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First Piercing @ 27 WOW!

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Let me give you a little history about myself. I graduated in 1990, live in sunny Tampa, Florida, where the sun never stops shinning. It's funny really, when you watch the weather on TV, and its snowing in Chicago, or where ever, its still warm in Florida. Today it was about 85 degrees today. Felt like summer is just around the corner.

Anyway, let me tell you about my piercing. I became interested in having a piercing done, but didn't know what to get pierced, where to go, or how its done. I surfed the net a lot to find all of the information that I possibly could. BME was great because I could read actual stories about getting a piercing.

I was really not sure how my wife would react to it, so I casually dropped the line " Wouldn't it be cool if I got my nipples pierced?", Well that didn't go over too well.

I was in the ring and fighting Mike Tyson, well for those that are married, you will agree that having a fight with your spouse is no picnic. We had our BIG discussion about the whole deal, and I relented, and said " Yeah, your right, what a stupid idea. "

About 2 weeks later, after reading more info, i decided that a tongue piercing would be better, it heals faster, not very painful, and you can hide it somewhat. So after thinking about this with much debate ( pros, cons, etc.) I would spring it on her again. I came up to my wife and said " Wouldn't a tongue piercing be cool? ", so that didn't go over too well. I didn't let up though, wanting to go to Law School, and become a Lawyer, I forced on. I debated the fact that she had a tattoo, and never asked my permission ( my solid leverage!! ), over, and over, I pushed. she started crying, and I thought, crap there goes my chance. NO! I pressed on, I didn't know where this determination came from, but hey, I rolled with it.

My wife told me " Fine! I want you to get your tongue pierced! ", I thought that it was reverse psychology or something, I asked her if she would still love me. Of course she said. Hmmm, I wasn't ready for any of this, I thought I was just beating a dead horse, but this, WOW! I won. Couldn't believe it wither, my wife always wins, she is a great debater.

Okay, now I got the go. Hoo-rah!, On the day that I got my tongue pierced, I was totally scared to death. I thought, well I really don't need to get my tongue pierced ( inner-self trying to pursuade its way ), I made up my mind that I wouldn't got through it. Ha! I won again. For some reason that caused me to ease up a great deal. I told one of my co-workers that I thinking about getting my tongur pierced, and she said " Go with your gut feeling.", okay, hmmmm.... I thought why not. Over little debate, I decided to go ahead and do it.

I went to a great place in Ybor City, Fl. called the Blue Devil Tattoo and body piercing.

They autoclave all of their utensils, use only one use needles, and deposit them into a sharps container. They also deposit any soft items like paper towels, etc into a bio hazard container. That really eased my mind. The piercing studio was upstairs, and the tattoo stuff was all down stairs. I paid my $60 bucks, and I went upstairs. Their were some really cool pictures of body piercings. It wasn't just photos, but it was artistic photos. Really cool too! There were two areas, one was a chair, and a curtain, and the other was like a doctor's table. My piercer told me to sit down on the table. I asked him how long he had been piercing. He said that he had been piercing for 3 years in the Tampa area, and 6 years elsewhere. WOW! I thought this is great, I'm scared, but I found a great piercer. Who knows he could have lied, but I didn't notice.

He had his lip pierced, and both ears with streched with steel holes in them, plus tattoos on the side, probably a fringe benefit. I asked him about diseases, and he explained the autoclave for the clamp, and that the needles were one use only. He explained that the jewelry was in individual packets. Everything was steralized. He made me stick out my tongue ( the whole time I'm thinking what the hell am I doing! ), and felt my tongue. He said that I had a natural tonue for piercing, that he could feel the bed with no problem ( big ego booster there ), put on the gloves, made my swish with listerine. I did that after work just to make sure. Then he dried my tongue, and marked it. Perfect placement. Then he said take a deep breath, and as I did, he put the needle through, and then said time for the jewelry, that hurt a little more because it is dull. I looked at it, and thought man that was fast, and what the hell was I scared of. My piercer gave me instructions on aftercare, and I was done. No blood with the piercing. He said that most people slobber a lot once the jewlery starts to go in. No slobber. I told him that the barbell was huge ( 7/8 ), he said that it was for the swelling. He told me to come back in a week, and we'll change it out. I still was thinking, am I done? Yep!

Now comes the fun part. I left the studio, and drove to get some dinner, I hadn't ate anything, and was starving. I knew to buy soft stuff, and soups. On the way to the store, I ended up running a red light, with a cop right next to me. I was totally thinking about my piercing, and was paying no attention to driving, bad move. Luckily I got away with a warning, and the cop told me to pay more attention. Cool no ticket. It gets better, I went to the grocery store to buy the soup, and I got some vitamins too. The vitamins help speed up the healing process. Walking through the store with supplys in hand, I went to check out. I paid for the goods, and went to my car.

When I got home, I checked the mail, and brought in the groceries, and checked the messages, the usual stuff. After going to the bathroom, I put away the milk that I bought.

I went to get the other bag, but there was none. I went out to my car to get the other bag, thinking that I just left it there. No bag in the car. Crap! I left the other bag at the store with my soup, and vitamins.

Pissed off about this, I went back up to the store. I asked the cashier about my bag, and she looked confused. She asked a bag boy to look at the registers. He didn't find a thing.

He told me to go and get the stuff anyway. I thought cool. Got my stuff AGAIN, and by this time, I was really HUNGERY. So I decided to get some Chinese food. Lo-Mein of course, noodles for those who don't know. I got home, and started digging into my wonderful dinner. I just love Lo-Mein. The noodles got wrapped around the barbell, and I still tried to swallow, but nothing. I ended up spitting them into the toilet. I freaked out because I thought the damn ball came off, but it didn't.

I decided to eat some soup. I got a big bowl, and emptied the soup into it. I wised up and drank the soup through a straw. What punishment. The one thing that I love to eat, and I can't, BOO!

My tongue doesn't hurt, it feels like the tongue is strained after a REALLY long night of oral sex. No swelling, haven't even tried ice yet, and no swelling. I remember biting my tongue was more painful than this. I can talk, but a little pain with the P's, Th's, and such. I love it!!! My wife hasn't seen it yet because she is out of town for the week. I have to drive up on Friday with our son, and a friend for the weekend. I'm going to tell her that I chickened out, and waas crazy to think about doing something like that. Evil, I know.

Then yawn, or something, and see what she says. She probably will not believe me, because I do that to her all the time.

If you are thinking about having your tongue pierced, than I would recommend that you do it. Make sure you go to a studio that is clean, sterilizes their equipment with an autoclave, uses only one use needles, has sharps containers, bio-waste containers, the piercer wears gloves, can explain to you the process, can tell you how long he has been piercing, makes you sterilize your mouth before the piercing. You want to call the place, and ask a lot of questions. Don't ask questions like, "Do you sterilize your equipent?", anyone can say "Yes!", but ask questions like, "How do you sterilize your equipment?", "How does the jewelry come packaged?", questions like these forces people to describe the process to you, and if they can't, beware. There are really good studios around, but don't be fooled by the cheesy ones. Don't do it yourself either, you could hit a vein, or artery in your tongue, and that would really suck!

Good-Luck, Mike


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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