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I got my tongue pierced!!!!!!!

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I never really liked tongue piercings.  I didn't understand why people would

get them. This summer at camp I had a counselor who had one (You're awesome Lafer!). I didn't like it at first, but by the end of camp, I thought it was so cool. My mind was made up, I was going to get my tongue pierced. I knew my parents would never go for it, so I looked up tongue piercing because I was thinking about doing it myself. I found BME's website and after reading up about other people's stories, I decided to try and convince my parents into letting me get it done. At first they said "no" right away. The second time I asked, they seriously thought about it for a week, but then again they said "No". I realized that they were never going to agree, so I decided to go to a place near by that doesn't ask for ID. I knew it was a risk but I knew people who got theirs done there and they said everything was sterile, and the guys were good, so I decided to go.

I saved up enough money and the day after I got my license, I gathered my

friends and drove the forty five minutes to this place. We got out of the car and were running down the street because we were so excited (my friend was getting hers too). When we got there, we tried the door. It was locked. There was a buzzer. We pushed it. When there was no answer, we looked up and saw a big sign that said, "Closed Thursdays". We were so disappointed. We were going to go the next day but nobody could so we decided Saturday was the day. I was having a party on Saturday night that my parents didn't know about (shh!) and I was sleeping over (this was at my summer house) so at least I didn't have to talk to them until the next day.

We drove down to the place again, and this time, luckily, it was open.  So I

went in and told the guy I wanted my tongue pierced. The guy was really funny, and nice, a little perverted, but nice. He took me back to the room and told me I could have "one victim" to come in for support. He had me rinse with Listerene and all that good stuff that anyone who reads these stories would know. He marked my tongue and I asked him if he could move it back. He said sure, and then he did it. It really doesn't hurt. I mean, everyone says that, but I was skeptical. I could handle pain very well, but I think my mom could've done this, and she's terrible with needles. Anyway, I looked at it, and I decided I didn't want it back that far. The guy saw I was disappointed and said, "See you should've listened to me, want me to redo it?" and I said sure. So he did it back where he originally marked it, and redid it. I think that should be enough proof that it really doesn't hurt. The only part that hurt was when he pulled out the barbell after he pierced it the first time. He gave me aftercare instructions (although I already knew them from BME) and told me absolutely no alcohol for the first week or two because the yeast could get in the piercing and grow or something. It ruined my plans for that night, but I didn't care, I had my tongue pierced.

Day 1: We left the piercing parlor and when to McDonalds so I could get some ice. It was kinda funny cause I brought my Listerene inside because I had just had a cigarette and I wanted to rinse with it and some crazy lady was there and she was like, "What are you doing with that mouthwash, EH?" and I just smiled at her and she cackled the craziest laugh I have ever heard. I couldn't help but laugh. So anyways, I left and drove my friends home and then I picked them up again and we drove to the lake. That night I sucked on ice, and rinsed with Listerene (althought not as much as I should have). It didn't really hurt at all, but it got really swollen. I stayed up all night which probably didn't help much.

Day 2: This is actually a continuance of day one since I didn't sleep. I got home and my speech was a little messed up but my parents didn' t notice. I ate a crossaint, and some fruit salad that day. My parents thought I was going on "Some new crazy diet". Swelling was still there, still no pain.

Day 3: I went to school and of course showed everyone. I was so happy. It still was swollen but I started eating normally again. Eating with a spoon is really easy in the beginning if you put the bottom of the spoon on the barbell and slide the food of behind it. Just take small bites and chew slowly. My tongue started to turn yellowish, but that was just from the Listerene.

The swelling didn't go down for about a week, but it never was painful.  I'm

thinking of getting another piercing right in front of this one but I have to save up enough money first. My parents did find out because my speech was slurred. They took away my car, not because I got my tongue pierced, but because I "defied them". Oh well, my friends drive. I love my piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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