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Church Girl's Tongue Piercing

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Once I finally decided that I had the balls to go through with it, the thought of getting my tongue pierced consumed me. I would mention it from time to time to my boyfriend ( who told me it was "stupid, stupid" ) and jokingly shocked my parents with the idea. But it wasn't until spring break that I said, "This is it." Well, it just so happens that my lovely boyfriend spent my tongue piercing money on vodka lemonades at some lame-ass beachside bar down in Hilton Head. When I returned from vacation, I saw that my best friend had gotten her tongue pierced in FA. I was unbelievably, undeniably JEALOUS!! I was like a little kid who hadn't gotten her way, and continued to throw temper tantrums until I finally came into enough money to get my own done.

So here is the stuff you're probably reading this for. My apartment-mates took me to this really shady place about fifteen minutes from where we lived. I just assumed that all tattoo and piercing parlors looked that way. After waiting for some time, a complete tool of a guy walked out and asked what we wanted. I told him that I wanted to get my tongue pierced, and he replied by asking me if I had brought listerine with me. What the hell? How was I to know that they wouldn't have there own mouth cleaning stuff? So my two friends and I had to run out to a gas station and buy a really tiny, really expensive bottle of listerine. When we got back, the piercer came out and asked if I was eighteen and made me fill out one of those forms that basically relieves them of any legal bindings. For instance, if I die, it isn't there fault. Steve, the piercer told me to follow him , and he led me into a ugly room that didnt look particularly clean. He told me to sit in the "chair of pain" (that is what he called it). The chair looked like a dental chair that was bought at the salvation army or something. He put a drool bib around my neck and one on my lap. I rinsed with the Listerine and then he told me to stick my tongue out as far as I possibly could. He said that the further I stuck it out, the less it would hurt, so I really stretched it.

He made some comment about how i could get a double piercing if I wanted to (no thanks!). Next thing I knew he was marking my tongue with this big red marker. He didnt ask where I wanted it, and he did't ask me to pick my jewlry. Also, I never checked to see if he was wearing gloves. I hope he did. Anyway, I was pretty calm still, or I at least pretended to be. I didnt want my friends to see me shake. Then he clamped me, it didn't hurt , and without mentioning it, he shoved the needle right through!!!!! I had absolutely no idea that he was going to do it. You should pay close attention to this next part- I started to feel something wet on my chin, I assumed it was drool, but one look at my friends' faces told me otherwise. As he put the barbell in, I started to gush blood. I mean GUSH!!! It was so gross. Steve just stared for a second and then told me to take the drool bib and wipe. To top it off, he cross threaded the jewlry when he put it on. Now, if you dont know what that means, it is kinda like when you screw a nut onto a screw at an angle. Something like that. He told me the bleeding was normal, but he looked really shocked and asked if I was on any medication. I said no. After all of this he told me to rinse again with the listerine and spit it into this cup he was holding. i missed and got it all over him!!! I wasn't too upset because I didn't like him much.

Sorry Steve.

That night I sucked on ice constantly. I really like my new piercing, and went to show it to my boyfriend. He was shocked that I had gone through with it. For the next four days my tongue hurt like a bitch. I had ice in my mouth 24/7. I knew that it would stay swollen, but I was nervous about the fact that it wasn't improving at all. I finally decided to get it checked out somewhere else. The guy who looked at it assured me that I'd be okay, and he told me a lot of helpful things about after care that my original piercer didn't even mention. Just so you know, he mentioned zinc and vitamin C supplements to speed healing. Today is the sixth day after the piercing , and it is still swollen . The pain isn't so bad anymore, but it is sore. My main concern now is keeping my extremely strict parents from noticing. It hasn't been that hard because I no longer live with them, but I see them every Sunday at church. I teach Sunday School (go figure). You may be shocked by that, but I like shocking people. Afterall, attention is a girl's best friend (hence the tongue piering)!!!! Good luck

Peace and love, Joan


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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