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Finally got what I wanted

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I think it goes back to when I was 12 or 13. My friends and I would ditch school and come down to the city. We lived in a burb of Chicago. Everytime I came downtown I say these people. They were like idols to me I guess you could say. "I wanna get stuff pieced when I grow up" I had already begun to dye my hair and wear "weird" clothes. I listened to punk and snuck off to shows late at night when I could. Whenever I was in the city we would walk all the way to the north side of town from the loop. Mind you for a bunch of lil kids thats a far walk. About 3 miles, none of us knew how to ride the "L" or take a public bus. So we saved up money for the metra and walked the rest of the way. I havent "grown up" persay but at least now I am over the legal ages. I've got a half sleeve, two other tats  and a couple piercings. On with the story.

There is this really big

store called The Alley. When I was younger I used to want to work there. Now most of my friends do, I'm just some geeky computer grrl now :) Anyways maybe I should get to the point. I had just met up with a few friends and we had nothing to do. I had to be at work at 11pm and they were just on lunch break. I wanted another piercing. My normal piercer was an "L" , a bus and a cab ride away, so I walked around to each piercing shop and everyone was busy. I went about a mile from where The Alley was, left my friends behind, and searched for this little shop I had heard of on Briar Street. When I finally found it I thought it was closed. Luckily for me it wasnt. I walked in and had a chit chat with a girl that did the receptionist gig there. She was nice and had me fill out the appropriate forms.

Finally I met Pere. He had come down stairs while I was looking thru his books. He called me up and I took a minute to make sure all the pages where put back the way they went. He was like "WoW, No one ever bothers to fix the photo pages. Thanks." Kewl so now my piercer likes me :P Anyways Pere pierced my left nostril. I made him move the dot like 5 times till it was exactly where I wanted it :) He didnt mind.

Did I mention this all took

about an hour? We had a computer discussion before and we were talking about BME since we are both constantly on here reading etc... The piercing itself took about 10 mins, cleaning, piercing, after care chat. The next day The bead popped out. To be honest it was nothing he had done. I was picking my nose blush. My friend Dave went with me to have the bead put back in. Pere had done Dave's webbing and his cutting. We had started talking Dave's webbing, it reminded me how I had wanted something permanently in my mouth. grin Only sadly I am tongue tied. Pere looked at me kind of funny."Stick out your tongue" Every other piercer has told me I could not have anything in my tongue. Peres confidence that I could have something done was very very reassuring. We decided on the "venom" and I was to come back the following tuesday the 13th . Needless to say I couldnt wait.

Friday April 9th 1999.

Pere came downstairs and saw

me sitting there. He had joked that I had a crush on him because the bead on my nose ring had come out twice and I couldnt put it back in, so he had to do it. He later explained to me that he only gives me shit cuz he thinks im kewl.


He also seems to get a kick out of making me blush. Along with most of my friends. Pere told me he had a P.A. at 10pm it was 9:40. I was very dissapointed. I had to work at 11pm. Pere said we could get it done after the P.A. and before I had to be at work. This was a little too much rushing for me. Plus I know Pere and I tend to gab. He said "Screw it lets do it now, that guy can wait."

We went upstairs and I took

my seat per usual. He gave me a small cup of Hydrogen Peroxide and I rinsed out with that. Little sips and then water. He soaked the barbells while we chatted. My friend Jon had come a long this time. My cameraman. Pere went over the rules of when to and when to not blind him with a flash. I got my papertowel bib on while Pere set the rest of his equipment out. I was kinda trying to see how many times he changed his gloves but I lost count after 15165217265.

One thing I must add is

whenever I get pierced I close my eyes and kinda just relax. I love the way being pierced feels. Pere put on the clamps and had to convince my tongue it was ok to come out. This all took about 5 seconds and the needle was already through my tongue. I hadnt even had enough time to close my eyes. I couldnt even believe it was done and the jewlery was in one the right side. Pere had to grab onto the jewelry to keep my tongue from retreating back into my mouth. It was the most PAINLESS piercing I have had. Now comes the left side. We stopped for a second to replace my bib and Pere had to change gloves as I drooled all over him :) The left side I actually felt because I was anticipating it so much. I didnt feel it go in, but coming out there was a tiny pinch. So now I have both nipples, a nostril piercing and a "venom". I'm a happy camper. Well till n ext week when I feel the need for something else. :)

If you are in the Chicago land area I highly recommend Pere at Body Basics. Pere's site Body Basics site

Feel free to email me if you have any questions mil0@megsinet.net http://members.tripod.com/MeiloW


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on: 15 April 1999
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