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Like a Mouthful of Menstruation

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This may not be a plesant title but it is what it it felt like as i explain what happened with me and my tongue piercing. Having had my punk phase in my younger years i used to contain many pieces of metal but with age i found employment hard to find so unfortunately had to ditch the lot. But recently having decided to re-enter education and with the current climate turning more towards people accepting piercing, at the grand old age of 25 i decided it was time to start again.Yet now i was living in a different area so i had to find a new piercier one i could trust as i am sure that many of you are aware it is important you trust your piercier especially if you are planning to have a lot of work.Anyway i went to one on the advice of one of my house mates who had had her tongue pierced by this particular piercier i went along and after a few minor lobe piercing i trusted him to do a nipple piercing so now i found i had a piercer i could trust so i went for the tongue piercing.Accordind to the piercier who checked my tongue out bit of skin under my tongue is quite near the front of my tongue so my tongue has to be pierced nearer the front. With this explained to me by the piercer i was perfectly happy to go ahead with the procedure. Yet i still had to wait it was a saturday and the stdio was very busy and they can only do 1 piercing at a time. So i had to wait my turn the waiting room was being redecorated so i just had to hang around the shop part which sells all soughts of stuff. In the shop there were others waiting as well most by the looks of them were going for their first piercing and looked particulary nervous. There were a lot of women getting their bellybuttons done ( which seems quite popular ) They were all arguing that if one of them did not get hers done then the others were'nt . This all started to make me feel a little nervous as obviously to hurts a bit but i had never really thought of that as a problem before and with getting my tongue pierced would it hurt more. well i did not have to wait to much longer to find out.I was called in the the piercer explained the situation about my tongue again and i said i understood and was still going to go ahead with it.So he set about putting my tongue to sleep not an all together bad experience although i did drool quite considerably and then before he pulled my tongue out and checked the vain positioning and said he was going to proceed and before i knew it my tongue was piercied not as painful as i was led to believe apart from when your tongue is pulled out as far as it will go because as i explained before that bit of skin prevents me from pushing my tongue out to far.It ony bled a little at the time so i was not to concered. Now atthis time i was quite happy with it my tongue was still numb and i was off to buy a weeks worth of ice cream and baby food. It was not till the next day that the problems started first my tongue was covered with a white filmy stuff i could peel off and wierd white strands of stuff gathered round the bar this worried me for a while but i pelled them off and was told by my house mate that it was just part of the healing process and continued on. It was the next night i awoke about five in the morning my tongue sore and something iron tasting in my mouth. I switched on the light to my horror the pillow and sheets were covered in blood and my mouth was full of semi clotted soggy lumps of blood that i can only describe as being like something you will find going down on a women while she is on her period(something not advisable unless drunk or you don't know). At first i was worried had i damaged my tongue badly was i so fed up of soup that i had sleep walked and try to eat someone but after cleanling myself up and washing the sheets i was straight off to see the piercer in the morning he fully checked it out and reassured me that i had only caught and pulled the bar with my teeth in the night and that it would still heal fine but sometimes it happens has you have no control over yourself while you are asleep. He was right it is fine now and i have had no trouble with it since and still return to him for more interesting metal appendages.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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