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my tongue piercing

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Hi my names Amy, I'm 21 and the mother of a 2 and a half year old son. I got my tongue pierced about a week ago and id like to share my experience with everyone.

To be honest with you I'm not really sure why I chose my tongue to

pierce but I think that I wanted to do something a little wild. I've been debating the whole piercing thing ever since navel piercing was really big, but that was definitely out having a 10 pd baby leaves some serious stretch marks as you can imagine. I already have my ears done twice and I hated to wear earrings so I decided on the tongue. Something about a tongue and ways to use it turns me on so I thought having a bar through it would make everything a whole lot more interesting (you know what I mean). So just one day I was sitting at my moms house and my brother and I started talking about it. He's 16 and a lot of his friends have it done, and he was quite shocked when I said I would like to get it done. So he offered to pay for it and my Mom said she would watch my son, so we were off to the local tattoos and body piercing shop. On the way there I kept debating whether to do this or not and an extreme adrenaline rush came over me and I said screw it lets do it, I didn't think about what my fiancee would say ( oops mistake laugh out loud). When I pulled up to the shop I was still nervous but I figured hell you've came up here now you have to do it, so we walked inside. It was a very interesting place to say the least, tattoos all over the wall and an albino python in an aquarium. The owner who I had met before named bull was sitting at his desk and asked what I needed, when I said I was here for a tongue piercing he just looked at me. I worked in the local supermarket so I guess he was kinda shocked. He had me pick out my jewelry, a barbell with a smiley face on the top, and my brother an eight ball. Then asked me to fill out a paper and for my drivers license I asked if my brother could do it also and he had me call home my Mom gave me a reluctant OK. So my brother gave him $110 and then told me to go first, The other guy that worked there called me into the booth and told me to rinse with mouthwash so I went to the bathroom and rinsed. When I got back he opened everything and sat it out and gave me the rundown, he was very honest and told me that the clamp would hurt but I probably wouldn't feel the needle. He put a bib on me and then had me stick out my tongue. He dried it off then put the clamp on my tongue (ouch)! that hurt I have a fat tongue so you can imagine, Before I could even flinch he was screwing the ball on the barbell. He helped me up and gave me more mouthwash to go rinse with. It hard to describe the feeling its more like u just have something in your mouth and u slobber a lot. Other than the clamps the piercing didn't hurt. My brother went ahead and got his done, and then they gave us the "rules" don't smoke for a little while, rinse with mouthwash don't drink from a straw the first day, and no sucking.( there went my wild night laugh out loud). We left and went to a gas station for a slush, I couldn't talk and the woman at the counter just looked at me strange until I showed her, and then she asked if it hurt and I told her biting your tongue is 10 times worse than getting it pierced she was shocked but it was true. After we left there we went home and showed Mom, she didn't understand the whole concept but was really cool about it. She thought my brother and I had a weird way of bonding, my son saw it and said it was cool and stuck his tongue out. I called my fiancee and mumbled what I had done to him and he hung up! He called back because he thought I was joking when I told him I wasn't he was like you're crazy, but I'll get used to it. The next few days sucked, I was constantly eating ice, and ice cream and I was thrilled when I ate a few bites of macaroni and cheese. After 3 days the swelling went down a lot and I had to learn how to eat again. But I'm happy to say now I am doing fine, I like playing with it and it feels good in my mouth (if that makes any sense) I'm so glad I did it. My next thing is a clitoris hood but it might be a while before I do that. so basically if u want to do something just do it, it cant be that bad and if you don't like it take it out, its not like a tattoo, there for life and you can hide it trust me my dad doesn't know and I see him every day. I cant wait till I heal completely and can try some stimulating surprises on my fiancee, I'll let you know how that goes.but really if u want something that bad do it I did and I'm so happy I did. Amy


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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