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What might have been...

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This is my story of the tongue piercing that never was.....

During spring break this year, back in early March, I started seeing

a guy with a tongue ring. This made guy #2 that Amy has dated that has a tongue ring. He was also the first person to ever suggest that I get a tongue ring! I was kind of shocked and sickened. Looking at me, your first thought is: sorority girl, which I am. You would never think: tongue piercing freak. So I told him no way would I be getting my tongue pierced! I told a friend of mine (who has her tongue pierced as well) what my new guy suggested and, to my surprise, she said "Yeah, I think that'd look cute on you." Well, the more she talked me into it, the more excited I go! It got to the point where I could not WAIT until the day after Easter (long story) to get it done.

That night I started doing research on the Internet about tongue

piercing and came across BME. If it weren't for BME (not to mention the stories I got from all of my friends that have had their tongues pierced), there is NO WAY I would have had the balls to go through with it. My mom caught me looking up the tongue piercing stories and asked me if I was thinking about getting it done. I said, "Yeah, kinda." Well, my parents came up the next week to visit me at college and the very first thing my dad did was ask me to stick out my tongue!!! He was relieved, to say the least! I told them that I gave up on the idea (meanwhile, it was all that was on my mind!!!)

Easter weekend....passed by SO SLOWLY! All I could think about was

returning to school and getting pierced. The day after Easter, I woke up with a sick feeling. I went to all of my classes, met my friends for lunch, and just picked at a bowl of cereal. Everyone knew I was getting my tongue pierced that evening, they were just ready for me to get it done so that I'd stop talking about it 24/7! After lunch, I went back to my room and TRIED to take a nap. Didn't help. An hour before the tongue piercing, I triede to eat again, but I couldn't. My friend told me she'd treat me to dinner. She said that I HAD to eat SOMETHING, but I couldn't, so I didn't.

5pm rolls around. I, along with 4 other friends (2 of them had

pierced tongues already), head to Junkman's Daughter's Brother, a funky store here in Athens, GA, about 5 minutes away from my dorm room. This is the ONLY place I considered when planning my tongue piercing experience. Randy, the piercer, did three of my friends tongues already, so he came highly recommended. When I met him, I knew why -- he is just great! I was real nervous while we were waiting on Randy, but as soon as I met him I felt at ease. He had a very friendly, calming manner about him.

Randy checks out my tongue's length and width, and says that

everything looks good. He leads my friends and I back to the piercing room. It's painted blue and has pictures of his cats on the wall -- certainly not what I expected -- much nicer actually!

After I sign all the paperwork, Randy asks me to stick out my tongue

so that he can "check it's anatomy "as he put it. He noted that I had this vein close to where he wanted to pierce the tongue, but thought he could get around it. So he gives me this cup full of Listerine and made me swish for a full minute. That stuff burns! All of my friends got a good laugh out of watching me do this. While I'm doing this, Randy (who put gloves on the minute we got in the room) is setting stuff out on the table: the needle (which he keeps hidden in the package so I don't freak!), some cotton towels to dry my tongue with, a toothpick, purple dye, and, of course, the tongue ring. After I finally spit the stuff out, Randy shows me how the tongue ring works, how the balls screw on, etc. I'm getting more excited by the minute. Then he marks my tongue with the purple dye and toothpick. He says that he has to pierce it a little crooked b/c of the vein, but that it would end up looking just fine. So I thought "Cool, just as long as I leave here with a pierced tongue!!!"

Well, he has me lie down on this dentist chair-looking thing and my

friend Michelle is at my side, holding my hand. Randy tells me to breathe slowly, then he dries off my tongue with the cotton towels and puts the clamp on. Despite what you hear, this part is not bad at ALL. No pain whatsoever. So I'm all ready for the needle (my eyes are shut at this point -- there was NO WAY I'd be able to watch) when Randy says that he wants to "check the anatomy" of the underside of my tongue one more time. Well, this time, with the clamps on, he sees that this vein is worse than he thought. Apparently it was sticking out all over the place. Randy explained that if he pierced it, there was a 50/50 chance that either everything would be fine or my tongue would bleed a lot and hemorrhage and send me to the hospital. I asked Randy, with tears in my eyes (yes, I was looking forward to it THAT MUCH) if I'd ever be able to get my tongue pierced, and he said no. He said that I could go somewhere else and have them pierce it, but all I wanted was Randy. This guy is a PRO and if he didn't want me getting my tongue pierced, I was going to take his word for it. Hell, if he said the sky was green I'd believe him! He then told me that he has the same problem with his tongue; one annoying vein that pokes out at just the wrong place that keeps him from getting his tongue pierced. [Note: Don't believe the first piercer that tells you this -- an experienced piercer can often choose an alternate placement to avoid the veins. - Shannon] That makes me feel a little better, though I was still upset. I wasn't mad at Randy though -- he was awesome. I was just mad at the situation -- I wanted this so badly! So I stood back as Randy proceeded to pierce my friend's belly button without a hitch. Man, was I jealous of her and all of my friends who WERE able to get their tongues pierced. The situation sucked, but it left me with some kernels of wisdom that I would like to now dispense:

If you want to get your tongue pierced, DO IT! Do it for me and all of the other poor souls who aren't able to get their tongues pierced! But, more importantly, do it for yourself.

If you're like me and unable to get your tongue pierced, go buy something nice for yourself with the money that you would have used on the tongue piercing. Or...just find something else to get pierced!!! ;-)

~Aimes If you want to know anything at all, you can email me at UGAimes@aol.com


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on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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