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My tongue oozed yellow goo!

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Ok, so it wasn't quite as bad as it sounds... but let me start at the beginning. I will tell you the whole story. First, I would like to thank BME for allowing everyone, myself included, to share out wonderful stories of self mutilation. (As grandpa would say.)

I decided to get my tongue pierced in December of 1998. I had bounced the idea off a few people... hoping to get some feedback, and also hoping that one of the many might decide to surprise me by offering to pay for it as a birthday gift. Well my wonderful 22nd birthday on Dec. 6 had come and gone, and not a soul had come forth to help me with my mission. As a matter of fact, they all called me crazy.

"What has grandpa done to them all?" I thought to myself, as I picked up the phone to call Dansing Dragon, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, the tattoo studio where I would inevitabley have a surgical steel rod shoved through my pretty pink tongue.

I made my appointment for the next week, Tuesday, Dec. 15, 1998. Over the next week while I waited in excitement and agony, I explained to the rest of the world why I would even consider having something like this done... and I will tell you the same thing. I did it to be content. Let me explain. I have always been seen as this innocent little girt.... the first granddaughter, a great student, a pretty face. Everyone sees the same image, but nobody really sees me... what I am to myself. Behind the pretty face, behind what everybody else sees, is a little bit of the person that I know... and even if they never know what is behind my lips, I do, and I am content.

So, now comes the fun part. The big day had finally arrived, and my appointment was at 4:30 in the afternoon. I stayed in bed until 2:00 that day... and anyone who has ever had this done should understand why - the waiting is the worst part. You get nervous, you get excited, you get worried. Everything wrapped up in one... and time drags on forever. So I tried to sleep the time away.

When I finally got up, I got ready to go. I brushed my teeth and tongue, then rinsed with Listerine for about two minutes. I had read so many stories on the BME page, I knew I should have a clean mouth, so I took an extra precaution and did it before hand. I was finally ready to go. My aunt picked my up (she is more like my best friend-hi Bonnie!) and drove me down to the studio. (side note: I highly recommend having someone drive you - I will explain later)

We walked in and the place was empty. I talked to the man at the counter, his name was Richard. He asked me if I was ready. I started to shake. He took me downstairs to a small room where he had everything ready. Everything looked really clean. He had me sign a disclaimer form, so that if anything went wrong, I couldn't sue his ass. (lol- I wasn't too worried about that) I signed away, told him that this was my birthday present to myself, and then sat down in the chair.

My aunt was with me the whole time... we both asked him a million questions.... is it going to hurt... how long does it take to heal... when can I change the size of the barbell... all of the questions I'm sure would be on your mind as well. I even asked him if it would be a problem that my entire face was shaking. (it was... I was NERVOUS!) He said no. Everything he told me was very reassuring. I also noticed that he had a tongue ring of his own, so I felt very safe in his hands.

For my grandpas benefit, my aunt asked my one last time not to go through with this. I was ready. My adrenaline was pumping like crazy. He put on his gloves. I stuck out my tongue and he dried it off with a paper towel. He marked a spot on my tongue with a blue felt marker, showed it to me in the mirror, and I gave him an A-OK. Then he put the clamps on my tongue, and let me tell you they were very tight.... not painful, just tight. I was told that it also helps cut the blood circulation, which reduces pain and bleeding. He shone a flashlight through my tongue to make sure there were no veins or other obstructions.

He opened up the jewelry and the needle from new packages. My aunt asked him to show me the size of the needle and he said that he never shows anyone the needle. She laughed and cringed and then explained to me that the barbell screwed right onto the needle, so it all slides through at once. (side note: he didn't make me rinse with Listerine, so I was really glad I had done it ahead of time.) He told me to take a deep breath. I closed my eyes. He placed the needle under my tongue, told me to take another deep breath and as I was breathing in, I felt a small pinch on the top of my tongue. I opened my eyes to see a three inch long needle sticking up in front of my eyes. But no pain. No blood. I didn't even drool. He took the clamps off my tongue, and I had a 3/4 inch 14 gauge metal rod in my mouth. It was great.

While I sat there, for about 10 minutes afterward, my face went completely white, I got light-headed and I felt like I was going to throw up. Richard was really nice... he explained that it was just my body settling back to normal after having all the adrenaline pumping through me. He put a cold wet cloth on the back of my neck and gave me a ginger ale to sip on. This is why I recommend taking someone with you to drive you home.

As soon as I felt better, I paid the nice man 65 canadian dollars, and I was on my way to Wal-Mart to pick up some care supplies. Over the weeks that followed, I followed his care instructions, rinsed with Oral-B, which he said was a better mouthwash than Listerine for the first while, because it was slightly less harsh and would not irritate the fresh wound I had in the middle of my tongue. I sucked on ice constantly, and I took Advil (NOT Tylenol) every once in a while because it has an anti-inflammatory that helps reduce swelling. My tongue was incredibly swollen and I could barely talk for about a week. I was slurring my words and had a HORRIBLE lisp. It didn't hurt unless I tried to talk to much or unless I tried to eat too much. I cut things very small and chewed very slowly. (just one more little side note: I preferred eating small pieces of solid food, like chicken, rather than soft mushy things. I found that the solid food would stay in one place where I was chewing it, away from the hole in my tongue, while the mushy stuff just went everywhere.)

Then it was time for the yellow goo. It was about a week after I had gotten it done. The swelling had just started to go down. That's when I noticed this yellow looking ooze sliding out of the hole. Richard had warned me that this might happen and not to freak out.. it's normal.. but I freaked anyway. I went back onto the internet and read everything I possibly could on this wonderful BME site, and I finally started to relax. For about three days, I would just clean away the goo with a Q-tip, and it just went away. I also had a really white/yellow looking tongue, which was caused by rinsing too much... the mouthwash kills natural enzymes in your mouth, so I just diluted the mouthwash a bit with water (not quite half) and that problem went away as well.

So now, it has been 3 months. I love my tongue ring and I also love what it means to me. To anyone that wants to get their tongue pierced: I would recommend doing it... as long as you know why you are doing it. I would also recommend reading a lot about it first, so that you know what to expect, and you don't freak out if your tongue oozed yellow goo.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me, please feel free to email me at pepsigirl3@hotmail.com and I will write to you. My name is April. Thanks for reading my story.


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on: 01 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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