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Is That Too Much???

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Well it all started a few years back.  I, being a usual teenager, wanted to

get multiple piercings. I wanted to be different and at the same time do completely the opposite that my parents approved of.

A year ago I got back into the whole idea of getting something pierced,

professionally that is. So I brought it up with my parents, and since they are rock n roll they said why not. They were so cool about it they even paid for it. So i go to this place called Rack N Ruin in South County, Ca. Everyone recommended the place to me. There were five people who told me to go there.

So there I was, driving the fifteen minutes to get there.  I wasn't that

nervous, but i was shaking. Earlier that day I had decided on getting my tongue pierced. The main reason for doing my tongue was there was this girl who told me she just loved them. She had one herself. So we pull into the parking lot and we go into the shop. My mom and myself, I tell the guy I want to get my tongue pierced and he asks how old I was and I replied fifteen, and he said "sorry dude, but you are too young." I then say okay and ask to get my ears pierced. He states the same thing, "you are too young." What the hell is wrong with this place. So I leave, and i was just completely bummed out for the rest of the day. My mom then says that we will try somewhere else later.

The next day both my parents and myself go to this other place, I don't

remember the name, but they were closed. I just was ready to hurt someone now. So I get home and look in the yellow pages and find the number to this place right down the street, Piercing by Max. I called up and he said to come in at six thirty, I said "I will be there."

Three hours later i was off.  I was so excited.  I get there and to my

surprise the place is also a beauty salon. The so called Max is some dude in a suit. That right there made me laugh, "hey im gonna get my tongue pierced by some guy named Max wearing a suit." His assistant is this girl who looks like a vampire or something. She's just freaky. I fill out a few papers and go into the back room. He sits me down and tells me to rinse my mouth with some mouth wash, this part sucked, it was by far the worst part. So I lay way back in the chair and try to breath normally. He then clamps my tongue and tells me to close my eyes. I do it and by the time I open them he had already stuck the barbell into it. One uncomfortable thing was that he couldn't screw the balls on. It took him almost five minutes just to get them on. I looked in the giant mirror next to me and was so excited. He then tells me the "do's and don'ts," which are fairly brief, but throe. I paid the man the whole 50 bones and was off. I was jumping up and down all the way to the car.

The next few days were challenging ones.  I had to learn to eat all over

again and I couldn't pick my teeth with my tongue anymore. I developed a minor lisp for the next week. Two days after i got my tongue done I had to go to court and I wasn't able to say a word, but that's a whole other story. Swelling had gone down after about a week, and I was able to eat normal foods after a week and a half.

The whole experience was great.  I just love the thing and would recommend it

to everyone. No matter what anyone says, it doesn't hurt and its not noticeable to other people. Just one things you should make sure to do is look deeper into a good professional piercer.

Most of the people who knew me before did not notice my new exciting pierced

tongue. When I did show them they were either amazed or terrified. The ones who were terrified always wanted to see it at least once more. I get all kinds of attention where i normally would not. One thing that is probably considered not good is that people seem to get the wrong impression of me something's. This is especially true for teachers and other adults. The think im a bad person or a drug user or something that I am not.

It has now been almost a year after I had gotten my very first piercing, my

tongue. I now have a few other, my eyebrow and both my nipples. My tongue is now at a two gauge. I use multiple jewelry in it, I have a stainless steel barbell, an acrylic barbell, and a flesh tunnel. I am also going to split it in a month. So that's my story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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