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California Girl gets PIERCED

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Do you give a discount on two?!?!

So I finally did it..After standing around for about 20 minutes and trying to figure out if i'd get in trouble at work for a tongue ring I decided to do it..I got it done on a Thursday and I wanted to be able to have the weekend to heal it...The piercing guy made me swish with this yellow mouth wash that taste like shit...then he had me go sit in his chair and stick out my tongue and he dried it out with paper towels. Thats when I almost had seccond thoughts and wanted to leave. But my friend just had hers done and I couldnt let her get it done and brag to me about how cool it is and make me want one.Then he got a blue Sharpie marker and dotted my tongue where he was going to pierce. Gave me a mirror and asked me if that was Ok and he explained how he had to do it at an angle because something about my tongue webbing.

He took the clamps out of the bag and then I saw the NEEDLE...I was surprised to see it was hallow...then he said....."stick your tongue way out"..I grabbed on to my friends hand and i squeezed it so tight...and I felt him tighten the clamps up and it didn't hurt with the clamps he held them in place..then I saw him put some Vaseline on the needle...and he said take a deep breath and.....POW..I felt it...he pierced it....I was drooling all over....he had me hold a paper towel to catch all my slobber...and I felt him put the bar in (that part hurt the most out of the whole piercing, it felt like a pinch) and the needle fell out on the paper towel I was holding. He screwed it in and i told him how much i hated him for doing this to me and I sat there for a minute because I could not believe what I had just did. My friend who had hers done right before mine said I was a total baby about it....but it didn't hurt.

So we left $130 for two piercings.....kinda expensive but that's with at $15 tip......We walked down Santa Monica Blvd to look for our friends and I showed everyone my tongue ring even strangers...freak....Then we went to the store to get some mouth wash and yogurt for tomorrow.

Day 1:

Swollen and soar especially when I woke up...I'm eating Yogurt and a juice from Jamba Juice... but its cool to show everyone. I swish with mouthwash after I eat. 1200 mg of Ibuprofen...that's a lot!

Day 2:

Still swollen hurts when I wake up still......not that bad.....I cant say "e" very well.....but I'll get use to it...I got some Gly-Oxide...that stuff taste reallllllly bad and it makes your mouth all foamy...I hope it works...a little bottle cost me $7.50...more Ibuprofen

Day 5:

A little puss is coming out of it, sick huh? I was able to eat some French Fries and a shake..kinda worried about the puss...the piercer said its OK....shrug..switched from Cepacol to Listerine...works better....Went to San Diego to show my mom , her reaction "that's really stupid"....I cant put it between my teeth yet.....its too swollen

Day 9:

Yeah.....swelling is gone......I can talk normal now...I'm thinking of changing the barbell...under my tongue is a little soar still and a tinny bit swollen...finally can put the top ball between my teeth

Day 16:

BAD DAY......I SWALLOWED THE WHOLE THING......I swallowed the whole freaking barbell.....I guess the ball on the bottom got loose and when I was eating my taco bell burrito I swallowed it....luckily my friend had a extra barbell.....so I was able to save the hole....but I'm uncomforable with the bar in my stomach so I wrote BME to ask what to do and they said its ok...So i'm just stressing over nothing.


Its been about a month.....I've changed the top ball to a clear one that glows in the black light...I'm going to get a smaller barbell this one is way too long. I'm so glad I got this done. I dunno if my barbell ever came out....My dentist said my tongue looks healthy...he said he's seen pictures in his medical journal of people who have piercings and got so infected they lost 1/2 their tongue or they hit an artrey and almost beld to death...but i've never heard of that before....He didnt make me take the bar out for x-rays either, I was surprised and it didnt show up in the x-ray pictures either. But the dentist did reccomend Gly-oxide and Listerene for after care and he said. Well thats my story and I'm sticking to it...I'm thinking of getting my nipple pierced next but I'm not sure yet....have to read up about it....bye!

If you have any questions write me: [email protected]

Ask for Scott (my piercer) at Tattoomania II (310) 358-0349 Hollywood ca


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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