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I'm 14, and I did it

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My name's Rick and i'm 14, I have been wanting to pierce my tongue last saturday (March 20), My friend Ashley (who has a pierced tongue) and her sister were going to take me, but her sister, ran away to key west. Then Sunday I was supposed to do it, but Ashleys niece choked on a noodle, and had to be rushed to the emergency room. (I have a feeling she was avoiding me)

Monday, my friends mom was going to take me, but for some reaosn never

happened. Tuesday, my moms friend Lisa got to her. She told her I could lose my taste buds, and im too young, i shouldnt do it since Im not finished growing. (A binch of bull) I reassured my mom that tastebuds replenish every three days, and all my friends my age had done it. (Which wasnt the reason i was doing it) She changed her mind, but then tuesday I couldnt do it, because i was caught skippin school. Wednsday my mom was going to take me. But i forgot to do the dishes the night before, and she was pissed.

So thursday, My mom finally decided (again) that i could do it, but she had to work, and didnt want to see me have it done. So she was going to have a note notarized up at the bank. But the bank had closed 10 minutes ago. By now, I was begginning to think that Someone, (with power) didnt want me to do it. So finally, today...My mom got it notarized, and my friend Kellys mom took me to do it. When i got there, the piercer was out on an emergency, So I wa slike, OH god! Not again! We came back in like an hour, and another piercer was there. So I filled out the paper work and went right in. By this time, my friend kelly was cryin, and I was the one gettin the piercing. I sat down, and asked her about my web, she said she could pierce me, and gave me a cup of mouthwash to gargle with for a minute. So I did, then I had the choice of a standard (14 gauge, I think) barbell, with either small balls, or big balls. I chose the big ones because I wanted people to see them. She told me to close my eyes, and talked to me while she did it, explaining everything she was doing.

Now, i heard people say they couldnt feel it, and they couldnt believe it was

over. Now...it didnt exactly hurt, but i could feel it going through my tongue. She didnt use a clamp, she just held my tongue inhand. So she stuck it through, and twisted on the ball. Then she told me to slowly, put my tongue back in my mouth. I did, and it felt so weird. I opened my eyes, and Kelly was BALLIN! I was fine, and she was cryin like a baby, she said it looked sick! So I got the cleaning and healng instructions, and left. After i thanked the piercer of course.

Later, I got pretty hungry, my mom was at work, and all we had was solid

food. So I walked over to kellys, and ate chicken brothe (EW!) while her , her mom, and her firned, chowed down o pizza. Well The broth wasnt that bad, becuz I was so hungry. But I wanted some pizza. I tore of piece by piece, chewed it while it was in my cheek, and then swallowed, very carefully. The sauch kind of burned.

Later on, we went to sing karaoke in his bar. I managed to get down, a

chicken finger, and a bunch of fries. gargling after each meal, of course. I smoke (I know its bad), but I just want to let all you of you smokers out thee know. They tell you not to, but its okay, just rinse after a evry cigarette, and its a pain if you smoke as much as me. but it is totally worth it. It is kind of sore, but not as bad as it was. And now, I dont feel it in my mouth as much as I used too. So, I definately reccomend the piercing.

PS. If your ever in south florida. I totally reccomend Class Act tattooing (By then it'll officially be know as ink link tattooing) on Okechobee road, I think its 4750. About a half of a mile west of phar more.

If you have any questions or COmments, please e-mail me at: [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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