely shocked at what I had done. Talking hurt a bit, and I was convinced that I sounded like a complete moron, although everyone told me they couldn't tell. After every cigarette, I rinsed with listeriene, and I decided that I was too sore to want to try eating something, after my banana experience that morning.

My friend Nugget had come into visit (one of the delivery guys at the place) and I asked him about his piercing. He first said he was shocked that I wasn't talking funny, especially since it had been less than 24 hours since I'd been pierced, and I asked him about taking care of it. He told me that listeriene was one of the worst things to use for it because the alcohol irritates it, and how he healed his with salt water.

That night I set out onto the internet to find out more about taking care of the piercing. I didn't think that just salt water would keep it from being infected, but the listeriene was hurting it a lot. I came to the conclusion that an alcohol-free mouth wash would probably suit me best, but I didn't have time to run out and buy it.

The next day I was still sore, but being able to deal with it, I decided to try to eat ice cream while I was at work that night. I'm not sure which was worse, licking it off the spoon (I was dumb for even trying) or the chips in the mint chocolate chip that I had decided to be a good flavor. This wasn't fun, and I ended up letting my boss finish it, while I rinsed with listeriene, which I was now diluting with water so it didn't burn as much.

The third day was a little better, and I ran out to the store to get mouth wash without alcohol. That night at work I had a milkshake, but I wasn't thinking, and I made myself an extra thick one. Sucking on the straw wasn't much of a joy too, so I waited for it to melt a lot before I could finish.

The fourth day, I woke up and it was fine, the swelling was gone (not that there had been much to begin with anyway) and it didn't hurt. I'm going to credit this mostly to the new mouth wash, since it felt so much better on my tongue than the listeriene. I went for chinese food that afternoon, and got lo mein because I though the noodles wouldn't be too hard to eat. It did hurt a bit, but I was determined to eat since the banana and ice cream I'd had in the past few days were just not enough to live on. By the fifth day, I was fine. I didn't notice myself sounding funny anymore, and I could eat and play with my piercing without pain. After that, there isn't much to tell, I was healed in under a week, and I absolutely love the piercing. It is most definitely my favorite, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

I owe it all to my alcohol-free mouth wash, and my piercer Jay, who is talented enough to pierce a tongue without clamping it, to make the whole expeirence a lot less painful and more enjoyable for a wussie like me. Well, I guess that's my story, you can mail me with any questions, comments, love or hate mail: [email protected] :P' Sunny


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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