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Tongue Piercing

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After many years of desparately wanting to pierce my tongue, I actually went and got it done during my Spring Break in March, 1999.

You see, I am not a fan of pain. In fact, I am not a fan of needles and I have been known to get queasy from a simple physical exam come blood test time. It was totally a change for me to actually go through with it, but for some reason, I did.

I had asked my friend Brianna who had a wonderful looking tongue ring to recommend a place for me. Almost instantly, I had an appointment to get my piercing that Friday. Brianna came with me, as well as my friend Maura and my friend Kristin. I felt that if I had friends with me, that I probably wouldn't chicken out or act too silly.

This proved to be right.

I arrive at the place, and I was warned that the store usually smelled like babies, because the tattoo artist had a little boy whom he frequently took care of while he worked. Fortunately, any smell that might have been there from the little boy was not present that day, as the tattoo artist was not there. I was immediately greeted by a very handsome and pierced guy named Todd, and Maura went over and picked out jewelry for me. It was almost as if there was really no turning back when Maura handed Todd the jewelry and Todd began sterilizing it and getting the whole procedure ready for me.

At this time I began getting very nervous. I couldn't even look at the magazines that Todd had in the little waiting room. I just kept pacing around, thinking about how much pain I may be in and reminding myself that I despise needles.

I thought back to when I had my navel pierced in 1996. I did that on a whim one day when two friends and I were visiting people in Geneseo. I walked into a store and browsed the jewelry and the lady took one look at me and said, "You look like you want something pierced."

My navel piercing did not hurt at all, except about two weeks later I began feeling queasy just looking at it. My mom hated it as well, and offered me money to take it out. Seemed like a fair deal to me. I wasn't in love with it.

Because the procedure did not hurt, however, I figured that a tongue piercing couldn't be that bad. I tried to calm down as I walked into the piercing room and watched Todd get some Listerine ready for me and spray everything. I knew that he was being cautious and that everything was safe, and this made me feel much better.

Once I laid down in the seat, however, I felt like I was about to get teeth pulled. The room looked like a funky dentist's office. There was the chair and the supplies, much like what you'd see when you get a cavity filled, but instead of pictures of teeth and beautiful smiles, there were pictures of people with many, many body modifications!

Maura came by my side as Todd put a bib on me. I was asking many questions like, "Will this hurt?" "Is it more or less pain than a belly button piercing?" "What's this for?" "How thick is the needle?" Todd wouldn't give me straight answers, and my friends kept saying, "Don't ask! Be brave!"

So brave I was as I closed my eyes and squeezed Maura's hand tight. Todd placed the clamp on me, and after hearing so many people describe that clamp, I was prepared for the pressure. I kept wondering when he was going to finally pierce me, it seemed like hours that I was sitting there with the clamp on, although it was only two minutes, according to my friends.

All of a sudden, everyone in the room seemed to quiet down, and I hear Brianna go, "Ohhh here we go!" And I felt this very uncomfortable dull pain. Since I was nervous I wasn't sticking my tongue out all the way, and Todd was having trouble getting i through.

Maura said, "Erica, it's through!" and I calmed down. Todd then asked for me to try to stick it out "aaaaall the way." I did that and it turned out that it hadn't really been through when Maura said it was, she simply said that so I would calm down. She was right. I calmed down and the procedure was a piece of cake from that part forward.

I was so shocked that I actually went through with it, that I woudln't even look at myself in the mirror to see the piercing until about ten minutes after the procedure. I couldn't speak very well and I was so dumbfounded that when Todd handed me a cup of green Listerine to rinse, I forgot how to spit it out. I was making a mess all over myself and my friends giggled at how silly I looked.

In the days after the procedure, I was very frustrated. I love to eat and many things were just impossible. The night after my procedure, I went to a diner with some friends and could barely even eat the soup. This was just too much for me to handle as I sullenly sipped my water and hoped that the next two weeks would go by quickly.

Within a few days, I was able to eat more substantial amounts of food, and taught myself how to eat normally without being scared of biting down on the barbell. I continuously rinsed with Listerine, after about everything I did, even when I just bit my nails. I didn't want to take chances.

My friend Kerry informed me that if you dilute the Listerine with water then it will still act as a disinfectant, but also it would lessen the 'greenish yellow' color on the tongue and prevent any discoloration from being permanent. Whether or not this is, in fact, true, after the first week, I did start diluting it and I saw that my tongue was pretty much its normal color.

The swelling decreased substantially after a week and it became so much fun to play with. A tongue ring is an oral-fixation-person's DREAM! Every time I look at it, I feel proud of myself for actually going through with it. I do not think I will get any more piercings, however. I do not want to have anything done to my face, and I have no intentions of getting my nipples or genital area pierced.

All in all, this was a very successful thing for me and I am beyond happy. I welcome any emails with your questions or comments! Happy piercing!:)-o

-Erica Lynn [email protected]


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on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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